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Research Notes For Traders               

                     a book, by James Goulding


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Research Notes for Traders by James Goulding | Make Your Own Book


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Traders young and old, from the futures markets and stock markets will benefit from this new book, Research Notes for Traders by James Goulding.  The book covers the three main areas of trading, technical, fundamental, and psychological analysis in short easy to use research notes. Trader's can put the knowledge from these notes to work immediately to help them improve in all three areas.


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  About the Author

James began his career in the futures trading industry at the age of 17 and worked his way up the ranks. He became a member of the Chicago Board of Trade when he was 22-years old where he traded on and off the floor until 2003. In late 2003, he joined Goldenberg, Hehmeyer  & Co (GHCO), in the automated trading division and eventually moved on to manage traders for GHCO for 5 years. In mid 2010 he become Head Trading and Risk Manager at Bell Trading, LLC.

James has been studying the markets for over 32 years. As the markets moved from the floor to the 'screen', he became heavily involved in building trading systems and tools for traders. Some of his research can be seen on his web site, .

He has authored 5 books, and 65+ research papers as well as numerous essays and seminars.  He currently lives in Elmhurst, IL with his wife and 2 children.



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