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Computer Skills: Current > Service-Now, Citrix, VMWare, Airwatch, Apple VPP & DPP, Office, Google Suite, Trello, JIRA, Adobe Sign, DocuSign.



     Professional Experience

Rush University Medical Center

Field Service Supervisor - Manage field technicians. Create and implement best practices. Run data analytics in ServiceNow.

Highlight of Accomplishments:

-Managed all aspects of the field service division.

-Raised field technician productivity 159%.

-Lowered cost-per-ticket from $56 to $25.

-Introduced analytics from ServiceNow.

-Wrote 67 Knowledge Base (KB) articles.

-Lowered daily open tickets from 300 to 60.

-Trained all technicians in ServiceNow.

Created and Implemented

-Hiring / off-boarding system.

-Analytics that provided C-level with ServiceNow ticket data in hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly formats.

-Proactive services that increased customer satisfaction and lowered service calls.

-Field technician requirements which produced accountability and raised productivity.

-Collaborative tools that increased productivity across management.

-Computer inventory system that saved departments across Rush money. 

-Built and maintained all ServiceNow reports and dashboards for technicians. 


-Provided upper management with field technician ticket trends. Specifically: Cost per ticket, close ratio, resolution by zone, technician & building. Created predictive analytics to manage staffing that kept cost-per-ticket down. 

-Implemented field technician ticket requirements and mandatory customer contact that brought daily open ticket levels from 300 to 60 which increased customer “Kudos” by 1,000%, Y-o-Y. 

-Created a pilot program for interns and managed them daily. 

-Trained field technicians in Mobile Device Management.

-Completed 40 hr VMWare course in December 2019. 

-Worked closely with every new hire, completing on-boarding steps and training. 

-Restructured service of 5 remote buildings that dropped daily open ticket count from 20 to 2. 

-Parsed Tanium hardware database showing 13,000 computer types in every location, by building. This revealed 48% of computers were out of warranty.



Window Works, Inc, IT &  Project Manager, Jan 2016 - Jan 2019, Bolingbrook, IL.
Automation cost savings

-Implemented Mobile Device Management: 165+ devices. Lost/stolen devices down from 20% to 3%. All sales rep documentation and updates uniformed. Auto-locking device upon termination stopped theft of proprietary sales tools and device. Uniformity of devices accelerated training time.  

-Created & implemented hiring process which shortened onboarding from 2 days to 30 minutes.

-Created & implemented electronic measure process that combined Salesforce and iPads which Increased cash flow by bringing the avg number of outstanding measures down from 400 a month to 100.

-Created & implemented installation inspection process, embedded in Salesforce, that decreased complaints significantly.

-Project Manager: InContact software cloud solution for inbound,outbound, and service call centers at 2 locations.


Transformation from print to digital

Project Manager: Paperless program for sales reps that moved sales papers to iPads with straight-through processing to Salesforce. Eliminating of 6,000 pieces of paper a month.

Electronic document system for all legal documents for onboarding and mobile devices that stopped potential lawsuits and complaints by ex-employees to the labor board. And, centralized all employee legal documentation in a collaborative environment.

Project Manager: Scanning process for physical paper produced by sales reps which eliminated 20,000 pieces of paper, monthly, being passed between 2 locations, 3 departments and 20 employees.

Daily Tasks

Managed entire software and hardware life-cycle for 150+ employees at 4 company locations, including 143 computers, 125 desks, 128 phones, 90 credit card swipers, Salesforce, InContact, Improveit360, IBM Maas360, email, Verizon,  & Comcast. Liaison for 30+ vendors.


Depaul University - Computer Networking, Database Management , 2011-2012


Parent Caregiver , 2012-2014


Pegasys Trading Software Director of Quality Assurance, Sep 2014 - Feb 2016, Oakbrook Terrace, IL.
Data & records managed. Assisted setting up routers at server farm. Provided desktop help for OSx and MSx. Created user manuals, videos, presentations, & website for company's proprietary trading software. Presented to large groups. Tested in alpha and beta. Worked directly with investors. Reported to CEO


Bell Trading, LLC, Head Trading Manager, 08/2009 - 02/2011, Chicago, IL.

Focused on pairs trading & return to the mean. Heavy focus on cross country futures index trading. Also, IR futures (CME and Eurex) & STIRS (Eurodollar, Sterling, and Libor) .


HTG-Capital Partners, LLC, Trading / Risk Manager, 12/2003 - 08/2009, Chicago, IL.

Focus on fixed income (FI) cash and futures products on the following trading exchanges, BTEC, ESPEED, CME, NYMEX & EUREX. Heavy focus: 10-yr cash outright trading with trades lasting 5-30 minutes & scalping metals, ags, & energies. Spread trading across the curve and FI vs. ED, 20 min to 3hr time frame. Developed and implement tools for traders. Coached & risk managed traders on a daily basis. Further explanation of duties can be found here


Futures Broker, White Eagle Trading, Inc. (Member, Board of Trade), Chicago, IL, 10/2001 - 11/2003

Executed orders on ACE, Eurex and CME's electronic platform from the Ten-Year-Note pit at CBOT. Executed open-out-cry in all pits on the financial floor of CBOT.


Independent Futures Trader, James A. Goulding, Inc. (Member, Board of Trade), Chicago, IL, 1995 - 10/2001

Traded index, 10 & 30yr., futures with a focus on short-term -profits through Trade Station. Implemented 72 trading systems for Bond and S&P futures. Extensive experience with electronic trading platforms.


Independent Broker,  James A. Goulding, Inc  (Member, Board of Trade), Chicago, IL, 1984 - 1995

Executed 30-year bond futures, in the trading pit.


Authored Books:

  1. From the Pits to the Pits

  2. 8-Steps to Therapy

  3. Winter is Coming

  4. Nano

  5. Research Notes for Traders


 Skills and Abilities:

Combining, evaluating, and reasoning with information and data to make decisions and solve problems. These processes involve making decisions about the relative importance of information and choosing the best solution.

 Identifying underlying principles, reasons, or facts by breaking down information or data into separate parts. Compiling, coding, categorizing, calculating, tabulating, auditing, verifying, or processing information or data.

 Knowledge of principles and processes involved in business and organizational planning, coordination, and execution.  This includes strategic planning, resource allocation, manpower modeling, leadership techniques, and production methods Evaluating information against a set of standards and verifying that it is correct.

  Professional Memberships

   Volunteer work / Awards

 Willing to Travel/Relocate * Excellent References Provided upon Request



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This section goes into more detail of my current duties and accomplishments

Automated Trading:


Developed and implemented trading tools for traders that included:

·       Trading systems

o     Black and gray box systems developed. (Not stat-arb)

o      Plain vanilla trades created for traders to execute. Spreading between markets etc.

·       Morning email ( )

o        Approx., 10 emails go out every morning delivered via the web, and email systems.

o        The data provided within the emails are

·       Databases



o      designed these dbases for traders so they can access information easily

§       gathered all the documents that are in the dbase (1,000+)

§       built, cataloged, organized, and manage the dbase via the web

 Coached Traders on a Daily Basis


Assisted Head of Treasury Arbitrage

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Testimonials from Traders

Jim, You have helped me become a better trader by helping me keep things in perspective.  You have educated me on technical analysis, using swaps as indicators, and money management.  You have taught me how to look at the big picture instead of getting caught up in the moment.  You have given me different types of trades and ideas to key on, allowing me to search for one that would work.  My main problem is "mental tennis" as you know, and through your help I am taking the steps to eliminate this from my trading to becoming a successful trader. 

Steve Manning [06/28/2007]

Jim - You've been extremely helpful in a lot of ways.  From a coaching standpoint, you've helped me clearly and continually define good and bad trading habits.  Your P&L management guidance has helped me progress consistently without blowing up for over a year.  And your daily market analysis/info. has helped me make sound trading decisions.  Thanks a lot for your help in the past, and thanks in advance for the future guidance.  Let me know if you need me to expand on any of my points. Thanks again - 

Matt Ward [06/28/2007]

 Jim, Today I changed my TED from a Dec 06 Eurodollar to a March 07.  It was a huge difference and aid in my trade.  Thank you again for suggesting this and explaining why Dec is such a strange instrument to trade.  I noticed a very significant difference in the flow and mechanics of extending the TED another 3-months.Have a nice weekend, 


 Jim, Just wanted to say nice job on the morning email- I find it very helpful.  I may have some ideas on content, but this is more than a great start.  I watch most of this stuff on my own, but I find it a good source to double check my numbers.  I also like to see what the guys in Chi. are looking at.  It definitely helps keep me connected. Thanks for putting this together,  

John Harmon


 Jim, I have definitely been helped by some of your strategies.  In particular, the m.a./macd/detrend system has worked very nicely and given me a sense of guidance in the market.  Considering I have little knowledge of trading strategies this has helped put a certain level of control into my daily game plan.  Besides that, it also helps substantially when you provide us with long term trend analysis with your weekly/daily candlestick analysis. 

Robert B. Skipwith

Hi Jim-I have definitely profited and learned from the new trading strategies.  While I am still developing confidence in the trade, I am noticing that significant profit can be made when the signals are all aligned.  Thank you!!!

*jim I pulled 1full tic on 8 futures. I wish I would have held on to it longer. 


Jay Kurup

 Jim: I have absolutely benefited from your mentoring and from the strategies you have shown me.  I will give an example of a specific strategy and then will discuss general trading concepts you have been ingraining in me which have helped me to implement the strategy.

 Specific strategy: --MACD /detrend 5-minute chart -- to identify trend and to determine the trade entry point.

 I have done multiple successful trades over the past week (including three so far this morning) using MACD/detrend.  A successful trade could mean a profitable trade--OR--a trade in which I limit my loss in a disciplined manner when I was wrong.  When my decision to enter the trade has proved correct, I have profited by about 2 full ticks on average.  When my decision has proved incorrect, using the MACD "crossover" allowed me to trigger my exit/stop loss. 

 You have shown me other strategies which I am still working to master and utilize (e.g., stochastic).  As I learn each strategy I will use them to complement one another in my decision-making process.

 Concepts: --Risk /Reward.  Prior to entering a trade, identify how much I am willing to risk to obtain my profit. (e.g.,  If looking for two or three ticks, don't risk more than two ticks.)   Further, adjust Risk-Reward ratio according to current liquidity and volatility in market.--Discipline and consistency.  Identify systems that work and adhere to the systems' trading rules (e.g., MACD /detrend system).  Don't trade unless I know WHY I am doing the trade and have a planned entry and exit point (including stop loss point).  If I don't see a trade, stay out of the market temporarily.--Money management.  When up money later in the trading day, enforce tighter controls on stop loss levels to preserve profits already made.  This helps to establish CONFIDENCE and consecutive winning days.

 The above points are just a few examples of the beneficial help you give me in my trading and learning process. Thank you!

 Maureen Costello

Jim: The strategies you've shown me have been extremely helpful, especially the DiNapoli.  Please continue to recommend additional books/trading strategies going forward. Thanks Again,


Brett C. Novey

just a note to say thanks for introducing me to the macd and dtrend charting techniques.  so far it has allowed me to get into trades from a scalping standpoint when the spread is static.  I see myself developing this trade to become a normal part of my daily trading regiment.


Paul Leland

Hey Jim,  Just wanted to let you know that I have been trading the tripletrend system and the MACD system for a couple of weeks and I gotta tell you they work pretty well. The MACD one is pretty good because it gives you a few more trades. The triple trend is not bad either, today it worked to the tee. I sold 100-202 and was supposed to hold them a little longer than I did. I made a + on the 4 million but the trade actually went 2+ tics in my favor. The mistake was mine for reading the chart wrong. Oh well Live and Learn right ?


 The MACD had I trusted my charts would have made me some good money as well. I sold 100-162, 100-166, 100-17 and 100-174 all 1 million for a total of 4. I got out at 16+ but should have held them to 16 and 100-156. Again I took the profits to quickly. I will learn to maximize though.


 Trying some different things on the triple trend to where I can use it to scalp trades a bit more for entry and exit points. Still testing it out. Thanks or showing me how to set it up and use it..

 Will keep a track of how the trades develop and let you know how they work. Thanks again Jim,



Testimonials (from past coaching clients)

Having Jimmy on the team is a valuable resource. His ideas, insight and honesty are motivating and positive."

-Brian McAlpin
-McAlpin Group Media Arts


After working with Jim for just 4 months, I not only reached my initial goal which amazed me, but gained some great tools for establishing and attacking new goals in the future. I felt overwhelmed at the start and now feel very energized and clear-headed about the direction I'm going in.

-Joan McAlpin


Jim helped me see how I interact with people. I learned how better to deal with people in general. My interactions with people became more positive. I was able to deal with my superiors at work in a more positive light. Jim helped me hone my perceptions on people's personality types.

-Pamela Adams


Jim is definitely a gifted coach. Through computerized assessments, he helped me learn more about myself and the way I needed to trade. I really appreciated the extra time he spent with me via emails and telephone. He's first class all the way!

-David Alan Smith, CTA



Just a note of appreciation on your coaching I have received. It has given me a better outlook not only with my original goal, (trading as a full time career), but also in my day to day business operations and personal life. It has been a pleasure to work with some one so knowledgeable and straightforward. Thanks again and keep up the excellent work.

-Michael B. Collingwood President / M.C. Mechanical Contracting Inc.


Jim has enough knowledge in running a business to know which rocks to turn over to get the information I need. One recent recommendation Jim made, is helping me and my employees get through a difficult transition by giving us a common denominator as a resource. It allows us to relate to each other while we are going through this transition.

-Dave Martin / Owner Russell Martin Carpets


Jim’s coaching has brought me allot of benefit. He helps me to focus on direction and isolating issues in my business. Plus his feedback has been very beneficial.

-Dennis Synal / Owner, jds-group inc. (CRM Solutions Provider.)


Accomplishments: 2010 - 2013

  1. Open Source Skills Learning, Aug 2013: Linux, pfSense, VMware Workstation X, Asterisk, Ubuntu, GNU (Self-taught)

  2. CCNA Certification, 2012

  3. DePaul University : Dean's list 2011 & 2012.

  4.  Todd Lammle courses and CCNA Boot Camp, June 15 - Aug 15, 2012

  5. Completed two courses in C# development which earned two certifications: Beginners C# Developers Certification and Intermediate C# Developers Certification.

  6. Wrote a book titled Research Notes for Traders.

  7. Wrote 4 seminars.

  8. Stay current on the markets through Google reader, where I have 20 different financial blogs and source feeds.

  9. Searching for a job. I'm listed on 51 different job boards but use three main boards as my base. They feed me the data I customized and send it to my Google reader and email inbox.

  10. Built a Kindle store on Amazon and 'Kindled' 3/5 of my books.

  11. Built a Blurb store on where you can order 3/5 of my books (one more is in the works).

  12. Wrote articles,

  13. and here

  14. Built a new research page that covers stories that are current to the day:

  15. Redesigned my web site to offer my books for sale on Blurb and Kindle. Click here for an example.

  16. Created a new blog called Mean is Out, about the new generation entering the work force, The Millennials.

  17. Reviewed Neil Howe's new book, The Millennials in the Workforce (scroll down) at Neil's request.




CCNA achieved August 2012 

Todd Lammle courses and CCNA Boot Camp, June 15 - Aug 15, 2012

Attended DePaul University 2011/2012 to work towards Cisco CCNA Certification


  Certified C# Intermediate programmer

  FINRA Certified Series 7


My old trading headquarters circa 2004 - 2009


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