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1987 Crash

1987 (Crash of,Ten Years Later)

1987 (SEC Report)

Argumentation, Language, and Logic

Every strong argument has the following general appeals

The logical Fallacies Index

Astrology Air Software

AIR Software (Great Search Program)

AIR Software


Astrology Aspects

Astrology Predictions for 2004

Interpretations (Links)

James Joyce

Major Aspects, Planets (Excellent Site)

Major events 2002-2012

Planetary Aspects 2003

ProAstrology Understanding Planetary Midpoints

Solar Fire 5

Square Aspects of the Taurus Sun


Astrology Astrolog Software

Astrolog Features

GeoAstro Applet Collection (excellent software, I own it.)

MagiTech (Awesome Software)

Astrology Charting

Artcharts daily astrology aspects - transits

Sky and Telescope - Observing - Sky Chart

StarDate Online Radio Program Search Results

Astrology Moon Position

Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day

Moon Data and Current Moon Phase

Moon Phase Applet

Moon Phases

MoonYear Applet

Sun, Moon and Earth Applet

The Moon Orbit and Phases

Around Physics and Astronomy

Moon Calendar

Phase Data -- Full Moon Fever

Astrology Moon Trading


Astroeconomics, Inc.r

Djia Study

Introduction to business astrology

Stock Market Astrology

Astrology YC Sun

Prediction Year of the Ram to mark Saddam's demise

Y Search (fortune teller Y.C. Sun)

Y Search (Y.C. Sun AND Market)

Astro Almanac (White Paper, Forecasts)

Astrology Insights


Astronomy C-C++ source code

Astronomy Questions

Chinese Astrology

Data Services (Moon, Sun, Planets)

Eclipses (Upcoming of the Sun and Moon)

General Science web resources


Historical Lunar Data Archive

Matrix Software

Planet Applet

Planet Viewing in 2004

Planets (The Nine Planets)

Sky Almanac

Solar System Data

Stargazing Network Main Page

Stars and Constellations

US Presidential Elections

Top of Page

Banking System

Schicht Index

The Wealth-Transfer Machine


Bank for International Settlements

Bond Market Association

Bond Market Statistics

Historical Information

Research Reports

The Bond Market Association

Bonds Historical Data

GovPx Historical Databases

Historical Series Manager

Bondsonline  Fixed Income Research Center


BradyNet Prices

Glossary (Fixed Income)


Quotes Information at

The Derivatives Zine

Books for Traders

Discount Investment and Stock Market Trading Books - Traders' Library

Calculators (Online)

Bond (Calculator)

Calculator (SuperDate)

Currency (Calculator)

Doomsday Algorithm for Day of Week (Calculator)

Employees (Turnover Calculators)

Final Answers Science NUMERICANA (Awesome site)

Financial (Calculator)

Financial Toolbox

Loans (Calculator)

Logarithm (Calculator)

Martindale's ((Calculator) The best))

Math Expression (Calculator)

Mergers & Acquisitions (Calculator)

SuperDate Calculator


Calendar 1923

Calendar 1924

SuperDate Calculator


Financial Resources

Cash Markets

An Introduction to Basis - AgEBB

Commodity Futures Terminology - AgEBB

Catasrophe Theory


Catastrophe Theory

Google Search Woodcock Davis Catastrophe Theory

Parabolic Umbilic Catastrophe -- from MathWorld

Rise&Fall of CT (PDF)


Charting Help

Commitments of Traders

Commitments of

Commitments of Traders CFTC


Principles of Creativity

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking On The Web

Cycles Sun Spots

Absorption (D-Region Prediction)

Business (Cycles), Inc.r

Commodity Futures and Options Service, Inc. 1-800-652-2367

Dow and Planetary Cycles

Gann Analysis

Jupiter and the Sun

Long Wave Economics Page

Mr Sunspot's Answer Book


Nodes & Dow

Planetary Cycles in Other Markets

Politics (Cycles)

Space Weather (SIDC)

Space Weather (Today's)

Stock (Cycles)

Sun Spot (Education Page)

Sun Spot (Facts&Calcs)

Sun Spot (Forecasts, Nasa)

Sun Spot (Glossary)

Sunspot Cycle


The Future -cycles, harmonics and the Universe

Trading Advisors (Cycle)

Unification Theory

Cycles Sun Spots Articles

Astrology The Manifesto (1-4 by Patrice Guinard)

Business Astrology (Index)

Sunspots and Human Behavior (by James Borges)

Sunspots Solar & Stellar Ball Lightning

Cycles Sun Spots Behavior

Sun Spots (Evidence, Human Behavior)

Sun Spots and Human Behavior

Cycles Sun Spots Data

All Data


Data (SIDC)

Data files indices


GOES Data Online

Solar cycles 21, 22 and 23

Sun Spot Data (200 yr Cycle)

Sun Spot Data (CME Catalog)

Sun Spot Data (1750-2003)

Sun Spot Data (1874-2003)

Sun Spot Data

Cycles Sun Spots Ions

1Min Flux Crosses

5Min Flux Crosses

5Min Reg



Poles Reverse I

Poles Reverse II

The Sun Study (Cycle)

Cycles Sun Spots Magnetosphere


Cycles Sun Spots Measurments

Astronomical and Space Calendar

Cycles Sun Spots Polarity

Sacramento Peak Sun-Earth Connection

Dates in History

November 5 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

U.S. presidential election, 1980 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Debt (Public)

BPD (Forward Repos for Broker-Dealers)

BPD (Upcoming Auctions)

Bureau of the Public Debt The Debt

Foreign Debt Holders


Glossaries and Dictionaries by Encyberpedia

Greek and Latin Root Words (Dictionaries) (Library Latin in English II)

Dow Jones Industrial Average

CBOT Dow Complex (Dow 30 Sectors & Weights)

CBOT Dow Complex (Home)

DJIA (Components)

DJIA Yield Inflation Adjusted Trend

Dogs of the Dow

Dow (Weighting, Sectors, Components)

Dow (What is the Dow Worth)

Dow 36,000 - 99.09

Dow CPI Adjusting

Inflation (Adjusted Dow 1925 -2003)

Inflation (Adjusting for)



Top of Page


Economic Data Historical

1264-2003 (Best)

Banking and Economics (by Subject )

Berkeley Econometrics Laboratory


BradyNet Prices

Bureau of the Public Debt Home Page

CBOT Products

DJIA Components

Dow Jones Index

EconData (Contents)

Economic Statistics

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

FedStats Home Page

Financial Market Coverage

Fixed Income (Financial Data)

Fixed Income II

Forecast (

Forecast Center (Financial Data)

Forecasts ( 4 Day Stock Market)


FX Spot-Futures

G historical economic data

Gann Books


Global Financial Data

Global Financial Data (Int Rates)

Global Internet Statistics (by Language)

Historical Chart Gallery - StockCharts.Com

Historical Charts

Historical Data (TICK DATA) Awesome data

Historical Quotes & Futures Charts

Historical Research

Historical Stock Data and Commodity

Historical Stock Data and Historical Commodity Data

How to Access Financial Data of the Internet


NBER Macro Interest Rates

NBER Macro Prices

Office of Advocacy

Quotes Information at

Social Security's Treatment of Postwar Americans


Study of Futures (CISCO Futures Homestudy)


TradeStation Futures Symbology

U.S. Financial Data

U.S. Microeconomic data

World Bank Group (Data and Statistics)

Economic Indicator's

2005 Economic Forecast US Treas

All Release Dates

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Charts & Data

Consumer Price Index Home Page

Current Indicators

Daily U.S. Economic Calendar

Economic Calendar -

Economic Indicators Archive (WSJ)

Lots of releases

New York State Division of the Budget

NY Empire

Philly Fed


Production Possibilities Frontiers

St. Louis Fed Economic Data - FRED® II Related Links

St. Louis Fed Spreadsheet Growth Rate Macros

The Debt To the Penny

U of Mich Consumer Sentiment (Dates)

U of Mich Consumer Sentiment (Info II)

U of Mich Consumer Sentiment (Info)

Economists Dent

H.S. Dent - The S Curve

H.S. Dent - The Spending Wave

H.S. Dent Foundation Web Site

Excel Add-Ins

Excel Workbook Downloads


Technical analysis software add-ins for Microsoft Excel

Trading Analyzer

Trading Software and Excel Add-ins

Excel Code (VBA, Macros)

CodeBase Database Development Tools for Excel

Formula Help ( Macros & VBA Code)

Total Visual SourceBook (MS Access, VBA, and Visual Basic Source Code Library)

Excel Code Writers

Custom Programs and Macros (MS Access, Excel, Word, Outlook and Microsoft Office applications)

Excel dbases

Directory (Computers Programming Languages Visual Basic)

Excel links

MATLAB (Finance and Economics Excel Pricing Models)

PureLinks (The World's Best Financial Web Directory)

Excel Financial Models

Financial Modeling by Simon Benninga

Financial Modeling

Excel Global Insight

Global Insight -- Econometric, Modeling, and Data Management Software

Excel Tutorial Software

Edulearn, Inc. (Computer Training CD-ROMs & Videos)

Fiat Money

Fiat Currencies

Flow of Funds



American Capital - Glossary

Historical Economic Statistics

30-year 1974-2002

56 Year Panic Cycle

Bubble Madness (History)


dbase (

dbase (His. Econ. pprs)

Historical Tables (Gov)


HyperHistory Titles

Money and Banking History

NYSE-History of


The Coming Depression

USA (History)

Utility Financial Resources

Historical Economic Statistics Best

Colonial Currency (Table of Contents)

Colonial Economy and more

Historical Tables (Jackpot!)

Historical Economic Statistics Deflation


Historical Economic Statistics Federal Debt

A Blueprint For New Beginnings 1. Pay Down the Federal Debt

Historical Economic Statistics Inflation

Adjusting Rates for Inflation

Calculator (Inflation)

Confederate Inflation Rates

Financial Forecast Center

Historical Inflation data from 1914 t the present

Inflation conversion factors for dollars 1665-est.


Historical Economic Statistics The Fed

Fed (Consumer Credit)

Fed (Historical DataI)

Fed (Historical DataII)

Fed (INterest Rates)

Fed (Money Supply)

Fed (Stats TOC)

History Exchanges

CBOE (History)

Exchanges (ALL)

History of Trading I

History of Trading II


History General Dbases

Digital History

Historical Studies dbase

History Books

History Gov agencies

U.S. Treasury (Events in History)

History World

Din Timelines

Din's Timelines List of Timelines

The Beginning of History and Civilization

World History-1800-1899

Human Behavior

About Biorhythms

Behavior and the Stock market (UCLA)

Sociocybernetics (The Research Comittee on)

Interest Rates

Current Prime rate, LIBOR rates and other major interest rates

Inventions Electricity

Electricity Milestones


Inventions Household Penetration

Broadband Internet Subscriber Base Tops 9 Million

Computer & Internet Stats (Historical)

Global Networking Timeline 1900-1959

Global Networking Timeline 2000-2009

Google Search U.S. household penetration auto 1901

Household Penetration Search (Google

Invention Links

Inventors' Digest


Penetration (Broadband)

Penetration (Research)


Top of Page



2004 FWT

2004 Withholding Calculator

Publication 15 (1-2004), Circular E, Employer's Tax Guide

Tax Withholding Table

Language Translators

English to Spanish

PROMT's Online Translator

Translation L&H

Market Data (Quote Providers) Genesis

Genesis (Custom Trading Systems Programming)

Genesis (Data Refresh)

Genesis (Go With The Pro!)

Genesis Financial Data Services

Market Data Quote Providers

Commodities, Futures Quotes

Commodity Futures and Financial Market Charts

Frameset for Commodity Timing

Futures Quotes, Charting and Historical Data, Future Quotes

FutureSource Prices_ Treas Bonds 30-Year (CBOT)

Internet Service Providers

Market Charts

North American Quotations, Inc.

Track Data

TradeStation Securities

Markets Cycles Dewey

Dewey (Correspondence course)

Prophecy A History of the Future (Robert A. Nelson)

Ray Tomes' Cycles in the Universe Index

Solar and Dewey

Markets Cycles K-Wave

K Cycle

K Cycle and Saros Cycle

Longwave (The Longwave phenomenon)

Prophecy A History of the Future (Robert A. Nelson)

Markets Cycles Panic

56 Year Panic Cycle

Markets Forecasting

Forecast Center (Financial Data)

Forecasting (Financial Forecast)

Forecasting (

Forecasting ( 4 Day Stock Market)

HalfPastHuman Language Linguistics Tools ALTA

News (Financial, Urban

Stock Forecasting

Math Algorithms

Excel Add-Ins for Algorithms

Math Calculators Online

Calculator - Loans

CCalulators on line

Currency Calculator

Doomsday Algorithm for Day of Week

Final Answers - Science - NUMERICANA

Financial Calculators


Math Expression Calculator

Math Fractals


Benoit B. Mandelbrot (Profile of)

Brazil Fractal Builder

Cynthia Lanius' Fractals Unit

Economic Decision Analysis and Project Risk Management

Fractal (FAQ)


Fractals (Money and)

Fractals (Screensavers, Tutorials, Free Software)

Fractals (The Math Forum)

Fractals and Fractal Art

Gold, Risk Management and Charts

Last Year in Mandelbrot

Lycos Finance Help

Mandelbrot (ResearchIndex)

Multifractal Walk down Wall Street

Orchid Fractal

Profile of Benoit B. Mandelbrot

Spanky dbase

Ultra Fractal Advanced Fractal Software


Math Functions

Definitions in Math

Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics

Function Reference

Math Forum

Math Mathameticians Bayes

Encyclopedia of Financial Engineering and Risk Management

Neural Networks

OS Financial Trading System

Math Mathameticians Bayes Theory

Bayes Theorem

Bayes' Theorem Conditional Probabilities

Bayesian Systems, Inc (Software for Managing Uncertainty)

Bayesian Theory

Bayesian Theory (Book)

Neural Networks (The application of theoretical foundations to gilt futures trading)

Math Mathameticians Bayes writers

Dr. Duo Qin

Math Mathameticians Fibonacci

Coast Investment Software Inc.

Fib Retracements and the Growth Cycle

Fib System for TS

Fibonacci numbers (factorized)

Fibonacci Numbers (The Golden section and the Golden String)

Fibonacci Numbers Elliott Wave theory technical analysis

Fibonacci Numbers I

Fibonacci numbers II

Fibonacci Trader (The first Multiple Time Frame Software for Traders)

Fibonacci Trader signals historical data

Perfect Square Dissection

Pronet fib trading systmes

Math Mathameticians Mandelbrot Bearcave

Bear Products International Home Page

Chaos and Order in the Capital Markets, 2nd Edition

Math Mathameticians Mandelbrot Hydrology


The Pipe & Stocks

Math Mathameticians Mandelbrot Papers

A Multifractal Model of Asset Returns

Fractal Analysis of Highly Volatile Markets

Weird Database of Papers

Math Mathameticians Mandelbrot Software

Elliott Wave fractals


Fractal eXtreme Web Site

Fractal Software

TruSoft Benoit - Fractal Analysis Software (Fractal dimension, Hurst exponent)

Math Mathameticians Mandelbrot Trading Systems

Chaos and Order in the Capital Markets, 2nd Edition

TruSoft Benoit

Math Mathameticians McCulloch


Hu McCulloch's Page

Math Mathameticians Stanislov Smirnov

Math theory predicts fire, disease spread

New math models spread of fire and disease

Stanislav Smirnov at MSRI

Stanislav Smirnov percolation theory (Google Search)

Stanislav Smirnov's Home Page

Math Notations

Asymptotic Notation -- from MathWorld

Landau Symbols -- from MathWorld

Notation -- from MathWorld

Perfect Square Dissection -- from MathWorld

Sum -- from MathWorld

Math Speed

A Recipe For Mental Math by Willie Walker ...Project Motivational Math

How to Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Natural Numbers

Jerry's Website


Speed Arithmetic

Math Tools

Add & Subtract Quickly

Addition and Subtraction-

Benjamin - Mathemagics

Education-Specialized -- Pad Ring

Google Directory - Science Math Numerical Analysis

Google Search learning basic math

Index Funds Advisors

Links Other Math sites

Math Expression Calculator

Mega Math, Scott Flansburg , Kevin Trudeau


Pronunciation Guide to Mathematicians

Scientific Computing FAQ S

The MathWorks Developers of MATLAB and Simulink for Technical Computing

Visualizations with Excel


Top of Page



2Know Mnemonic Software

About David Markoff aka

Digit-Sound Table

Educational software

Improve your Memory


Major system

Major System1

Memory Improvement

Memory Remembering Numbers

Phonetic Mnemonic System

Very good site

Monetary System

Monetary System (Evolution of)

Money Management Software

Algorithmics Incorporated - Solutions

Money Management

Money Rates

Calculator (Bankchoice Term Deposit)

Money Rates (Barron's)

Money Supply (Barron's)


NASDAQ (Weightings)


NASDAQ-100 (Components)

NASDAQ-100 (FlashQuotes)


News (AP Financial)

News (Bonds)

News (Currencies)

News (Full Coverage)

News (International)

News (Iraq)

News (Latest)

News (T Bond News

News (TNX)

News (U.S.Treas Quarterly Refunding)

News Search (by Topic)

Fagan Date Google

Fagan Finder (Information & Search Engines News)

How To Site

Pandia Powersearch

ResearchBuzz (Search engine news and information)

Search engine marketing and optimization ( Pandia)

Search Engine Marketing Resources

News Search (by word)



Newspapers Historical Best

Historic Newspaper Collection

Historical Newspapers

Newspaper Archive - View old newspapers online - Search old newspapers

Newspapers Historical Illinois

Azoos.Com web directory Azoos.Com

Chicago Historical Society Illinois Newspaper Project - Chicago

dbase (Library II)

dbase (LibraryI)

Electronic Resources

Elmhurst Public Library

Finding Articles

Halton's Historical and Newspaper Records Form

Illinois Newspaper Project Main

Illinois State Historical Library

Internet Resources

NewsDirectory Searchable Newspaper Archives

OCLC Historic Newspaper Digitization Service

Readable Universe

Resource Central - Newspapers

The Illinois State Historical Library

United States Newspaper Project


Wheaton College Library News & Current Events



The fall of the House of Saud.


OIC Options Central Options Store - Free literature

Physics Theoretical Physics

Theory of Relativity I

Theory of Relativity II

Productivity Speed Reading

Mind Tools - Speed Reading

Reading Comprehending Comprehension

Reading Textbooks Effectively

Regarding Study Habits


Study Habits

Quantitative Research

The Q-Group

Quantum Theory

David Deutsch - Home

The World Question Center 2004 (The Edge)


CFTC Home Page

NASD (Home)

NASD Regulation



Regulation NASD

Continuing Education

NASD (Home)

NASD (Info & Services Directory for Members)

NASD (Regulation - Qualifications, Exams & Continuing Education)

NASD Manual Online

RR (Role & Responsibility)

Regulation Testing

Exam Information & Locations

Futures Industry Institute

NASD Series 7 Prep


Preparation (NASD Test Prep For Series 3, 6, 7 and 24)

Securities Lawyer's Deskbook

Test-N-Learn Study


Global Insight


Securities Operations Forum

Research Industry

All industries


Financial Services

Yahoo! - Industry Center

Yahoo! - Industry Index

Yahoo! - Investment Services Industry Center

Research Methods

G Research versus actual result Empirical

Research Methods Manual - Table of Contents

Steps in the Research Process

S&P 500

History and Structure of the Standard & Poor's 500

S&P 500 (Components)

S&P 500 (FAQ)

S&P 500 (Home Page)

S&P 500 (Top Ten Components)

S&P 500 INDEX ( Components)


Journal of Indexes

Major U.S. Indices

Stocks (links)


Top of Page



SBA (Home)

SBA (Laws & Regs I)

SBA (Laws & Regs II)

SBA (Publications)


Polytec PI Technotes and Papers

Search Engines

Search Engines

Social Science

Population (Three Patterns of Change)

Social Science (Data Archive)


Social Security

Distribution of Zero-Earning Years by Gender, Birth Cohort, and Level of Lifetime Earnings

Office of Policy Research and Analysis - Alphabetically


Urban Institute (By Topic)

SSA Research Site

Society Modern

Life Expectancy and Health Trends in Modern Society

Spreads (Credit)

S&P Credit Indices


Current Prime rate, LIBOR rates and other major interest rates

OFFSTATS (dbase, general)

OFFSTATS Subjects - Service Industries Trends

The Mother web page of all stats (Final Answers - Science - NUMERICANA)

Statistics General dbases

Din Resgestae

Government Resources

Index to the Statistical Abstract of the United States, 2000

Researching Data (How to collect and store)

Statistical Resources

Statistics (HyperStat Online An Introductory)

Timelines (Din's List)

Trial Transcripts

The Fed

FRB Calendar

FRB FF Daily Effective rates

FRB Finance and Economics Discussion


FRB Holdings

FRB Home Page

FRB Monetary Policy Report to the Congress

FRB New York

FRB New York

FRB News and Events

FRB Position

FRB Research and Data

FRB Securities Lending Operations

FRB Working Papers

Time and Date

Calendar - USA - 1992

Time (CDT)

Time (GMT)

Traders Studies of

An Analysis of the Profiles, Motivations, and Modes of Habitual Commodity Speculators

Behavioural Finance

Behavioural Finance Bibliography

Order Flow, Dealer Profitability and Price Formation Peter Locke Zhan Onayev August 2004 School of Business

Trading (Automated) Empirical v Reality


Trading (Automated) IIT

The Trading Lab

The Trading LabII

Trading (Automated) Penn

Artificial Financial Markets with Adaptive Trading Agents

Integration of Stock Exchanges

PENN (Home)

PENN (News)

PENN Automated Trading Project (Data)

Trading Exchanges CBOT

CBOT (Calenders)

CBOT (Chronological)

CBOT (Dow Complex)

CBOT (Exchange News)

CBOT (Glossary)

CBOT (History)

CBOT (Home)

CBOT (Kent State Program)

CBOT (Margins)

CBOT (Market Data)

CBOT (Message Policy)

CBOT (Newsletters - Listservers)

CBOT (Products)

CBOT (Publications)

CBOT (Quick Facts)

CBOT (Research Grant Program)

CBOT (Seat Prices)

CBOT (Site Map)

CBOT (Strategies Traded)

CBOT (Trading Fees)

CBOT (Treasury Dow Jones CBOT Treasury Index)


Trading Exchanges CME

CME (Eagle for Eurodollar FAQ)


CME (Euro FX-BP Cross)

CME (FX Sites)

CME (GLOBEX Implied Prices)

CME (Globex Preliminary Bulletin)

CME (Home)

CME (Site Map)

CME Volume (Floor, eFX and EFP, SXS FX)

Trading Exchanges Contract Specs, Clearing

CBOT (Clearing)

CBOT (Contract Specs)


CME (Clearing)

CME (Contract Specs)

Eurex (Contract Specs)

LIFFE (Contract Specs)

NYBOT (Contract Specs)

NYMEX (Contract Specs)

Trading Exchanges espeed

eSpeed home

Trading Exchanges EUREX

Deutsche Börse Group


Eurex (News and Events)

Eurex (Sitemap)

Eurex US

Trading Exchanges EuroNext, LIFFE

LIFFE (International Financial Futures and Options Exchange)

Trading Exchanges Exchange History

Commodity Futures Trading for Beginners - The History of Trading

Financial Education Center - History of Trading

Trading Exchanges Exchange Volume

CBOT (Volume)

CME (Currency Volume)

CME (Monthly Volume)

CME (Open Interest)

Eurex (Volume)

Eurex US (Volume)

LIFFE (Volume)

NYBOT (Volume)

NYMEX (Volume)

Trading Exchanges Garban

ICAP - The World's Largest Interdealer Broker.

Trading Exchanges GovPX

GovPX (Delayed Quotes)

GovPX (Home)

Trading Exchanges Margins

CBOT (Margins)

CCL (Margins)

CME (Margins)

CME (Performance Bond Requirements)

Eurex (Margins)

Eurex US (Margins)

NYMEX (Margins)

Trading Exchanges NQLX

NQLX (Single Stock Futures)

Trading Exchanges NYBOT

NYBOT (Home)

Trading Exchanges NYMEX

NYMEX (Home)

Trading Exchanges NYSE

NYSE (Market Information)

NYSE (Year end stats)

Trading Futures 101 - Support Section - Futures 101


Top of Page


Trading Historical Data

Economic and Financial Data

Fixed Income

Google Search (historical economic data

Historical Quotes & Futures Charts

NQLX Volume by Class

OCC Timeline

Quotes Information at

St. Louis Fed Economic Data - FRED II

The 3-D Bomb Derivative Domino Destruction

The International Center for Finance at the Yale School of Management (Financial Market Coverage) (FX Spot-Futures Website Content)


World Bank Group (Data and Statistics)

Trading Indicators

Advances & Declines

Average Directional Index (ADX)

CS dbase I

CS Doji

CS glossary

CS Hammer, Hanging Man

CS Harami

CS Trading Forum


Indicator And Function Index

Monster Worldwide Inc. Employment Index

Oscillators (I)

Oscillators (II)

Parabolic Commodity Indicator

Regression Code

Regression Models

Relative Strength Index - RSI

Stochastics Indicator

Tech Analysis Basics

Technical Indicators

Technical Indicators II

The Robust(Repeated Median) Velocity System

W. D. Gann

Trading Newsletters

Trading Software AIR

AIR Software AIR Software

Download Bradley Barometer

Trading Software CQG

CQG -- Integrated Solutions for Traders

Trading Software Crucible

About Prediction Dynamics

Crucible 2.0

Trading Software Ecco


T-ware brochure - Printable Version

Trading Software SmartQuant help

Data management (Instrument and historical data management)

Data Manager I (Import intraday data with)

Data Manager II (Import intraday data with)

EL to QS

QS help with TS

QuantStudio Data Analysis

Trading Software Tradestation Add-Ons

Add-On Directory

Free Software Modules

Optimizers (Add-ons)


TT and TS (Add-ons)

Trading Software Tradestation Backtesting

ExpertSystem (Trader Trading System Analysis)

Let's Learn TA (Developing Trading Systems - Part 3)

Sharpe Ratio Vs. Return Retracement Ratio

Trading Software Tradestation Bridging TS and Excel

Dll in Excel

Excel (How to Load GlobalVariable.dll in Excel)

Trading Software Tradestation Bridging TS and TT

Dynaorder (Automated Order Execution System)

Execution API question

Fabrefactum Software

MadLogic, Inc Services

TradeBolt Home Page (TradeStation Automatic Trading)

Trading Software Tradestation Bridging TS and VB

Automatically updating strategy inputs

EL to VB

Export bar information

How to Load GlobalVariable.dll in Excel

TS to VB-DLL Gems


Trading Software Tradestation Code Writing for ELA etc.

Tradestation ELA Coding (SnapDragon Systems )

Trading Software Tradestation Data

Mysterious differences (NQ vs NQ.d)

TS Futures Symbology

Trading Software Tradestation Developers Guides

Developer Documentation

Trading Software Tradestation ELA Files

Books, help, etc.

Code Writer for ELA ((SnapDragon Systems (The Best Code Writer))

ELX (1.3 DLL)

File Library

Fractal Dimension

Global Variables 2.1

Inside Edge Systems (ELA Site)

Random Number Generator

Trailing Stop to Exit Discretionary Positions

Trading Software Tradestation Fees

Fees (TS Brokerage)

Fees (TS Exchanges and Platform)

Trading Software Tradestation How to pages



Automate 2 strats same chart

Creating fully automated strategies

Dll in ts


InsideBid, Ask

Multiple strats at a time

My Link posting

Post Code

Posting Tips

Profit targets I

Profit targets II

Profit targets III

Random Entries

Symbol and Automation (One-per-symbol limit on automation)

Two data tick charts

Trading Software Tradestation Indicators, Studies, Systems

Average Intraday Volume to Time of Day

Ehlers MAMA

ES Scalper

Hesitation Indicator

Keltner Price

Linear Regression Channel

Monte Carlo Simulator

MoonPhaseFull, MoonPhaseNew

Murrey Math

Studies (List of all)

VIX strategies

VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price)

Trading Software Tradestation Portfolio Evaluators

RINA Systems, Inc. Financial Services

TS Research Group Company News

TS World Forum - Portfolio Evaluator

Trading Software Tradestation Posting tips on TS World

How to add pix and such to postings

Trading Software Tradestation Spreads

Spread strats

Trading Software Tradestation Support


Forums (TS)

Online Training (FAQ)

Online Training (Interactive Online Tutorials)

Service & Support Excellence (TS)

Trading Software Tradestation TS and C++

TS Support Forum (Global Variables 2.1)

TS Support Forum (What is the use of global variable)


Top of Page


Trading Software Tradestation Web Pages

Global Variable(Search) (Excel)

Global Variables 2.2 Download

TS Home

TS Site Map

TS User Guide

TS World

TSWorld (Cycle Length & Cycle Analysis)

TSWorld Sitemap

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MESA (Traders Roundtable-Ehlers)

MESA 2002 (Software)

Mesa Software (John Ehlers)

MESA UK (John Ehlers UK)

Optimal Tracking Filter (John Ehlers)

Optimizing With Hilbert Indicators - November 2000

Phase Calculation (John Ehlers)

Sine Wave (John Ehlers)

TS World (Fisher transform)

TS World (Hilbert Oscillator)

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Murrey Math Trading - Learning Center

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Notes from In Search of the Miraculous, Chapters 1-6

Tim Kruzel's Notes -- Part 1

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RINA Systems, Inc. Financial Services

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Advanced Financial Engineering Mathematics applied to algorithmic trading of stocks and commodities

Aroon Indicator by Tushar Chande

Business Seek Easy commodity trading astrology software

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