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1987 (Crash of,Ten Years Later)
1987 (SEC Report)

2008 Credit Crash


Friedman Would Be Roiled as Chicago Disciples Rue Repudationi


CJR The Press and Phil Gramm
Death Spiral Financing at Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, WaMu
Did Joseph Wharton Cause The US Financial Meltdown - Tim Hartnett - Mises Institute
Friedman Would Be Roiled as Chicago Disciples Rue Repudationi
Goldman Sachs Urged Bets Against California Bonds It Helped Sell - ProPublica
How Transit Agencies Got Caught in AIG’s Collapse - ProPublica
What Went Wrong -
Ponying Up: How Much Have Big Banks Been Docked for the Financial Crisis?


Broke: The New American Dream Directed by Michael Covel
Coming Soon The $600 Trillion Derivatives Emergency Meeting - Seeking Alpha
Econbrowser Back to the Great Depression Debates / Capital Markets - German bond sale struggles to hit target
subprime works - Google Docs
Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks Undisclosed $13B - Bloomberg
Victims of Lehman Brothers
How Was the Financial Meltdown of 2008 Like a Collapsing Ecosystem? | 80beats | Discover Magazine
Andrew Caplin Sub-Prime


DollarDaze - The Fate of Paper Money by Mike Hewitt
DollarDaze Economic Commentary Blog - Gold, Oil, Stocks, Investments, Currencies, and the Federal Reserve: 8 Important Facts About the Federal Reserve by Jeff Chen
Out of Thin Air How Money is Really Made LiveScience


Bailout Bucks to Banks - ProPublica
Chicago foreclosure auction results | EveryBlock Chicago
Citi (C) Bailout: Once Again, Taxpayers Hosed
FDIC: FDIC Loss Sharing Proposal to Promote Affordable Loan Modifications
Is the Fed's $800 Billion Plan Cause for Concern? - BusinessWeek
Map: Show Me the TARP Money - ProPublica
Reuters AlertNet - FACTBOX-Global financial crisis sparks unrest
The Bank Implode-O-Meter - Your play-by-play for the end game of modern banking.
The Recession in Perspective - Compares output and employment changes during the present recession with the same data for the 10 previous recessions - The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
WSJ - Banks Belly Up


Credit Crisis Timeline#Timeline
Where Credit Is Due A Timeline of the Mortgage Crisis

Where are we headed

5 Reasons Why Fiscal Policy Might Be Completely Ineffective: A Textbook Exposition
Barack Obama, North American Union, and You - BlackListed News
Ben Bernanke: We're Bringing Back The Original TARP
Econbrowser Fiscal Implications of the Candidates' Plans
Edward Lucas: George Friedman on Georgia
Europe on the brink of currency crisis meltdown - Telegraph
New monetary system on the horizon – Gold headed to the moon | Money and Markets: Free Investment Email Newsletter
No Deflation, Maybe Worse - Print Version
Obama Has Appointed Nine Members of the Trilateral Commission to Top-Level and Key Positions - BlackListed News
The global currency crisis is still to come
The Real Great Depression (Panic of 1873)
The Devil is in the Details – Introducing LPS Government Solutions « Foreclosure Fraud – Fighting Foreclosure Fraud by Sharing the Knowledge


Dr. Housing Bubble Blog
The Recession in Perspective - Compares output and employment changes during the present recession with the same data for the 10 previous recessions - The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Financial Crisis Resources - Philadelphia Fed.


Banks Move More Assets Into "Make-Believe" Category
Ten people who predicted the financial meltdown

2008 Election

PolitiFact A service of the St. Petersburg Times and CQ


The logical Fallacies Index

Language and Logic

Every strong argument has the following general appeals


Air Software

AIR Software (Great Search Program)
AIR Software


Astrology Predictions for 2004
Interpretations (Links)
James Joyce
Major Aspects, Planets (Excellent Site)
Major events 2002-2012
Planetary Aspects 2003
ProAstrology Understanding Planetary Midpoints
Solar Fire 5
Square Aspects of the Taurus Sun

Astrolog Software

Astrolog Features
GeoAstro Applet Collection
MagiTech (Awesome Software)


Artcharts daily astrology aspects - transits
Sky and Telescope - Observing - Sky Chart
StarDate Online Radio Program Search Results



Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day
Moon Data and Current Moon Phase
Moon Phase Applet
Moon Phases
MoonYear Applet
Sun, Moon and Earth Applet
The Moon Orbit and Phases

Around Physics and Astronomy
Kagi Order Tracking
Moon Calendar
Phase Data -- Full Moon Fever


Astroeconomics, Inc.r
Djia Study
Introduction to business astrology
Stock Market Astrology

YC Sun

Prediction Year of the Ram to mark Saddam's demise
Y Search (fortune teller Y.C. Sun)
Y Search (Y.C. Sun AND Market)

Astro Almanac (White Paper, Forecasts)
Astrology Insights
Astronomy C-C++ source code
Astronomy Questions
Chinese Astrology
Data Services (Moon, Sun, Planets)
Eclipses (Upcoming of the Sun and Moon)
General Science web resources
Historical Lunar Data Archive
Matrix Software
Planet Applet
Planet Viewing in 2004
Planets (The Nine Planets)
Sky Almanac
Solar System Data
Stargazing Network Main Page
Stars and Constellations
US Presidential Elections

Atomic Clock Computer Sync

Attache Transparent Atomic Clock with fully customizable shape, alarms, and atomic clock time


Bank Implode-O-Meter
Bank Law Statutes and Regulations - Federal Banking Statutes
Business & Economics
Dillon Read & the Aristocracy of Prison Profits
Economic Depression (does a Falling Money Stock Cause)
FDIC State Profiles
History (Timline, Banking)
Maion County (Ohio 1907 History - Banks and Banking)
MMT & Our Mdoern Monetary System
Money and Banking History
QBAMCO - Best explanation of Banking
The Corrupt Origins of Central Banking - Thomas J. DiLorenzo - Mises Institute
Tireless Minority... Had this for years...outstanding (unknown author) written 1995
Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles by de Soto
Local Governments, Churches, Community Groups, Prominent Business Men And Others Are All Divesting From Big, Corrupt Banks


Bank for International Settlements


Bureau of Labor Statistics Home Page



Basis (The Importance of the Basis)
Basis (Understanding and Using the Basis)

Historical Data

GovPx Historical Databases
Historical Series Manager


U.S. Treasury - Daily Treasury Long-Term Rates

Bonds (Bondsonline)
Bonds (Bondsonline Fixed Income Research Center)
Bonds (
Bonds (BradyNet Prices)
Bonds (Daily Treasury Real Yield Curve Rates)
Bonds (Financial Pipeline Bond Page)
Bonds (Fixed Income Analytics - Table of Contents - The MIT Press)
Bonds Glossary (Fixed Income)
Bonds (GovPX)
Bonds (Quotes Information at
Bonds (Research-Statistical Data)
Bonds (US Department of the Treasury)
Bonds (The Derivatives Zine)
Bonds (TIPS)
Bonds (TIPS Treasury Inflation Protected Securities)


Books ( Used and New The Strategic Bond Investor Strategies and Tools)
Book (Bond Basis Book)
Book (Discount Investment and Stock Market Trading Books - Traders' Library)

Calculators (Online)

Bond (Calculator)
CAGR of the Stock Market: Annualized Returns of the S&P 500
Conversion Calculator Bit Byte Kilobyte Megabyte Gigabyte Terabyte Petabyte Exabyte
Currency (Calculator)
Doomsday Algorithm for Day of Week (Calculator)
Employees (Turnover Calculators)
Final Answers Science NUMERICANA (Awesome site)
Financial (Calculator)
Financial Toolbox
Futures (Nymex)
Loans (Calculator)
Logarithm (Calculator)
Martindale's ((Calculator) The best))
Math Expression (Calculator)
Mergers & Acquisitions (Calculator)
Payroll Deductions Calculator Worksheets Home
SuperDate Calculator


SuperDate Calculator
Date Duration Calculator: Days between two dates

Campaing Finance

ActBlue: Summary | OpenSecrets

Catasrophe Theory

Catastrophe Theory
Catastrophe Theory (Parabolic Umbilic Catastrophe -- from MathWorld)
Catastrophe Theory (Rise&Fall of CT (PDF))

Central Banks


BOC (Calendar)
Bank of Canada
BOC (Interest rate update advisory - Press Releases - Publications and Research - Bank of Canada)


BOE Calendar
BOE Decisions


Bank of Japan
BOJ (Monetary Policy Decisions)
BOJ (Speeches)


Bundesbank - Auction, Announcments
Bundesbank - Auctions, Rules
Bundesbank - German Federal Securities - Auction procedure


ECB Dashboard
ECB Governing Council
ECB Meetings
ECB Press
ECB Press Releases
ECB Slide 1
ECB Weekly schedule
Market interest rates; mortgage interest, statutory interest rate and interest rates of the ECB


US Federal Reserve System


The People's Bank of China


Reserve Bank of Australia - Home Page


RBNZ (Calendar)
RBNZ (Official Cash Rate (OCR) decisions and current rate)
Reserve Bank of New Zealand


Swiss National Bank (SNB) Time schedule

Central bank websites
Central bankers speeches - BIS
Exchange Rate Stability in International Finance
Secret of Oz


Charting (
Charting (CFA Institute Home)
Charting (Help)


China (CITIC)
China (CSRC)
China (National Bureau of Statistics)
China (The People's Bank of China)
China (Rare Earth Elements, and US-Sino Relations | Analysis Intelligence)


Command Line

Command Line Basics
Windows 2000 Command Line Resources


Trading Stations

9X Media Multi Flat Panels Trading Stations-Computers Sites and Links
Eurocraft - The Contemporary Trading-Dealing Desk
Flat Panel Monitor ARMS
Solutions for Financial & Trading Applications - Flat Panel Monitor ARMS
Trading Desk & Dealing Desks. Custom Designed by Wall Street Trading Desks
Pole Mount Computer Workstations - Fully Adjustable Mobile Workstation

Computer-Repair - computers
Troubleshooting (Computers)

Computer-Research - Multimedia-Computer
PC Magazine Online
Personal Information Center
Wired News



Adobe PostScript Driver Installer
PDFMerge! - Merge PDF files online for free.
Adobe Printer Drivers - Install Windows PPDs



Avery Office Solutions

Avery Office Products


Screen Recording Software: My Screen Recorder
hotComm - Web Collaboration and Web Conferencing

Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance Advice
Computer Maintenance Tips
Managing power on your computer

Content Clean-up

Registry Cleaners
Registry Defragmentation

Data Mining

Data Mining Workshop Bookmarks

Data Storage online

Fluxpod Information eXchange
FreeDrive Explorer
IP File-Sharing Websites



alt.hypertext FAQ list
DMOZ Hypertext
hypertext database systems

Database Fundamentals
What is database
Yahoo! Directory Software Databases

Developer Languages


C# Inter
C# Tutorials MSDN
Stock Paper Trader in C# and .NET by Mike Gold



FreeTechBooks - free online C-C++ programming books for beginners

C Languages Knowledge Base
Computer programming - Wikipedia
Google Search learn C++ basics online
History of C++
History of the C
ITtoolbox C Languages Knowledge Base
MSDN Library
Visual C++ Home
What is C++


CoffeeCup Software
HTML (Advanced for Beginners)
HTML tag list basic tags - body attributes

The Downfall of Imperative Programming (2012)


Input Device Drivers- The Driver Zone

Dump message (Windows 2000 Discussion Forum)
Blue Screen Data
Computing.Net - Physical Memory Dump
FAQ (Blue Screen of Death)
GPIB and Windows 2000 Computer Crashes
Hard Drive Troubleshooting Process
Hardware Analysis - Forum - Physical memory dump
Microsoft NT Workstation - Beginning dump of physical memory....
That Computer Guy's Help Forum
Windows 2000 physical memory dump problem


GnuPG Frequently Asked Questions

Glossary of Terms

Glossary of tems


Graphics Depot


Employee & Management Assessment Training Surveys, Plans and Software
Resources (Training Videos, DVDs, Software, Books, Workshops, Seminars)


HTML HTML Quick List - HTML Code Tutorial


IANA Home Page


Automatic indexing
Book Indexer
Indexing - Explaining Software for indexing
Indexing Research Contents
Indexing software programs links

IP Address elimination

Free Private Web Surfing


MS (reboot problems)

161703 - Stop 0x0000001E Error Message During Setup
313169 - Stop 0x00000054 Error Message in Windows 2000
314451 - STOP 0x0000001E Error Message During Windows Setup
Microsoft Help and Support
One of my computers reboots itself at random... - Tek-Tips

MS DLL Files

DLL (Mymmapi.dll problem)


Internet Explorer News
Internet Explorer Update
Internet Start

MS Keyboards

keyboard II

MS Office



32nds (#1)
32nds (#2)
32nds (#3)
Add-Ins Charting Add-Ins
Auto Scaling fix
Charting Excel Add-ins
Charting index page
Grapher 4
Logarithmic Files
Stacked Charts

Date and Time

add hours to days
Date Arithmetic
Decimal to Time
Excel 2003 International Holiday Schedule
Excel How do I enter the current time or date into a cell
Extended Date Functions
Filling weekdays
Time to Decimal

Cell Format (Troubleshoot)
Converting to 32nds
Create Your Own Excel Add-In
Data Capture
Date-Time Various Date manipulation functions
Excel - My Excel Pages
Excel Pages
Excel User Group
Excel-Related Product Links
Financial @nalyst
Help (Live Support) Excel-Finance and Economics
MBRM WEB SERVICE (an FSS - Financial Systems Software company)
MS Excel Tips and Tricks
Neural Network Software Add-ins for Microsoft Excel
Open Directory
Secrets in Excel
Stephen Bullen's Excel Page
Topic Index 1
Topic Index 2


Add-In Center
Community Newsgroups
Create an E-commerce Web Site with FrontPage 2000 or 2002
Frontpage 2000 Tutorials
FrontPage Express Tutorial
Guide to Creating an E-Commerce Web Site Home Page
Microsoft FrontPage
Microsoft Office - FrontPage Home
MSFrontPage 2000 in 24 Hours


Bill Gates
Find an Event
Microsoft Multimedia Central

News Groups

Community Newsgroups
Format Word Docs


Creating Custom Views
Outlook (Add-Ins)

Power Point

Digital Studio - by Sonia Coleman
Embedding Flash in Powerpoint
Microsoft Newsgroups
Microsoft PowerPoint
powerpoint backgrounds By Default! - template styles for powerpoint presentations
PowerPoint FAQ
Third-Party Downloads for Microsoft PowerPoint
Tutorials - PowerPoint - Autorun CD


Formatting applied to one paragraph affects the entire document
Indexing (in Word)
Indexing MS Word Documents
Microsoft word templates
Sections (Working with)
Template (Creating a)
Templates Homepage - Microsoft Office Online
Word How-to Articles
Word in your business

MS (Fonts - Typography)
MS (Outlook 2002-2000 Add-in Personal Folders Backup)
MS (Outlook Using Contacts)
MS (Template Gallery)
MS (Templates Word)
MS Office
MS Small Business Center

MS Sites

Knowledge Base
Microsoft (Shop)
MS Download Center
Windows Media

MS Support&Issues


Renaming Files and Directories on an FTP Server
Shortcut for renaming files

FP 2003
Knowledge Base
Logitech (256233 - No Keyboard or Mouse After Installing Logitech 9.0)
Microsoft Training
Taskbar issue
Windows Update


Browsing Visual Basic at ComponentSource
EL to VB
Extract data and send to Excel via VB Downloads
Scripts (
Stock Paper Trader in C# and .NET by Mike Gold
TradeStation World Forum - ELX - 1.3 DLL
Visual Basic Programing for Stock Trading
Your WSH Is Granted (Part 1) and VBScript Vs. Java Script


Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Readme

Windows Explorer Tools

How to Add the Print Directory Feature to Windows Explorer
Karen's Directory Printer

Excel 2003 Development | VBA Reference, Code Samples, Books | MSDN


Introducing Visual Studio .NET
MSDN Home Page
MSDN Library (MSDN Subscriber Downloads)
Visual C# Walkthroughs
VS.NET downloads

Open Source

Open Source Initiative OSI - Welcome



Custom Programs and Macros (MS Access, Excel, Word, Outlook and Microsoft Office applications)
Visual Basic Code , VB.NET Code - Using the Windows Script Host
SciTE - Scintilla Text Editor
Script Execute a DOS Program
Scripting (MS)
Scripting Guide+Snippets
Tutorial, script, programming, code
Windows Scripting Host Tutorial
You Can Program Too! Table of Contents


CADDbert's Cyber Zoom
Evidence Eliminator (Awesome Product)
Gator (Getting rid of)
index (Ad-aware v5.83)
Ports and Trojans
SpywareInfo (What is this)
Microsoft Security Program Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS99-032)
Symantec Security Check
Symantec Support Utility


Software World Download Site

Sound FX

Ambient Sound Effects

Stores Online
Camera Detector
Fellowes Store
Micro Center Online



Text Sorting

Clipboard Utilities Software
Cogitum LC


PCMag Utilities
Stay Invisible Free Public Proxy Servers List
Process Explorer


How do I hook my camcorder to my computer? | Camcorder Reviews
PowerDirector 10 Deluxe | Video Editing Software

Video (Desktop)

2-pop (The Digital Filmmaker's Resource Site)
Desktop Video
Getting Video into Your Computer


Beelzebulb Graphics 3d Wallpaper
Desktop Wallpaper - Freeware
Railz free 3D wallpaper and screensavers.
Wallpaper Software - Reviews and free downloads at
Wallpaper Vault
Yahoo! Image Search Results for wallpaper

Webinar Software

TechSmith | Camtasia Screen Recorder Software, Home
innoheim - Screen Recording, Video Recording and Audio Recording Software
MiniCapture free download.


Computer-Web Dev

Moreover - Free Moreover RSS News Feeds
Pluck Thanks for Downloading
RSS Feeds


ebooks (20,000 free)
netLibrary (Congress Book)
netLibrary - New Product Information
Text-Reader. Read and translate Internet texts, and learn words.


Internet Video Channels
Live Matrix: Home
TED Ideas worth spreading

Network (Cisco)

CCNP SWITCH 642-813 VLANs and Trunks
Cisco 2600 Series Cabling and Setup [Cisco 2600 Series Multiservice Platforms] - Cisco Systems
Cisco 871 router help - [H]ard|Forum
Download Software - Cisco Systems
Graphical Network Simulator - GNS3
IDS vs. IPS Explained
Manage Configurations of Cisco Switches, Routers, Firewalls using DeviceExpert
Online Todd Lammle CCNA Video Training Series |
Order Receipt
PL-2303H / 2303HX / 2303HXD Drivers | Prolific USA
Plugable USB to RS-232 DB9 Serial Adapter (Prolific PL2303HX Chipset) | Plugable
Switching (Mac Address) Question - Lammle Forum

Network (Design)

Home Lab - CCNA R&S/Security - The Cisco Learning Network
Understanding TCP Sequence and Acknowledgment Numbers - Packet Life
Half Duplex and Full Duplex Ethernet
networking - How does Subnetting Work? - Server Fault
Subnetting - Free Subnetting Questions and Answers Randomly Generated Online
Subnetting Chart - The Cisco Learning Network
The Secret History of OpenStack, the Free Cloud Software That's Changing Everything | Wired Enterprise |

GNS3 Troubleshooting

GNS3 • View topic - The Illusive Art of Acquiring A Good Idle-PC Value
Adding hosts to your Topologies - GNS3

Technology Trends

CES | Digital Trends
LineRate Systems takes on networking gear with software — Cloud Computing News

The Verge


Correlation (Unfair Advantage)
Correlation (


COT (Financial Data for FCMs)
COT (Historical 2005-2006)
COT (Historical by Year)


CRB (Commodity Research Bureau)


Principles of Creativity

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking On The Web


Currency (DollarDaze Economic Commentary Blog)
USD (Why the US dollar remains the default world currency, and the Japanese cling to it)
Currency (World Symbols)
Currency (XE - The World's Favorite Currency and Foreign Exchange Site)
Currency (Forex technical analysis -



Dewey (Correspondence course)
Dewey (Prophecy A History of the Future (Robert A. Nelson))
Dewey (Ray Tomes' Cycles in the Universe Index)
Dewey (Solar and Dewey)


K Cycle
K Cycle (Saros Cycle)
K Cycle (Longwave)
K Cycle (Prophecy A History of the Future (Robert A. Nelson))

Sun Spots


Astrology The Manifesto (1-4 by Patrice Guinard)
Business Astrology (Index)
Sunspots and Human Behavior (by James Borges)
Sunspots Solar & Stellar Ball Lightning


Sun Spots (Evidence, Human Behavior)
Sun Spots and Human Behavior


All Data
Data (SIDC)
Data files indices
GOES Data Online
Solar cycles 21, 22 and 23
Sun Spot Data (200 yr Cycle)
Sun Spot Data (CME Catalog)
Sun Spot Data (1750-2003)
Sun Spot Data (1874-2003)
Sun Spot Data


1Min Flux Crosses
5Min Flux Crosses
5Min Reg
The Sun Study (Cycle)




Astronomical and Space Calendar


Sacramento Peak Sun-Earth Connection

Trading, Inc.r
Commodity Futures and Options Service, Inc. 1-800-652-2367
Dow and Planetary Cycles
Planetary Cycles in Other Markets

Absorption (D-Region Prediction)
Jupiter and the Sun
Mr Sunspot's Answer Book
Space Weather (SIDC)
Space Weather (Today's)
Sun Spot (Education Page)
Sun Spot (Facts&Calcs)
Sun Spot (Forecasts, Nasa)
Sun Spot (Glossary)
Sunspot Cycle

Cycles (Business)
Cycles (FSC 2007)
Cycles (Gann Analysis)
Cycles (Harmonics theory Cycles in many things)
Cycles (
Cycles (Long Wave Economics Page)
Cycles (Nodes & Dow)
Cycles (Political)
Cycles (Stocks)
Cycles (The Future -cycles, harmonics and the Universe)
Cycles (Trading Advisors)
Cycles (Unification Theory)

Data (Historical)

DJIA (Yahoo! Finance)
S&P 500 - Yahoo! Finance
Federal Spending, State and Local Public Spending 1792-2013 - Charts
Great Depression (Facts, Charts, History, Analysis, Opinion)
1264-2003 (Best)
Historical Data (free)
Banking and Economics (by Subject )
Berkeley Econometrics Laboratory
Bonds Research-Statistical Data
BradyNet Prices
Bureau of the Public Debt Home Page
CPI - Historical
Discount Rates
Discount Window
DJIA (Components)
EconData (Contents)
Economic Statistics
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
FedStats Home Page
Financial Market Coverage
Fixed Income (Financial Data)
Fixed Income II
Forecast (
Forecast Center (Financial Data)
Forecasts ( 4 Day Stock Market)
FRASER » Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research
FRASER » Publications » Banking and Monetary Statistics 1914-1941
FRED II (St. Louis Fed)
FX Spot-Futures
Gann Books
Global Financial Data
Global Internet Statistics (by Language)
Historical Chart Gallery - StockCharts.Com
Historical Charts
Historical Research
Historical Stock Data and Commodity
Historical Stock Data and Historical Commodity Data
Financial Data of the Internet (How to Access)
NBER Macro Interest Rates
NBER Macro Prices
Office of Advocacy
Quotes Information at
Social Security's Treatment of Postwar Americans
Study of Futures (CISCO Futures Homestudy)
The Dow Piano -
The LIST !
TIC Data (By Country)
TIC Data (Home)
TIC Press Releases
TradeStation (Futures Symbology)
U.S. Financial Data
U.S. Microeconomic data
U.S. Treasury Issuance by Month
Uppsala Active Armed Conflict Data Project
World Bank Group (Data and Statistics)

Data (Visual)

Data, Visual (Color of data — Visual Hint)
Data, Visual (JESS3)
Data, Visual (Where are the Jobs? |
Data, Visual (information aesthetics - Information Visualization & Visual Communication)
Data, Visual (Information Is Beautiful | Ideas, issues, knowledge, data - visualized!)
Data, Visual (Worldmapper: The world as you've never seen it before)
Data, Visual (World Government Data |


Debating (Principles of Good Debating, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty)

Debt (Public)

Debt Public (Forward Repos for Broker-Dealers)
Debt Public (Upcoming Auctions)
Debt Public (Bureau of the Public Debt)
Debt Public (ECB Stats)
Debt Public (Deleveraging (PDF))
U.S. National Debt Graph
US Foreign Debt Holders
US Household Debt Srvc


Demographics (American FactFinder)
Demographics (ANYWHO)
Demographics (GAP Index: Welcome Page)
Demographics (I.H.T. Op-Ed Contributor - Here Come the Elderly -


Dictionary (Glossaries and Dictionaries by Encyberpedia)
Dictionary (Greek and Latin Root Words)
Dictionary (Synonym for entitled (adj) - antonym for entitled (adj) - Thesaurus - MSN Encarta)
Dictionary (
Dictionary ( (Library Latin in English II))



Forrester Research
Online Databases and Indexes


ebooks (
ebooks (20,000 free)
eBooks (
ebooks (netLibrary)
ebooks (netLibrary (Congress Book))
ebooks (Project Gutenberg Find an EBook)

Traders Library - Free Download 800+ Trading Books

Economic Indicator's

Calendars (Monthly, Yearly)

2006 Feb Economic Release Calendar Economic Calendar
Calandar Daily
Calendar -
Calendar Daily U.S. Economic
Economic Calendar for Forex Trading System in Ireland, Currency trading by TodayFX
U.S. Economic Calendar


EconStats US Economic Data
2010 consumer spending: data shows a 12.5% jump in March : Bundle
New England Economic Indicators Indicators Database
OECD Factbook

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Capacity Utilization, Release
Case-Shiller® Home Price Indices
Charts & Data
Commodity Research Bureau - (CRB) - Commodity Perspective (CP)
Conference Board 2006 Economic Calendar Of Release Dates
Consumer Price Index Home Page
Consumer Sentiment (Dates)
CPI Data
CPI Percent Change
Current Indicators
Daily Price Indexes » The Billion Prices Project @ MIT
Diffusion indexe (Employment)
Employment Number
Employment Schedule of Releases
Economic Calendar | DailyFX Forex Events Calendar | DailyFX
Existing Home Sales
Housing Starts
Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization, Release
Lots of releases
New York State Division of the Budget
Nonfarm Business Sector Unit Labor Cost, Index 1992=100, Quarterly, SA
Personal Income News Release
Philly Fed
Producer Price Indexes Home Page
Production Possibilities Frontiers
Richmond Fed
St. Louis Fed Economic Data - FRED® II Related Links
St. Louis Fed Spreadsheet Growth Rate Macros
State of the Nation
The Debt To the Penny
U of Mich
U of Mich Consumer Sentiment (Info)
Unemp 1929-1942
WSJ Weekly
Econ Indicators (
Econ Indicators (


Economics (Mike Lux: The Most Important Report of the Next Two Years)
Economics (Official FIRE Economy site)
Economics (Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world - physics-math - 19 October 2011 - New Scientist)



H.S. Dent - The S Curve
H.S. Dent - The Spending Wave
H.S. Dent Foundation Web Site

Elliot Wave

Elliott Wave
Prognosis Software Development

Economists (Sean Corrigan Crucifies MMT | ZeroHedge)
Economists (Economics & Finance)
Economists (Fareed
Economists (Maurice Obstfeld)
Economists (Neuroeconomics: In Oxytocin We Trust | Going Mental | Big Think)
Economists (Wizard's Economics Resources Center)
Economists (Professor Antal E. Fekete)
Economists (Hussman Funds - Investing for long-term returns while managing risk - Home page)

Gordon T Long

Gordon T Long
Gordon T Long (Tipping Points)

EUR (Euro)

EUR (China)
EUR (Dollar against Euro)
EUR (Dollar-euro-oil equation)
EUR (Euro and the War on Iraq)
EUR (Euro as a Global Trade Currency)

Fed Funds

Fed Funds (Econbrowser The new, improved fed funds market)
Fed Funds (Fed Funds Predictions Economic Research & Data Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)


FINRA - Qualification Examination Waiver Guidelines


Forecasting (A South Korean blogger turns national prophet | False god? | The Economist)
Forecasting ( | The online home of Samuel Arbesman)
Forecasting (Financial Data)
Forecasting (Financial Forecast)
Forecasting (
Forecasting ( 4 Day Stock Market)
Forecasting (WeatherAction (Piers Corbyn) - Forecast Accuracy)
Forecasting (Stock Forecasting)
Forecasting ( December 2006 trend briefing GENERATION C(ASH))
Forecasting (Economic Forecasts & Opinions)
Forecasting (The Warning)
Forecasting (Mahendra Prophecy)
Forecasting (
Forecasting (Capital Context - Mitigate Risks. Enhance Returns.)

Foreign Holdings

Foreign Holdings




Gallup Daily: U.S. Mood
Gallup Daily: U.S. Well-Being

Global Consciousness Project

Global Consciousness Project -- consciousness, group consciousness, mind


Gold (DollarDaze Economic Commentary Blog)
Gold (Buy Gold Online | Buy Gold Bars and Gold Rounds |
Gold (World Gold Council The global advocate for gold.)

Government dbases

Government dbases ( US government, state government, Congress, government jobs & more.)



Laws (Bank Law Statutes and Regulations - Federal Banking Statutes)
Laws (National BankAct 032004)
Laws (sban memo OCC Preemption GFLA08125)
US CODE Title 12,1715z–22. Multifamily mortgage credit programs
US CODE Title 12,1717. Federal National Mortgage Association and Government National Mortgage Association
US CODE Title 12,1723a. General powers of Government National Mortgage Association and Federal National Mortgage Association

Housing (040704_Senate_Banking)
Housing (Calculated Risk San Diego Foreclosure Activity)
Housing (Calculated Risk S&P Case-Shiller Real Prices for Selected Cities)
Housing (The Fallacy of a Pain-Free Path to a Healthy Housing Market - Economic Letter, December 2010 - FRB Dallas)
Housing (A Study of Real Estate Markets in Declining Cities)
Housing (The Devil is in the Details – Introducing LPS Government Solutions « Foreclosure Fraud)

Human Behavior

Laws (About Biorhythms)
Laws (Behavior and the Stock market (UCLA))
Laws (Sociocybernetics (The Research Comittee on))



Carl Jung (1875-1961)
the human complex carl jung - Google Search




CS (Candlestick Charting Frequently Asked Questions)
CS (Candlestick Shop)
CS (glossary)
CS (Heikin-Ashi A Better Candlestick)
CS (Introduction)
CS (Japanese Candlestick charting - T2W Traderpedia)

ABX Indices
Accumulative Swing Index And The McClellan Oscillato
ACD (Spotting Breakouts As Easy As ACD)
Advances & Declines
Average Directional Index (ADX)
Average True Range - ATR
Bollinger Bands
Charting Fundementals
Indicators (dbase I)
Indicators (dbase II)
Indicators (dbase III)
DMI (Directional Movement Indicator)
ECRI (Economic Cycle Research Institute)
Fed Funds
Fibonacci (Golden Ratio)
Fibonacci (High-Tech)
Forecasting Into The Future
Gann Studies
Gauging The Strength Of A Market Move
Ichimoku Kinko Hyo 1
Ichimoku Kinko Hyo 2
Ichimoku Kinko Hyo 3
Indicator And Function Index
Labor Costs
McClellan Oscillator & Accumulation Swing Index
Momentum and the Relative Strength Index
Momentum Strategy
Money Flow
Monster Worldwide Inc. Employment Index
Moving Averages and Volume Rate-of-Change
On-Balance Volume I
On-balance volume II
Oscillators (I)
Oscillators (II)
Parabolic Commodity Indicator
Parabolic SAR - ChartSchool -
Pivot Points
Point and Figure Charting
Profiting From The Squeeze
Rate Of Change
Rate Of Change (ROC)
Regression Code
Regression Models
Relative Strength Index - RSI
Relative Strength Index and Its Failure-Swing Points
Retail Sales
Speed Resistance Lines
Stochastics Indicator
Swing Charting
Tech Analysis Basics
Technical Indicators
Technical Indicators II
The Robust(Repeated Median) Velocity System
Transportation Index
Transportation What's New
Trend Lines
True Strength Index - TSI
Volume Oscillator
Volume Rate-of-Change & Simple Moving Averages
VWAP Charts
VWAP Definition
W. D. Gann
Y!Search (A.F.Siegel Robust Regression)
Context Model (Capital Context - Mitigate Risks)



CBOT Dow Complex (Dow 30 Sectors & Weights)
CBOT Dow Complex (Home)
DJIA (Components)
DJIA Yield Inflation Adjusted Trend
Dogs of the Dow
Dow (Weighting, Sectors, Components)
Dow (What is the Dow Worth)
Dow 36,000 - 99.09
Dow CPI Adjusting
Dow Jones Credit Derivative Indexes
Dow Jones Indexes
Inflation (Adjusted Dow 1925 -2003)
Inflation (Adjusting for)


NASDAQ (Weightings)
NASDAQ-100 (Components)
NASDAQ-100 (FlashQuotes)

S&P 500

History and Structure of the S&P 500
S&P 500 (Components)
S&P 500 (FAQ)
S&P 500 (Home Page)
S&P 500 (Top Ten Components)
S&P 500 INDEX ( Components)

Indices (Journal of)
Indices (Major U.S. Indices)
Indices (Major World Indices - Yahoo! Finance)
Indices (Stocks (links))
Indices (Tech Pulse Index - Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Indices (Indices (Volume at Price Charts))
Indices (Volume at Price Tutorials)

Industry Research

Industry Research (All industries)
Industry Research (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) - Home Page)
Industry Research (Biotech)
Industry Research (Financial Services)
Yahoo! - Industry Center
Yahoo! - Industry Index
Yahoo! - Investment Services Industry Center

Interest Rates

IR (Retail Money Funds - iMoneyNet)
IR (Current Prime rate, LIBOR rates and other major interest rates)
IR (1M Libor)
IR (3M Libor)
IR (Ted Spread)

JG's Google Stories

Note in Reader
Google Reader - "2008 crash theory" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "2010 forecast" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "2011 forecast" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Austerity" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Banking" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Basel" via James Goulding
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Google Reader - "Bonds" via James Goulding
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Google Reader - "Correlation" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "COT" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "CRE" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Currency" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Cycles" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Data Analytics" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Data Analytics" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Deflation" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Demographics" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Dollar" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Duration" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Economic Statistics" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Economic Theory" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Education" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Employment" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Energy" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "European Union" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Excel" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "FED" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "FinReg" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Flash Crashes" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Forecast" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Funny" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Generations" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Geopolitical" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Gold" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Gordon T Long (Tipping Points)" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Gov Spending" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Greece" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Healthcare" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "High Frequency Trading" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "History" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Household Penetration" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Housing" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Human Mind" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Hydrology" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Import-Export" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Indexes" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Inflation" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Interest Rates" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Japan" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Keynesian" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Law" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Market Players" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Marketing" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "MBS" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "MBS" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Medical" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Metals" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Nano Technology" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Nature" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Oil" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Pensions" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Politics" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "PPT" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Prediction" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Private Debt" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Protectionism" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Psychology" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Public Debt" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Public Sector" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Quantum Physics" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Quantum Physics" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Reference" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Risk Management" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Rosenberg" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Science" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Society" via James Goulding
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Google Reader - "VaR" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "War" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "World Trade" via James Goulding
Google Reader - "Yield Curve" via James Goulding


Algorithms (for Excel)

Excel Add-Ins for Algorithms

Calculators Online

Calculators (Astro-Physical Calculator)
Calculators (Loans)
Calculators (CCalulators on line)
Calculators (Currency Calculator)
Calculators (Doomsday Algorithm for Day of Week)
Calculators (Final Answers - Science - NUMERICANA)
Calculators (Financial Calculators)
Calculators (Logarithm)
Calculators (Math Expression)


Functions (Definitions in Math)
Functions (Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics)
Function (Reference)
Functions (Math Forum)


Log (Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math)


Notations (Asymptotic Notation -- from MathWorld)
Notations (Landau Symbols -- from MathWorld)
Notations (MathWorld)
Notations (Perfect Square Dissection -- from MathWorld)
Notations (Sum -- from MathWorld)
Notations (Units)


Planck (Astro-Physical Calculator)
Planck's constant - Google Search
Planck's constant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Speed Math

Speed Math (A Recipe For Mental Math by Willie Walker ...Project Motivational Math)
Speed Math (How to Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Natural Numbers)
Speed Math (Jerry's Website)
Speed Math (Arithmetic)
Speed Math (Add & Subtract Quickly)


Math (Links Other Math sites)
Math (
Math (Visualizations with Excel)

Math (Addition and Subtraction)
Math (Benjamin - Mathemagics)
Math (Education-Specialized -- Pad Ring)
Math (Google Directory - Science Math Numerical Analysis)
Math (Google Search learning basic math
Math (iid - Independently and Identically Distributed)
Math (Mega Math, Scott Flansburg , Kevin Trudeau)
Math (Planetmath)
Math (Pronunciation Guide to Mathematicians)
Math (Scientific Computing FAQ S)
Math (The MathWorks Developers of MATLAB and Simulink for Technical Computing)



Bayes Software

Bayes (
Bayes (Encyclopedia of Financial Engineering and Risk Management)
Bayes (Neural Networks)
Bayes (OS Financial Trading System)

Bayes Theory

Bayes Theorem (Conditional Probabilities)
Bayes Theorem
Bayes' Theorem Conditional Probabilities
Bayesian Systems, Inc (Software for Managing Uncertainty)
Bayesian Theory (Book)
Bayesian Theory
Bayes (Neural Networks (The application of theoretical foundations to gilt futures trading))

Bayes writers

Bayes writers (Dr. Duo Qin)


Fibonacci (Coast Investment Software Inc.)
Fibonacci (Fib Retracements and the Growth Cycle)
Fibonacci (Fib System for TradeStation)
Fibonacci (Numbers factorized)
Fibonacci (Numbers (The Golden section and the Golden String))
Fibonacci (Numbers Elliott Wave theory technical analysis)
Fibonacci (Numbers I)
Fibonacci (Numbers II)
Fibonacci (Trader (The first Multiple Time Frame Software for Traders))
Fibonacci Trader signals historical data
Fibonacci (Perfect Square Dissection)
Fibonacci (Pronet fib trading systmes)
Fibonacci (


Mandelbrot (Bearcave)

Bear Products International Home Page
Mandelbrot (Chaos and Order in the Capital Markets, 2nd Edition)
Mandelbrot (Simulating Fractional Brownian Motion)


Fractals (FAQ)
Fractals (Geometry)
Fractals (Money and)
Fractals (Screensavers, Tutorials, Free Software)
Fractals (The Math Forum)
Fractals (Art)


Hydrology (Ecometry)
Hydrology (and Fracatals)
Hydrology (The Pipe & Stocks)
Hydrology (Turbulent Fluid Flows and the Kinetic Theory of Gases)

Mandelbrot Papers

A Multifractal Model of Asset Returns
Fractal Analysis of Highly Volatile Markets

Mandelbrot Software

Fractal Software (Elliott Wave fractals)
Fractal Software (Fractal eXtreme Web Site)
Fractal Software (I)
Fractal Software (II)
Fractal Software (TruSoft Benoit - Fractal Analysis Software (Fractal dimension, Hurst exponent))
Fractal Software (Ultra Fractal Advanced Fractal Software)

Mandelbrot Trading Systems

Mandelbrot Trading Systems (Chaos and Order in the Capital Markets, 2nd Edition)
Mandelbrot Trading Systems (TruSoft Benoit)

Mandelbrot Expert (McCulloch)

Mandelbrot Expert (McCulloch)

Benoit B. Mandelbrot
Mandelbrot (Cynthia Lanius' Fractals Unit)
Mandelbrot (Economic Decision Analysis and Project Risk Management)
Mandelbrot (Feigenbaum Fractal)
Mandelbrot (Game of Chaos)
Mandelbrot (Gold, Risk Management and Charts)
Mandelbrot (Last Year in Mandelbrot)
Mandelbrot (ResearchIndex)
Mathematical Studies of Long-Memory Processes
Mandelbrot (Multifractal Walk down Wall Street)
Mandelbrot (Spanky dbase)
Mandelbrot (Study of Efficiency of Foreign Exchenge Market Through High Frequency Data)
Mandelbrot (The Koch Snowflake)
Mandelbrot (XenoFractals)


Planck (Astro-Physical Calculator)
Planck's constant - Google Search
Planck's constant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Stanislov Smirnov

Stanislav Smirnov (Math theory predicts fire, disease spread)
Stanislav Smirnov (New math models spread of fire and disease)
Stanislav Smirnov at MSRI
Stanislav Smirnov (percolation theory (Google Search))
Stanislav Smirnov (Home Page)

Mathameticians (Mark W. Watson)
Mathameticians (Murrey Math Trading - Learning Center)


Mneumonics (2Know Mnemonic Software)
Mneumonics (Digit-Sound Table)
Mneumonics (Educational software)
Mneumonics (Improve your Memory)
Mneumonics (Links)
Mneumonics (Major system)
Mneumonics (Major System1)
Mneumonics (Memory Improvement)
Mneumonics (Memory Remembering Numbers)
Mneumonics (
Mneumonics (Phonetic Mnemonic System)_
Mneumonics (Very good site)

Monetary theory



Monetary System (Evolution of)

Money Flows

International, global emerging market and US fund data from Fund Research

Money Management (For Traders)


Money Management (Algorithmics Incorporated - Solutions)

Money Management (Kelly )
Money Management (For Traders)

Nano Technolgy

Nano Technolgy ( - secure computing)
Nano Technolgy (The future of nanoscience | KurzweilAI)
Nano Technolgy (UTS)


Neuroeconomics (How Music Works | Brain Pickings)
Neuroeconomics (In Oxytocin We Trust | Going Mental | Big Think)
Neuroeconomics (SSRN-Personal and Impersonal Exchange, Trust and Growth by Paul Zak)


News (Stocks -After Hours Most Active)
News (AP Financial)
News ( Bonds)
News (Bonds
News (Bonds)
News (
News (Currencies I)
News (Currencies II)
News (ECB)
News (Full Coverage)
News (Gold)
News (International)
News (Iraq)
News (Japan)
News (Latest)
News (TNX)
News (U.S. Markets)
News (U.S.Treas Quarterly Refunding)
News (World, FT)


Bloomberg (Data - All)
Bloomberg (News)
Bloomberg (Regions)
Bloomberg (Currency)


Oil (Annual Energy Outlook 2007 with Projections to 2030)
Oil (Arctic Gas and Oil Bonanza, but No Energy Fix)
Oil (Baker Hughes Incorporated Oilfield Services)
Oil (Charts - This Week In Petroleum)
Oil (Department of Energy - Prices and Trends)
EIA - Featured Petroleum Reports
EIA - Forecasts and Analysis of Energy Data
EIA - Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government
EIA - Short-Term Energy Outlook
EIA - State Energy Profiles energy data, information, and maps
Oil (Energy Kids' Page - Refinery Infosheet)
Oil( Gasoline Consumption)
Oil (Hurricane Information)
Oil (Iran’s Oil Exchange threatens the Greenback)
Oil & Gas Journal Subscriptions Magazines, Enewsletters, Digital Subscriptions, Oil & Gas Journal Online Access
Oil (
Oil (petroleumworld)
Oil (Platts)
Oil (Platts Oilgram Price Report)
Oil (Saudi Crude Oil Informations & Trading Links)
Oil (The fall of the House of Saud)
Oil ( - Industry news, statistics and technical editorial to the oil and gas drilling, exploration and production industry)
Oil (Crude Oil Prices, Commodity Prices & Finance News | Oil Price | Oil


Options (10 Year Notes (TY) Option Volatility Analysis)
Options (Investment Glossary- Futures and Commodity option trading)
Options (OIC Options Central Options Store - Free literature)
Options (Options Pricing Online)
Options (Put-Call Ratio in Indexes)

Prediction markets

Flu Prediction Market (IOWA)
Intrade Prediction Markets

Quantum Theory

Quantum Theory (David Deutsch - Home)
Quantum Theory (THE WORLD QUESTION CENTER 2004 (The Edge))
Quantum Theory (Back From the Future | Subatomic Particles | DISCOVER Magazine)

Refdesk Home Page


Meditation Experiment Arrests Crime


Global Insight
Securities Operations Forum

Research (Historical)

300 - Ruling Elite

Tavistock in the USA
Tavistock Members (scroll down)
The Committee of 300
The Secret Shadow Government
The Tavistock Institute

Book Sales Stats

Association of American Publishers
Book Sales census bureau
Book Sales Statistics
Book Sales Statistics for any book
Book Sales Trends

Census & Demographics

Chicago and IL

1850-1950 (Pictures)
Archives (IL)
Census 2000 (IL)
Chicago AND Historical (Yahoo Search)
City of Chicago Home Page
Health Statistics (IL)
Migration Resources
Statistical Sources (IL)


Census and Demographic Data
Census Bureau (Home Page)
Census Data Browser
Census Info-List of all data
Data Sources
Demographical Statistics 2001
History Matters
ICPSR (Categories)
ICPSR (Historical Searches)
Links to Dbases I
NCHS (Home Page)
Statistic sites
Statistical Data Locators
Urban Institute Databases


BEA (Economic Data)

Goverment Gateway

2000 Census (Gateway)
Gov Gateway
Money & Taxes (Gov gatweay)


Census Bureau (Housing)
Estimates of Housing Units and Household Population
Historical (Utilities)
Historical (Vacation Homes)
Prices (1975-2001)
Vacancy (Historical)


1900-2000 (Waves)
Center for Immigration Studies
Decennial (Immigration)
Immigration (Norman Matloff)
Peaks waves (Immigration)
Statistical YRBook
Statistics I (Immigration)
Statistics II (Immigration)

Men, Woman, Divorce, Marriage

Male Pop (1890 to 1950 and 1970 to 1990)
Marriage and Divorce Data



Births (NCHS 1994-2003)
Births (NCHS)
Population Projections

(PDF)1790-1990 Pop by Location
Decennial (Pop & Housing)
Pop Stats (Huge)
Population (PRB Website)
World and US Pop

Subjects Index's

FedStats (Subjects A to Z)
HealthLinks Statistics Topics (A to Z)
Subjects Index
Urban Institute (By Topic)

White Papers

1790-1990 (2)
1900-90 Rural
1933 (Before)
White Papers Publications
Working Papers

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Industry Snapshots Finance and Insurance
Market Research & DemographicsPopulation
N C H S - Data Linkage Activities
N C H S - Data Warehouse
Ordering Stat Abstract
Statistical Abstract of the US (Tables)
Statistical Abstract of US
Statistical Resource


Consumer Spending

100 Years of U.S. Consumer Spending Data for the Nation, New York City, and Boston


DJIA Yield Inflation Adjusted Trend
H.S. Dent - The Spending Wave
H.S. Dent Foundation Web Site
View topic - Deleveraging and Deflation
Free Downloads | HS Dent


Guardian Unlimited The Guardian $700bn, and nobody even blinks
Sun on Fire, Unleashes 3 More Major Flares
View topic - Deleveraging and Deflation


BTS - National Transportation Statistics 2002


etexts (Alex Catalogue of)
etexts (Index of)



107th Congress How Did the Industry's Key Issues Fare
American Politics & Society
Clinton Congress
Facts About the Congress
Government Documents Members of Congress
History of
Members of Congress Selected Resources
Political Graveyard
Reference Home Virtual Reference Desk
Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress
THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet
US Government


American Politics & Society
Budget (US FY 2004)
dbase (Government)
Facts (Business&Economy)
Facts (Government)
Facts (Home&Community)
Facts (US History, Arts and Culture)
Federal, State, and Local Governments - Main Page
GDP and Other US Economic Data
Library of Congress (Digital Library)
Sub gateway

Economic Data (Present time)

Table A-12. Alternative measures of labor underutilization


EEOC (Home)
EEOC (Info for Small Bus)
EEOC (No Cost Outreach)
EEOC (Products for Purchase)
EEOC (Publications Order Form)
EEOC (Publications_Scroll Down Page)
EEOC (Training Institute)
EEOC (When A Charge Is Filed Against My Company)

Federal, State, and Local Governments - Main Page
Gateway dbase (Gov)
IRS (Site Map)
U.S. Treasury (Site Index)
U.S.Treasury (History)
We Knew There'd Be Scandals

History (American)


Age of Play (1920's)
Child Labor laws inacted (1920's)
Coolidge Speech (1920's)
Hardings Inag. Speech (1920's)
Teapot Dome (1920's)
The new order (1920's)



1600's to 1900's
Historical Atlas of the 20th Century
Peopling of America (Classroom Handouts)

13 Colonies
Chronology of American History
COLONIAL CURRENCY (Table of Contents)
Economy (Outline of the U.S.)

Glorious Revolution

Bacon' s Rebellion

Bacon's Rebellion(Biased)
Bacon's Rebellion
Declaration (1676, Bacon's Rebellion)
Henry Bennet, 1st Earl of Arlington - Wikipedia
Nathaniel Bacon (Inventory at his death)
Nathaniel Bacon - Wikipedia

Surrender of NY

Long Island, New York

House of Burgesses

HOB info

Observations of

history of American Revolution by Mercy Warren, volume 3, chapter 31

Thomas Paine

Common Sense, Jan, 1776



U.S. Casualties (All)
WW I (Casualties)
WW II Casualties
WWI casualties


Archival Databases - List of Series
Casualties (American wars)
Correlates of War Project Homepage
Political Science Data Resources
Statistical Resources on the Web-Military

Civil War
Connecticut's Heritage Gateway
Crimes (War)
F & I (Papers)
French and Indian
Jewett Texts
King George's War (War of the Austrian Succession)
King Gs
Military History Resources
Military Records
The History Guy The War List
Twentieth Century Atlas - Historical Body Count
World War II

Ageless project
American History (Outline)
Civil Rights Act
Common Sense by Thomas Paine
Continental Congress
Day (this day in History)
Declaration of independence
Early America
Edcuation History
Glorious Revolution
Historical Documents (Gilder Lehrman Institute)
Historical Documents (Timeline)
History (American,World -study guides)
Holy Cow! The Best!
HyperHistory Titles
Inventing America Chapter 4 Outline
Life Exp (1900)
Life Exp (of Industrial Civilization)
Political Leadership
Presidential Election Maps 1860-1996
Prophecy A History ( Robert A. Nelson)
Thomas Paine (Common Sense)
Timebase Multimedia Chronography(TM) - Timebase 1921
Timelines (Listing)
U.S. History Since 1877
US National Archives & Records Administration

History (Children)

Death (1890's Water)
Death (Causes 1890's-1900's)
Information Services & Resources Children
Research & Publications (ACF)
Statistics (US)

History (Economic Stats)


COLONIAL CURRENCY (Table of Contents)
Colonial Economy and more
Historical Tables (Jackpot!)



Federal Debt

A Blueprint For New Beginnings -- 1. Pay Down the Federal Debt


Adjusting Rates for Inflation
Calculator (Inflation)
Confederate Inflation Rates
Financial Forecast Center
Historical Inflation data from 1914 t the present
Inflation conversion factors for dollars 1665-est.

The Fed

Fed (Consumer Credit)
Fed (Historical DataI)
Fed (Historical DataII)
Fed (INterest Rates)
Fed (Money Supply)
Fed (Stats TOC)

30-year 1974-2002
Bubble Madness (History)
dbase (
dbase (His. Econ. pprs)
Historical Tables (Gov)
HyperHistory Titles
NYSE-History of
The Coming Depression
USA (History)
Utility Financial Resources

History (Exchanges)

CBOE (History)
Exchanges (ALL)
History of Trading I
History of Trading II

History (General Dbases)

Digital History
Historical Studies dbase
History Books
Flickr: Old Catalogs' Photostream

History (Gov agencies)

U.S. Treasury (Events in History)

History (World)

Din Timelines
Din's Timelines List of Timelines
The Beginning of History and Civilization
World History-1800-1899



Electricity Milestones

Household Penetration

Broadband Internet Subscriber Base Tops 9 Million
Google Search U.S. household penetration auto 1901
Household Penetration Search (Google

Computer & Internet Stats (Historical)
Global Networking Timeline 1900-1959
Global Networking Timeline 2000-2009
Invention Links
Inventors' Digest

News Search by Topic

News Search (by word)


Fagan Date Google
Fagan Finder (Information & Search Engines News)
How To Site
Pandia Powersearch
ResearchBuzz (Search engine news and information)
Search engine marketing and optimization ( Pandia)
Search Engine Marketing Resources

Newspapers (Historical)

Historic Newspaper Collection
Historical Newspapers
Newspaper Archive - View old newspapers online - Search old newspapers


Elmhurst Public Library
Illinois Newspaper Project Main
Illinois State Historical Library
The Illinois State Historical Library
Illinois Newspaper Project | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Hyde Park Herald Digital Collections

Azoos.Com web directory Azoos.Com
dbase (Library II)
dbase (LibraryI)
Electronic Resources
Finding Articles
Halton's Historical and Newspaper Records Form
Internet Resources
National Digital Newspaper Program (Library of Congress)
News before 1980 - How to Find Newspapers and News Stories - Research Guides at DePaul University
NewsDirectory Searchable Newspaper Archives
OCLC Historic Newspaper Digitization Service
Readable Universe
Resource Central - Newspapers
United States Newspaper Project
Wheaton College Library News & Current Events

Social Science

Social Science (Generational Cycles in Mass Psychology)
Social Science (George Washington's Blog Tell Me Again Why Conspiracy Theory is a Dirty Label)
Social Science (Population (Three Patterns of Change))
Social Science (Data Archive)
Social Science (Sociocybernetics)
Social Science (Stonyhill - Reflections on Black-and-White Beliefs v. Living In The World We 'Know')
Social Science (Life Expectancy and Health Trends in Modern Society)

Statistics (General Dbases)

Statistics (Din Resgestae)
Statistics (Government Resources)
Statistics (Index to the Statistical Abstract of the United States, 2000)
Statistics (Researching Data (How to collect and store))
Statistics (Resources)
Statistics (HyperStat Online An Introductory)
Statistics (Timelines (Din's List))
Statistics (Trial Transcripts)

Theoretical Physics

Theory of Relativity I
Theory of Relativity II

US Code

GI Bill

Code 42 (GI Bill)
GI Bill Web Site

United States Code
Quotes- Everythings fine
The Baby Name Wizard NameVoyager

Research Methods

Research Methods (Google search, Research versus actual result Empirical
Research Methods (Manual - Table of Contents)
Research Methods (Steps in the Research Process)


Rothschild (N M Rothschild & Sons - Home Page)


SBA (Home)
SBA (Laws & Regs I)
SBA (Laws & Regs II)
SBA (Publications)


Science (Accept Defeat: The Neuroscience of Screwing Up | Magazine)
Science (Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience, UW-Madison Psychology Dept)
Science (Mortality Salience : The Frontal Cortex)
Science (Polytec PI Technotes and Papers)
Science (Scale of Universe)




Skyscrapers (
Skyscrapers (History of)
Skyscrapers (Museum Publications)

Social Security

SS (Distribution of Zero-Earning Years by Gender, Birth Cohort, and Level of Lifetime Earnings)
SS (Office of Policy Research and Analysis - Alphabetically)
SS (SSA Research Site)
SS (Government report on social security "2005" - Google Search)


Sociology (
Sociology (Ted Goertzel's (Sociology Professor))
Sociology (Trends Research Institute)
Sociology (UC Irvine - Faculty Profile System)
Sociology (Occupy Wall Street)
Sociology (STOPCARTEL TV-GR - live streaming video powered by Livestream)


Sparklines (Bella consults, Listen to the pattern)
Sparklines (Bissantz SparkMaker - Sparklines for Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and HTML documents)
Sparklines (Add-in for Excel - TinyGraphs)
Sparklines (Sparklines OR Sparkline - Google Image Search)
Sparklines (The Work of Edward Tufte; Inventor of Sparklines)

Spreads (Credit)

S&P Credit Indices


Statistics (OFFSTATS, dbase, general))
Statistics (OFFSTATS Subjects)
Statistics (The Mother web page of all stats (Final Answers - Science - NUMERICANA))
Statistics (Pew Research Center)


Carnegie Institute

Carnegie Institution


Carrington (Carrington Rotation Dates)
Carrington (The WIND-SWE Data Page (MIT Space Plasma Group))


Sun Spot Data (10.7, SSN, Goes Daily Historical)
Sun Spot Data (ACE)
Sun Spot Data (ACE Data Format explanation)
Sun Spot Data (ACE Level 2 Data)
Sun Spot Data (ACE Plots (Static Filenames))
Sun Spot Data (ACE Scientific Goals)
Sun Spot Data (ACE SWEPAM Level 2 Data)
Sun Spot Data (Boulder)
Sun Spot Data (Clock Calibration Data)
Sun Spot Data (Costello Geomagnetic Activity Index)
Sun Spot Data (GOES Satellite Data at SEC)
Sun Spot Data (HDF)
Sun Spot Data (Ionospheric Data (Monthly files by Station))
Sun Spot Data (Ionospheric Data (Monthly files by Station))
Sun Spot Data (kp-ap)
Sun Spot Data (NOAA - NWS Space Weather Prediction Center)
Sun Spot Data (NOAA-NESDIS-NGDC-MGG-World Data Center)
Sun Spot Data (SEC Data Library)
Sun Spot Data (Solar Wind 5 min files)
Sun Spot Data (Solar Wind Daily Data)
Sun Spot Data (Solar Wind Data (Historical back to 1951))
Sun Spot Data (Solar Wind Historical Yearly Data)
Sun Spot Data (SPIDR)
Sun Spot Data (SPIDR Help on SPIDR Data)
Sun Spot Data (Sun Spot, Radio Flux, Geomagnetic RecentIndices)
Sun Spot Data (Weekly)
Sun Spot Data (SWPC Real-time Monitor Displays)


Forecasts (10.7, SSN, Goes Daily Historical)
Forecasts (ACE Real Time Solar Wind)
Forecasts (CME arrival prediction)
Forecasts (Costello 15 Min)
Forecasts (Costello Index)
Forecasts (Current Solar Forecast)
Forecasts (Current Status of NCEP Model Production)
Forecasts (Forecasting guide (SIDC - Royal Observatory of Belgium))
Forecasts (Forecasts of Space Weather and Effects)
Forecasts (Geomagnetic and Solar Activity Forecasts)
Forecasts (Geomagnetic Probability Verification Page)
Forecasts (K-index page)
Forecasts 9NCEP)
Forecasts NCEP Model Analyses and Forecasts)
Forecasts (Real-Time Kp Predictions)
Forecasts (Solar Geophysical Data Main Page)
Space Weather Data and Products
Forecastsv (SPIDR Data Set Request)
Forecasts (SPIDR Data Sets - Geomagnetic User View)
Forecasts (SPIDR Documentation)
Forecasts (UV Alert Forecast)
Forecasts (Wang-Sheeley Model)
Forecasts (Weekly Forecast)
Forecasts (Weekly On-line)


GeoMagnetic (10.7, SSN, Goes Daily Historical)
GeoMagnetic (BATSRUS)
GeoMagnetic (Comparison of VSL model with EIT 284Å observations; etc.)
GeoMagnetic (Current Solar Data)
GeoMagnetic (Current Solar Forecast)
GeoMagnetic (Earth Conditions Links)
GeoMagnetic (Earth's Magnetic Field Calculator - Instructions)
GeoMagnetic (IAGA)
GeoMagnetic (IAGA V-MOD Geomagnetic Field Modeling International)
GeoMagnetic IAGA V-MOD Geomagnetic Field Modeling International Geomagnetic Reference Field IGREF-10)
GeoMagnetic (Kp Plot (NOAA))
GeoMagnetic (Latest Space Weather Data from SIDC - Royal Observatory of Belgium)
GeoMagnetic (LMSAL-VSL Solar and Heliospheric Forecasts)
GeoMagnetic (Magnetic Field - Geomagnetic Pulsations in Aeromagnetic Surveys)
GeoMagnetic (Magnetometer Stations and Data)
GeoMagnetic (NSO Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG))
GeoMagnetic (pmsw_2week)
GeoMagnetic (Quiet Disturbed Graphed)
GeoMagnetic (SPIDR Detailed Data Set Request)
GeoMagnetic (Sun Spot, Radio Flux, Geomagnetic RecentIndices)
GeoMagnetic (Today's data plot 22 sensors)
GeoMagnetic (USGS National Geomagnetism Program)

Glossary & FAQ

Glossary (NOAA)
Glossary (Indices (GEO Explanations I))
Glossary (Indices (GEO Explanations II)
Glossary (Ionosphere Indices Defined)
Glossary (Radiation Belt and Ring Current III Posters - SPA-Magnetospheric Physics [SM])
Glossary (ResLab - Renewable Energy Systems Test Centre)
Glossary (Sacramento Peak Sunspots and the Solar Cycle)
Glossary (Space Weather Glossary, terms and definitions of solar and sunspot activity)
Glossary (The Sun and Solar Wind)



Neutrons (Real Time Bartol Neutron Monitors)
Neutrons (Space Weather Prediction with Cosmic Rays)
Neutrons (

Ions (1Min Flux Crosses)
Ions (5Min Flux Crosses)
Ions (5Min Reg)
Ions (Dials)
Ions (IPS - North Atlantic - Ionospheric Map)
Ions (Poles Reverse I)
Ions (Poles Reverse II)
Ions (Proton Flux Monitor)
Ions (Proton Monitor (Data))
Ions (Solar Protons)
Ions (
Ions (The Sun Study (Cycle))


Moon (Geniet Lunar declination and azimuth)
Moon (NOAA, Our Restless Tides)
Moon (Position of all planets and sun)
Moon (Zodiac Arts - Articles - The 8 Phase Lunar Cycle)


Observatories (Boulder)
Observatories (Institutions Studying Solar Wind)
Observatories (Kyoto University - Search)
Observatories (WDC for Geomagnetism, Kyoto)
Observatories (WDC-C2 Kyoto today)
Observatories (Wilcox Solar Observatory (Data))
Observatories (WDC-C2 Kyoto Quicklook)


Planets (Position of all planets and sun)

Software (Solar, Geo, Other)

Software (DX ToolBox propagation program)
Software (NOAA)
Software (Solar - Terrestrial Physics)

Solar Constant

Solar Constant ( Sunspots And Their Effects: Harlan True Stetson: Books)
Solar Constant (
Solar Constant (Full text of "Sunspots And Their Effects")
Solar Constant (NGDC/STP - Solar Irradiance Data Archived at NGDC)
Solar Constant (Standard Solar Spectra: Air Mass Zero)
Solar Constant (Sunlight - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Solar Wind

Solar Wind (ACE Data)
Solar Wind (ACE Real Time Solar Wind)
Solar Wind (ACE RTSW Data)
Solar Wind (ACE Science Center Home)
Solar Wind (Costello Geomagnetic Activity Index (White Paper with formulas))
Solar Wind (Forescast WSO (Pic))
Solar Wind (Propagation time)
Solar Wind (Publications)
Solar Wind (Real Time (Huancayo Magnetic Observatory))
Solar Wind (eal-Time Magnetogram ASO)
Solar Wind (REFM Daily Forecast)
Solar Wind (REFM Forecast Model)
Solar Wind (Daily Data)
Solar Wind (Data, Historical back to 1951)
Solar Wind (Documentation & Explanation of Data)
Solar Wind (Predictions I)
Solar Wind (Wang-Sheeley Model)

Space Weather

Space Weather (SIDC)
Space Weather (Today's)
Space Weather (Home)
Space Weather (Alerts)
Space Weather (Now)
Space Weather (Today's)
Space Weather (NOAA)
Space Weather (NOAA - Prediction Center)

Sun Spots

Sun Spots (CME arrival prediction)
Sun Spots (NASA - Backward Sunspot
Sun Spots (NGDC-WDC STP, Boulder-Sunspot Number Data via FTP from NGDC)
Sun Spots (Real-Time 24hr Effective Sunspot Number)
Sun Spots (SIDC - Solar Influences Data Center)
Sun Spots (Slashdot Backward Sunspot Heralds Next Solar Cycle)
Sun Spots (Radio Flux, Geomagnetic RecentIndices)
Sun Spots (Data Home Page)
Sun Spots (Minimum)
Sun Spots (Surface Evolution of the Sun’s Magnetic Field)
Sun Spots (The Cosmic and Heliospheric Pages (Sources))
Sun Spots (87 Days Sunspot Cycle Confirmed |
Sun Spots (Absorption (D-Region Prediction))
Sun Spots (Jupiter and the Sun)
Sun Spots (Mr Sunspot's Answer Book)
Sun Spots (NOAA)
Sun Spots (Education Page)
Sun Spots (Facts&Calcs)
Sun Spots (Glossary)
Sun Spots (Sunpost Cycle)
Sun Spots
Sun Spots (Forecasts, Nasa)


Sun Spot Data (All Data)
Sun Spot Data (ASCII Data)
Sun Spot Data (SIDC)
Sun Spot Data (Files indices)
Sun Spot Data (Data)
Sun Spot Data (GOES Data Online)
Sun Spot Data (Solar cycles 21, 22 and 23)
Sun Spot Data (200 yr Cycle)
Sun Spot Data (CME Catalog)
Sun Spot Data (1750-2003)
Sun Spot Data (1874-2003)
Sun Spot Data
Sun Spot Data (DAILY SSN)
Sun Spot Data (GOES Satellite Data at SEC)


Sun Spots (Evidence, Human Behavior)
Sun Spots (Human Behavior)
Sunspots (Human Behavior (by James Borges))




Measurments (Astronomical and Space Calendar)


Polarity (Sacramento Peak Sun-Earth Connection)


Articles (Astrology The Manifesto (1-4 by Patrice Guinard))
Articles (Business Astrology (Index))
Articles (Sunspots Solar & Stellar Ball Lightning)


Software (Charitng )
Software (Commodity Futures and Options Service, Inc. 1-800-652-2367)
Software (Dow and Planetary Cycles)
Software (Planetary Cycles in Other Markets)

White Papers

White Papers (Appendix A)
White Papers (nswp)
White Papers (Space Weather Forecast)
White Papers (Spaced-Based Solar Monitoring and Alert Satellite System (SMASS))
White Papers (Stock Market by Cesare Robotti, Anya Krivelyova (Playing the Field Geomagnetic Storms and the))
White Papers (SWstorms_assessment pdf)
White Papers (The Solar Wind Coupling and Geomagnetic Activity Group)
White Papers (The Sun Study)
White Papers (Year Without a Summer)

Sun (EGU - Online & Open Access Publishing)
Sun (


Swaps (ABX Indices)
Swaps (CDX Indices)
Swaps (intrateswaps)
Swaps (ISDA - International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc.)
Swaps Nice to See CDS Quotes (Credit Default Swaps) On
Swaps (Swap Information From
Swaps Why You Should Watch Credit Default Swaps Financial News - Yahoo! Finance)
Swaps (Time to Get Outraged - Thoughts from the Frontline Investment Newsletter - John Mauldin)


The Tax Foundation - Educating Taxpayers Since 1937

The Fed

Lending Facilities



FRB Eric Rosengren
FRB Members
FRB Members - Bank Presidents
FRB Members - Directors of Federal Reserve Banks and Branches
FRB Members Board of Governors
FRB Members- Guynn

FRB Events and Education - Fedwire Funds Service Education
FRB Balance sheet of the Federal Reserve
FRB Dynamic Maps of Nonprime Mortgage Conditions in the United States
FRB Federal Funds Rate Data
FRB FOMC Committee - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
FRB FOMC Fed Days (Analysis)
FRB Calendar
FRB Chicago
FRB Contacts 1
FRB Daily Lending
FRB Dealer Volume.xls
FRB FCB Custody Holdings
FRB FF Daily Effective rates
FRB FF Intraday Trading in the Overnight Federal Funds Market - Federal Reserve Bank of New York
FRB Finance and Economics Discussion
FRB H.3 (Bank Reporting)
FRB H.41 (Foreign Holdings)
FRB Home Page
FRB IR Decisions, Historical
FRB Monetary Policy Report to the Congress
FRB New York
FRB New York, Markets
FRB News and Events
FRB NY Securities Lending
FRB Philadelphia Charles I. Plosser, President
FRB Reports to the Congress
FRB Research and Data
FRB System Map (Links)
FRB Testimony of Federal Reserve Officials, Release Dates for 2005
FRB Whats New
FRB Working Papers
FRB Treasury Statement
FRB Shadow Open Market Committee
FRB Temporary Open Market Operations - Federal Reserve Bank of New York


Time (The official U.S. time - clock)
Time (The World Clock - Time Zones)
Time (GMT)
Time (


Trading (Automated)

Empirical v Reality


Google searches

G (applications C++ trading market futures)
G (automated trading systems market


The Trading Lab
The Trading LabII


PENN (Home)
PENN (News)
PENN Automated Trading Project (Data)

Algorithm Trading
Artificial Financial Markets with Adaptive Trading Agents
Integration of Stock Exchanges

Trading (Exchanges)


CBOE (Strangle)
CBOE (VIX Futures)
CBOE (VIX FuturesII)
CBOE - Home


CME (Conversion Factors)
CME Group
CME Group E-quivalents
CME Group Holiday Calendar

Contract Specs, Clearing

Eurex (Contract Specs)
LIFFE (Contract Specs)
NYBOT (Contract Specs)
NYMEX (Contract Specs)


DME - Home
DME - Volume


eSpeed home


Deutsche Börse Group
Eurex - Bobl Deliverables
Eurex - Bund Deliverables
Eurex - Buxl
Eurex - Calendar
Eurex - News and Events
Eurex - Schatz Deliverables
Eurex - Sitemap
Eurex - STOXX Limited
Eurex - Trading Fees & Pricing
Eurex - Trading Hours

EuroNext, LIFFE

Calendar, GILT
LIFFE (International Financial Futures and Options Exchange)
Packs and Bundles
Euronext - NYSE Liffe > Overview

Exchange History

Commodity Futures Trading for Beginners - The History of Trading
Financial Education Center - History of Trading

Exchange Volume

Eurex (Volume)
Eurex US (Volume)
LIFFE (Volume)
NYBOT (Volume)
NYMEX (Volume)



ICE Global Commodity Markets


Eurex (Margins)
Eurex US (Margins)
NYMEX (Margins)


NQLX (Single Stock Futures)


NYBOT (Home)

NYMEX-COMEX Gold Light Sweet Crude Oil Natural Gas New York Harbor RBOB Gasoline Silver


Dow Jones Indexes
NYSE (Year end stats)
NYSE, New York Stock Exchange

NYSE Stats

Consumer Margin Debt Debt Balances in Margin Accounts New York Stock Exchange Member Firms Millions of Dollars
NYSE Group, Inc. Market Information NYSE Data Library NYSE Statistics Archive



Finance - Stock Prices - News - London Stock Exchange

Trading (Historical Data)

10 Year TY Options
Bonds Research-Statistical Data
Data Coverage
Economic and Financial Data
Fixed Income
Google Search (historical economic data
Historical Quotes & Futures Charts
NQLX Volume by Class
OCC Timeline
Quotes Information at
St. Louis Fed Economic Data - FRED II
The 3-D Bomb Derivative Domino Destruction
The International Center for Finance at the Yale School of Management (Financial Market Coverage) (FX Spot-Futures Website Content)
U.S. Treasury Issuance by Month
World Bank Group (Data and Statistics)

Trading (Software)


AIR Software AIR Software
Download Bradley Barometer
Air Financial Software:

Broker Tec


CQG 7.3 Features
CQG User's Guide


About Prediction Dynamics


Market data real time


Cantor Market Data - Cantor G3


A Dash of Insight - How it Works
A Dash of Insight Trading Systems What to do when Surprised
A Dash of Insight

Excel, VBA


Excel Tutorials and Articles from Mr Excel
Excel Use MathEasy Add-In to simplify entering math formulas
Excel Workbook Downloads
Excel-Related Product Links
Financial @nalyst
ManagedXLL Excel-Finance and Economics
Neural Network Software Add-ins for Microsoft Excel
Technical analysis software add-ins for Microsoft Excel
The Great Software List
Trading Analyzer
Trading Software and Excel Add-ins


Add-Ins Charting Add-Ins
Auto Scaling fix
Chart in 32nds
Charting Excel Add-ins
Charting index page
Create Your Own Excel Add-In
Grapher 4
Logarithmic Files
Stacked Charts

Code (VBA, Macros)

Capture data in Excel
CodeBase Database Development Tools for Excel
Formula Help ( Macros & VBA Code)
Start Apps
Total Visual SourceBook (MS Access, VBA, and Visual Basic Source Code Library)

Code Writers

Custom Programs and Macros (MS Access, Excel, Word, Outlook and Microsoft Office applications)

Convert to 32nds

Converting to 32nds

Data Capture

Data Capture

Date and Time

add hours to days
Combine date and time columns
Combing dates and times
Date Arithmetic
Date-Time Various Date manipulation functions
Decimal to Time
Excel 2003 International Holiday Schedule
Excel How do I enter the current time or date into a cell
Extended Date Functions
Extract right of decimal (Scroll down the page)
Filling weekdays
Time to Decimal


Directory (Computers Programming Languages Visual Basic)
Excel links
MATLAB (Finance and Economics Excel Pricing Models)

Financial Models

Financial Modeling by Simon Benninga
Financial Modeling



MS Sites

Microsoft (Shop)
Windows Media

MS Support&Issues

Cell Format (Troubleshoot)
FP 2003
Help (Live Support)
Knowledge Base
Logitech (256233 - No Keyboard or Mouse After Installing Logitech 9.0)
Microsoft Training
MS Download Center
Taskbar issue
Windows Update


RTD Excel


Renaming Files and Directories on an FTP Server
Shortcut for renaming files

Tips and Tricks

Excel - My Excel Pages
MS Excel Tips and Tricks
Open Directory
Secrets in Excel
Stephen Bullen's Excel Page

Topics Indexes

Topic Index 1
Topic Index 2

Tutorial Software

Edulearn, Inc. (Computer Training CD-ROMs & Videos)


Futures and Options Trading Software - The Margin Account Calculator

Global Insight

Global Insight -- Econometric, Modeling, and Data Management Software


Matlab Toolboxes
Multifractal Wavelet Model
Rudolf Riedi Research Synopsis
The MathWorks - MATLAB and Simulink for Technical Computing
The MathWorks - MATLAB® 7.0.1 - Demos


PTS Trading solutions, Electronic markets, Trading systems, Screen trading, Exchange systems Hands-Free Trading, the Easy Way!


QuantLib a free-open-source library for quantitative finance Project Filelist QL XL


Latest News and Financial Information
Reuters Customer Zone - Product Support - Reuters Trader
Reuters Station
Reuters Trader

Smart Quant

QuantStudio Data Analysis

SmartQuant (help)

Data management (Instrument and historical data management)
Data Manager I (Import intraday data with)
Data Manager II (Import intraday data with)
EL to QS
QS help with TS


Reuters - Products & Services - Reuters Trader, North America
Telerate Markets - Fixed Income
Telerate Symbols



Add-On Directory
Free Software Modules
Optimizers (Add-ons)
TT and TS (Add-ons)


ExpertSystem (Trader Trading System Analysis)
Let's Learn TA (Developing Trading Systems - Part 3)
Sharpe Ratio Vs. Return Retracement Ratio

Bridging TS and TT

Dynaorder (Automated Order Execution System)
Execution API question
Fabrefactum Software
MadLogic, Inc Services
TradeBolt Home Page (TradeStation Automatic Trading)

Bridging TS and VB

Automatically updating strategy inputs
Export bar information
How to Load GlobalVariable.dll in Excel
TS to VB-DLL Gems
Excel (How to Load GlobalVariable.dll in Excel)
EL to VB
ELA Help (Vista)

C++ and TS

TS Support Forum (Global Variables 2.1)
TS Support Forum (What is the use of global variable)


Mysterious differences (NQ vs NQ.d)
TS Futures Symbology

Developers Guides

Developer Documentation


Books, help, etc.
Code Writer for ELA ((SnapDragon Systems (The Best Code Writer))
Dll in Excel
ELX (1.3 DLL)
File Library
Fractal Dimension
Global Variables 2.1
Inside Edge Systems (ELA Site)
Random Number Generator
Trailing Stop to Exit Discretionary Positions
ELA Writing (SnapDragon Systems Ltd)
TradeStation Securities Per Share Equity Commissions


TradeStation Subscription Option
Fees (TS Brokerage)
Fees (TS Exchanges and Platform)

Global Variables

Global Variable(Search) (Excel)
Global Variables 2.2 Download

How to

Automate 2 strats same chart
Creating fully automated strategies
Dll in ts
InsideBid, Ask
Multiple strats at a time
My Link posting
Post Code
Posting Tips
Profit targets I
Profit targets II
Profit targets III
Random Entries
Symbol and Automation (One-per-symbol limit on automation)
Two data tick charts

Indicators, Studies, Systems

Average Intraday Volume to Time of Day
Ehlers MAMA
ES Scalper
Hesitation Indicator
Keltner Price
Linear Regression Channel
Monte Carlo Simulator
MoonPhaseFull, MoonPhaseNew
Murrey Math
Studies (List of all)
VIX strategies
VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price)
TSWorld (Cycle Length & Cycle Analysis)

Portfolio Evaluators

RINA Systems, Inc. Financial Services
TS Research Group Company News
TS World Forum - Portfolio Evaluator

Posting tips

How to add pix and such to postings


Spread strats



Trading Systems

Fully Automated Trading System - Online Trading Platform
Custom Trading Systems Programming and Trading System Software Development
Automate Trading Strategies
Go With The Pro!


Online Training (FAQ)
Online Training (Interactive Online Tutorials)

TS Web Pages


Forums (TS)
Service & Support Excellence (TS)
TS User Guide
User Guide (TS)

TradeStation Securities
TS (Contact Information)
TS (Home)
TS Home
TS Site Map
TS World
TSWorld Sitemap


TradeStation World Forum - Has anyone coded Original Turtles Trading Rules


TT Plug-ins
TT Home



Business Seek Easy commodity trading astrology software
Collective2 - The Trading System Authority
EcoWin - Your Economic Window
EntryPoint (Trading Software)
FRACTINT Formula Tutorial
Software can predict flow of FLUIDS

Trading (Systems)


DiNapoli (Fibtrader)
DiNapoli (Joe DiNapoli Video 2002)
DiNapoli (Trading with DiNapoli Levels)


Hilbert Channel (John Ehlers)
Hilbert Transform, Oscillataor (John Ehlers)
Measure Cycle Period (John Ehlers)
MESA (Traders Roundtable-Ehlers)
MESA 2002 (Software)
Mesa Software (John Ehlers)
MESA UK (John Ehlers UK)
Optimal Tracking Filter (John Ehlers)
Optimizing With Hilbert Indicators - November 2000
Phase Calculation (John Ehlers)
Sine Wave (John Ehlers)
TS World (Fisher transform)
TS World (Hilbert Oscillator)


Futures Magazine Downloads
Omega Users Arena ELA Files

Elliot Wave

Advanced GET
Bryce Gilmore's WaveTrader
Profitunity Trading Group


TruSoft Benoit

John Ehlers

John Ehlers ELA Code

Cosine IFM by John Ehlers
I-Q IFM by John Ehlers
LMS Predictor by John Ehlers
Measure Cycle Period by John Ehlers
Phase Calculation by John Ehlers
Cosine IFM by John Ehlers
I-Q IFM by John Ehlers
LMS Predictor by John Ehlers
Measure Cycle Period by John Ehlers
Phase Calculation by John Ehlers

John Ehlers (Hilbert Indicators)
John Ehlers (Hilbert Indicators)
John Ehlers (TradeStation)
John Ehlers (TSWorld- Cycle Length & Cycle Analysis)
John Ehlers (Document Download)

Market Profile

Market Profile (Articles)
Market Profile (Books)
Market Profile (Develop Market Structure)
Market Profile (Educational Materials)
Market Profile (Exotics)
Market Profile (Overview)
Market Profile (Software)
Market Profile (Visual Graphics)
Market Profile Software
Visual Graphics

Murrey Math

Intra-day Automatic Reversal Times
Murrey Math Lines I
Murrey Math Lines II
Murrey Math Trading - Learning Center
Murrey TOC
Notes from In Search of the Miraculous, Chapters 1-6
Tim Kruzel's Notes -- Part 1


RINA Systems, Inc. Financial Services

Roy Kelly

Trading Systems (Misc)

Gann (Investorsoftware )
Gann Books
MESA98 (Ehlers)
Volume (TS WORLD)
Salventrex Download
Advanced Financial Engineering Mathematics
Aroon Indicator by Tushar Chande
Business Seek Easy commodity trading astrology software
EntryPoint (Trading Software)
FuturesWorld (Resource)
Gann (Trading Software)
STAT (Trading System)

Traders (Studies of)

Behavioural Finance Bibliography
Behavioural Finance
Order Flow, Dealer Profitability and Price Formation Peter Locke Zhan Onayev August 2004 School

Traders (Toolkits)

The MaWaTT Trading Toolkit

Transportation Stats

Transportation Stats (Air)
Transportation Stats (All (press releases))
Transportation Stats (Frieght)
Transportation Stats (NT Library)
Transportation Stats (RITA Bureau of Transportation Statistics)
Transportation Stats (Vehicle Miles Traveled)

US Dept of Labor

US Dept of Labor (Administration's Proposal For Pension Reform)
US Dept of Labor (Employment Situation Summary)

US Dollar

USD (historyofmoney PDF)
USD (Moneyfiles)
USD (Major Currency Indexes)

US Treasury

US Treas (Emergency Economic Stabilization Act)
US Treas (Auction Info Page)
US Treas (Auction Results)
US Treas (Auctions Calendar)
US Treas (Auctions Historical)
US Treas (Current and Back Issues )
US Treas (Daily Treasury Yield Curve)
US Treas (Financial Markets Topics)
US Treas (Home)
US Treas (Indirect-Direct-Dealers)
US Treas (IR Stats)
US Treas (Office of Domestic Finance)
US Treas (Quarterly Financing Statement)
US Treas (Real YC Rates)
US Treas (Subscribe to U.S. Treasury E-mail Lists)
US Treas (TIC)
US Treas (Treasury Notes)
US Treas (Derivatives (U.S. Transactions with Foreigners in Long-Term Securities))
US Treas (OCC)

Weather - Chicago, IL - Weather Forecast - Local Weather Forecasts - Elmhurst, IL - Weather Forecast - Local Weather Forecasts - Weather News Headlines - Weather News - Weather Radar Elmhurst, IL - Local, State, Regional & National - Weather Radar Chicago, IL - Local, State, Regional & National - World Weather - Local Weather Forecast - The Weather Experts.
Seismic Monitor
Tsunami Warning Center
USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) Home Page
USGS Geography The National Map
Weather - National Hurricane Center

White Papers

Auction Market Theory And The Longer Time Frame
Auction Market Theory by Donald Jones
Bernanke --Deflation-- November 21, 2002
Cash Market (Repo)
Chaos Theory (Duke U Fractals and Wavelets)
Day Trading Project Group
Dennis Meyers Publications (White Papers)
Fractal (pdf file-Multifractal Properties)
Lester Ingber's Archive
Listings of Papers
Market Profile (Overview)
Market Profile Exotics (January 2000)
Marketprofile - marketprofile articles
Marketprofile (Books about marketprofile)
Marketprofile (Educational Materials)
Meyers Analytics (Great stuff)
Odlyzko Papers (Most Awesome Writer)
Optimization of Trading Physics Models of Markets Lester Ingber
Panic Is Near if 'The Gold Is Gone'
Publications (White Papers, Markets)
Risk Assessment (Theodore Barnhill)
RiskLab Research Papers
SEC (L. Unger Speech-affects of electronic markets)
Technology for Investors
The Failure of State-Designed Markets
The Final Theory
Thomas P. Drinka Current Research
The End of Theory The Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete
Jaejoon Woo's Homepage
White Pages on AnyWho

Yield Curve

YC (Galen Burghardt)
YC (Bond Basics)
YC (Chart)
YC (Convexity Calcs)
YC (Long v Short)
YC (
YC (Strategies)
YC (Yield Curves EU)
YC (Yield Curves UK)
YC (Yield Summary)

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