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TOC (main)

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  TOC by Subject

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Andrew Lang

Bio's (Bio, Auto, Memoir)






Edgar Rice Burroughs




Henry James

HG Wells

History (American)

History (International)

Honore de Balzac

Horatio Alger Jr

Jack London

Jane Austen

John Milton

Joseph Conrad



Louisa May Alcott

Lucy Maud Montgomery



Oliver Wendall Holmes






Robert Louis Stevenson



Theodore Dreiser

Thomas Hardy



Tom Swift



Walter Scott



William Blake

Wizard of Oz

Zane Grey




TOC (main)

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Fatima Alfred Lord Tennyson .wri

Sir Galahad Alfred Lord Tennyson .wri

Sir Launcelot And Queen Guinevere Alfred Lord Tennyson.wri


Andrew Lang

Adventures Among Books By Andrew Lang Advbk10.txt

Angling Sketches By Andrew Lang Angsk10.txt

Aucassin And Nicolete By Andrew Lang Aucnc10.txt

Ban And Arriere Ban By Andrew Lang Bnabn10.txt

Books And Bookmen By Andrew Lang Bkbkm10.txt

The Arabian Nights Entertainments By Andrew Lang.wri

The Arabian Nights Entertainments By Andrew Lang Arabn11.txt



Biography, Autobiography, Memoir

19Th Century Actor Autobiographies Edited By George Iles Aauto10.txt

Autobiography And Selected Essays By Thomas Henry Huxley Aseth10.txt

Autobiography Of A Pocket-Handkerchief By James Fenimore Coopoer Aoaph10.txt

Autobiography Of A Quack By S Weir Mitchell Md Lld Auqak10.txt

Autobiography Of A Slander By Lyall Autos10.txt

Autobiography Of Andrew Dickson White 2Aadw10.txt

Autobiography Of Benjiman Franklin.wri

Autobiography Of Charles Darwin Adrwn10.txt

Biographical Study Of A W Kinglake By Rev W Tcikwell Awkbi10.txt

Life And Letters Of Charles Darwin Volume 2 2Llcd10.txt

Life Of Charlotte Bronte By Gaskell V 1  1Locb10.txt

Personal Memoirs Of US Grant V1  1Musg10.txt

Personal Memoirs Of US Grant V2 2Musg10.txt

The Life Of Francis Marion By Simms 1Sfox10.txt



20000 Leagues Under The Sea.wri

A Childs Garden Of Verses.wri

A Childs Laughter.wri

A Pair Of Blue Eyes.wri

A Shrewd Farmers Story.wri

Aesops Fables.wri


Aladdin And The Lamp Alad10.txt

Alexanders Bridge.wri

Ali And The Sultans Saddle.wri

Ali Baba And The 40 Thieves.wri

Alices Adventure In Wonderland.wri

Amin And The Eggs.wri

Around The World In 80 Days.wri

Beauty And The Beast.wri

Black Beauty By Anna Sewell Bbeau10.txt


Chico And The Crane.wri

Child Christopher And Goldilind The Fair.wri


Goldilocks And The Three Bears.wri

Hansel And Gretel.wri

Little Red Riding Hood.wri

New Arabian Nights.wri


Puss In Boots.wri

Six Able Men.wri

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.wri

The Animals And The Plague.wri

The Ant And The Cricket.wri

The Arrow Of Gold By Joseph Conrad Argld10.txt

The Cock The Cat And The Mouse.wri

The Conceited Stag.wri

The Conference Of The Mice.wri

The Emperors New Clothes.wri

The Empress Jowka.wri

The Flying Trunk.wri

The Fox And The Crow.wri

The Fox And The Grapes.wri

The Fox And The Stork.wri

The Game Of Chess.wri

The Gift Of The Magi By O Henry.wri

The Golden Goose.wri

The Greedy Dog.wri

The Hare And The Elephant.wri

The Hare And The Porcupine.wri

The Hare And The Tortoise.wri

The Hole That Was Too Narrow.wri

The Little Gold Fish.wri

The Little Golden Bird.wri

The Llttle Matchgirl.wri

The Llttle Mermaid.wri

The Llttle Pear Girl.wri

The Merry Wives Of Windsor.wri

The Monkey King.wri

The New Mcguffey First Reader  1Nmcg10 .txt

The New Mcguffey Fourth Reader 4Nmcg10.txt

The Ochil Fairy Tales-The King Of The Fairies By R. Menzies Fergusson.wri

The Pied Piper Of Hamelin.wri

The Princess And The Pea.wri

The Red Dragon.wri

The Ruby Prince.wri

The Sleeping Princess.wri

The Snow Maiden.wri

The Snow Queen.wri

The Three Little Pigs.wri

The Three Wishes.wri

The Tin Soldier.wri

The Unlucky Warrior.wri

Collection Of Fairy Tales Blfry10.txt

Four Happy Bears And A Sad One.htm

The Red Cat By Teresa King.htm



20,000 Leagues Under The Sea 2000010.txt

A Charmed Life By Richard Harding Davis  Chmlf10.txt

A Journey To The Center Of The Earth By Jules Verne.wri

Alices Adventures In Wonderland Alice30.txt

Anne Of Avolnlea.wri

Anne Of Greene Gables.wri

Ben-Hur A Tale Of The Christ By Lew Wallace Benhr10.txt

Cyrano De Bergerac By Edmond Rostand Cdbfr10.txt

Don Quixote  1Donq10 .txt

Dracula By Bram Stoker.wri

Frankenstein By Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley.wri

King Solomons Mines By H Ryder Haggard.wri

Kubla Khan By Samuel Taylor Coleridge.wri

Last Of The Great Scouts The Life Story Of William F. Cody By Wetmore Bbill10.txt

Le Mort Darthur By Thomas Malory 1Mart10.txt

Le Mort Darthur By Thomas Malory 2Mart10.txt

Moby Dick Herman Melville.wri

My Bondage And My Freedom Bfree10.txt

Novelle By Johann Wolfgang Goethe 7Nvll10.txt

Robin Hood By J Walker Mcspadden 1Rbnh10 .txt

Robinson Crusoe By Daniel Defoe .wri

Stories From The Old Attic By Robert Harris Attic10.txt

Ten Years Later By Dumas 2Musk10.txt

The Age Of Innocence By Edith Wharton Agino10.txt

The Art Of War Sun Tzu.wri

The Blue Lagoon By H De Vere Stacpoole Blago10.txt

The Canterbury Tales By Geoffrey Chaucer.wri

The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse ByV Icente Blasco Ibanez 4Hrsm10.txt

The Insidious Dr Fu Manchu By Sax Rohmer.wri

The Jungle By Upton Sinclair.wri

The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow By Washington Irving.wri

The Merry Adventures Of Robin Hood 2Rbnh10.txt

The Phantom Of The Opera By Gaston Leroux.wri

The Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde.wri

The Red Badge Of Courage.wri

The Second Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling 2Jngb10.txt

The Secret Garden By Frances Hodgson Burnett.wri

The Seven Voyages Of Sinbad The Sailor.wri

The Tao Teh King By Lao-Tse.wri

The Thirty-Nine Steps By John Buchan 39Stp10.txt

The Three Musketeers  1Musk11 .txt

The Ugly Duckling.wri

Through The Looking Glass By Lewis Carroll.wri


Uncle Toms Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe.wri

Where Theres A Will By Mary Roberts Rinehart Awill10.txt



A Study In Scarlet By By Arthur Conan Doyle.wri

Adventures Of Gerard By A Conan Doyle Agrrd10.txt

Agrippa A Book Of The Dead.wri

Beyond The City By A Conan Doyle Bcity10.txt

Hounds Of The Baskervilles.wri

The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes V15 By Arthur Conan Doyle Advsh11.txt

The Lost World By Arthur Conan Doyle.wri

The Poison Beltby By Arthur Conan Doyle.wri

The Return Of Sherlock Holmes By Arthur Conan Doyle.wri



Dante Divina Commedia I 0Ddcd09.txt

Dante Divina Commedia II 0Ddc809A.txt

Dante Hell 1Ddcc10 .txt

Dante Paradise Translanted By H F Cary 3Ddcc10.txt

Dante The Divine Comedy I 0Ddcc10.txt

Dante The Divine Comedy II 0Ddcl10.txt

Dantes Inferno Trans Longfellow 1Ddcl10 .txt

Purgatory By Dante Aligheri 2Ddcn10.txt



A Christmas Carol.wri

A Message From The Sea By Dickens Amfts10.txt

A Tale Of Two Cities By Dickens 2City11.txt

All The Year Round By Charles Dickens Allyr10.txt

American Notes By Charles Dickens Amnts10.txt

Bleak House By Charles Dickens Blkhs10.txt

Reprinted Pieces By Charles Dickens Cdrpr10.txt

Some Christmas Stories By Dickens Cdscs10.txt

The Battle Of Life By Charles Dickens Batlf10.txt

Three Ghost Stories By Charles Dickens 3Gsht10.txt


Edgar Rice Burroughs

A Princess Of Mars By Edgar Rice Burroughs.wri

At The Earths Core By Edgar Rice Burroughs.wri

Tarzan And The Jewels Of Opar By Edgar Rice Burroughs.wri

Tarzan By Edgar Rice Burroughs.wri

The Beasts Of Tarzan By Edgar Rice Burroughs.wri

The Gods Of Mars Edgar Rice Burroughs.wri

The Jungle Tales Of Tarzan By Edgar Rice Burroughs.wri

The Lost Continent Edgar Rice Burroughs.wri

The Monster Men Edgar Rice Burroughs.wri

The Return Of Tarzan By Edgar Rice Burroughs.wri

The Son Of Tarzan By Edgar Rice Burroughs.wri

Warlord Of Mars By Edgar Rice Burroughs.wri


Table of Contents


Essays History First Series By Ralph Waldo Emerson.wri



Alcestis By Euripides.wri

Andromache By Euripides.wri

Electra By Euripides.wri

Helen By Euripides.wri

The Cyclops By Euripides.wri

The Trojan Women By Euripides.wri



House Of The Seven Gables By Hawthorne.wri

The Blithedale Romance By Hawthorne Blthd10.txt

The Marble Faun VI 1Faun10.txt

The Marble Faun VII By Hawthorne 2Faun10.txt

The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne.wri

Twice Told Tales By Hawthorne 2Tale10.txt


Henry James

A Little Tour In France By Henry James Altif10.txt

An International Episode By Henry James.wri

Beast In The Jungle By Henry James Bstjg10.txt

Confidence By Henry James.wri

Daisy Miller By Henry James.wri

Roderick Hudson By Henry James.wri

The Ambassadors By Henry James Ambas10.txt

The American By Henry James.wri

The Aspern Papers By Henry James.wri

The Europeans By Henry James.wri

The Turn Of The Screw By Henry James.wri


HG Wells

Ann Veronica By HG Wells Anver10.txt

Dr Moreau By HG Wells.wri

On Liberty By John Stuart Mill.wri

The Argonautica 1Argn10.txt

The Invisible Man By HG Wells.wri

The Time Machine By HG Wells.wri

The War Of The Worlds By HG Wells.wri

Twelve Stories And A Dream By HG Wells 12Sad10.txt


History (American)

1492 By Mary Johntson C149210.txt

20 Years At Hull House By Jane Addams 20Yhh10.txt

Abraham Lincoln By James Lowell 1Lncn10.txt

Amendments To The Constitution Of The United States.wri

America By Wu Tingfang Asbod10.txt

Common Sense By Thomas Paine.wri

Concerning Civil Government 2Nd Essay 1690.wri

Declaration And Resolves Of The First Continental Congress.wri

Declaration Of The Rights Of Man And Of The Citizen.wri

Democracy In America VI 1Dina10.txt

Democracy In America VII 2Dina10.txt

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death.wri

My Bondage And My Freedom.wri

My Escape From Slavery Fredric Douglass.wri

Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass An American Slave.wri

North America VI By Anthony Trollope1Noam10.txt

North America VII By Anthony Trollope 2Noam10.txt

Patriotism, A Menace To Liberty By Emma Goldman.wri

The Adventures Of Colonel Daniel Boone 1Boon10.txt

The American Republic By Oa Brownson Amrep10.txt

The Bill Of Rights.wri

The Boys Life Of Abraham Lincoln Bloal10.txt

The Constitution Of The United States Of America.wri

The Constitution Of The United States Of America 1787.wri

The Declaration Of Independence.wri

The Emancipation Proclamation.wri

The Federalist Papers.wri

The Magna Carta.wri

The Martin Luther King Jr Day 1995 Etext Anthology Memorial 1Mlkd11.txt

The Mayflower Compact.wri

The Monroe Doctrine.wri

The Pilgrims Progress, By John Bunyan.wri

The Proclamation Of Neutrality 1793.wri

The United States Bill Of Rights.wri

The Writings Of Samuel Adams V3 3Sdms10.txt

Thomas Jeffersons First Inaugural Address.wri

Trinity Atomic Test Site 2Trnt10.txt

Washingtons Farewell Address, 1796.wri

When Lilacs Last In The Dooryard Bloomd From Memories Of President Lincoln By Walt Whitman.wri


History (International)

A Childs History Of England 11 In Our Series By Charles Dickens Achoe10.txt

A Smaller History Of Greece By William Smith Asmhg10.txt

A-Bombing Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki Abomb10.txt

An Account Of Egypt By Herodotus Agypt10.txt

British Airships Past Present Future By George Whale Bappf10.txt

China And The Manchus, By Giles 3 In Our Series By Herbert A. Giles 8Mnch10.txt

China And The Manchus By Herbert A Giles 7Mnch10.txt

History Of England From James II 1Hoej10.txt

History Of Friedrich II Of Prussia V 1 01Frd10.txt

History Of Friedrich II Of Prussia V 10 10Frd10.txt

History Of Friedrich II Of Prussia V 11 11Frd10.txt

History Of Friedrich II Of Prussia V 12 12Frd10.txt

History Of Friedrich II Of Prussia V 2 02Frd10.txt

History Of Friedrich II Of Prussia V 3 03Frd10.txt

History Of Friedrich II Of Prussia V 4 04Frd10.txt

History Of Friedrich II Of Prussia V 5 05Frd10.txt

History Of Friedrich II Of Prussia V 6 06Frd10.txt

History Of Friedrich II Of Prussia V 7 07Frd10.txt

History Of Friedrich II Of Prussia V 8 08Frd10.txt

History Of Friedrich II Of Prussia V 9 09Frd10.txt

History Of The Britons By Nennius Brtns10.txt

Parody Outline Of History By Donald Ogden Stewart Apooh10.txt

Russia In 1919 19Rus10.txt

Seven Discourses On Art By Joshua Reynolds Artds10.txt

The Ancien Regime By Charles Kingsley Anrgm10.txt

The Apology By Xenophon Aplgy10.txt

The Augsburg Confession By Philip Melanchthon Augsb10.txt

The Famous History Of The Life Of King Henry The Eight 0Ws4210.txt

The German Surrender Documents Wwii.wri

The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire V1 By Edward Gibbon 1Dfre10.txt

The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire V2 By Edward Gibbon 2Dfre10.txt

The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire V3 By Edward Gibbon 3Dfre10.txt

The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire V4 By Edward Gibbon 4Dfre10.txt

The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire V5 By Edward Gibbon 5Dfre10.txt

The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire V6 By Edward Gibbon 6Dfre10.txt

The History Of The Thirty Years War 1Jcfs10.txt

The Illustrious Gaudissart 1Gdsr10.txt

The Japanese Surrender Documents Wwii.wri

The Legends Of The Jews Volume 1 1Lotj10.txt

The Miscellaneous Writings And Speeches Of Lord Macaulay VI Mwsm10.txt

The Miscellaneous Writings And Speeches Of Lord Macaulay V2 2Mwsm10.txt


Table of Contents


Honore de Balzac

A Distinguished Provincial At Paris By Honore De Balzac Adpap10.txt

A Passion In The Desert By Balzac Apitd10.txt

A Second Home By Honore De Balzac 2Ndhm10.txt

Adieu By Honore De Balzac Adieu10.txt

An Episode Under The Terror By Honore De Balzac Aeutt10.txt

Beatrix By Honore De Balzac Btrix10.txt

Bureaucracy By Honore De Balzac Brcrc10.txt

Colonel Chabert By Honore De Balzac Chbrt10.txt

Cousin Betty By Honore De Balzac Cbtty10.txt

Droll Stories V 1 by Honore de Balzac 1Drll10.txt

Droll Stories V 2 By De Balzac 2Drll10.txt

Gaudissart II By Honore De Balzac 2Gdsr10.txt

La Grande Breteche By Honore De Balzac Brtch10.txt

The Atheists Mass By Honore De Balzac Athms10.txt

The Ball At Sceaux By Honore De Balzac Blsco10.txt

The Brotherhood Of Consolation By Balzac Brcns10.txt

The Chouans By Honore De Balzac Choun10.txt

The Deputy Of Arcis By Honore De Balzac Arcis10.txt

The Two Brothers By Honore De Balzac Brthr10.txt

Two Poets By Honore De Balzac 2Poet10.txt


Horatio Alger Jr

Ballads By Horatio Alger Jr Bllds10.txt

The Cash Boy By Horatio Alger Jr Cashb10.txt


Jack London

Adventure By Jack London Advnt10.txt

Before Adam By Jack London Badam10.txt

Burning Daylight By Jack London Bdlit10.txt

The Call Of The Wild By Jack London Callw10.txt

The Iron Heel By Jack London .wri

The People Of The Abyss By Jack London.wri

The Son Of The Wolf By Jack London.wri

To Build A Fire By Jack London.wri


Jane Austen

Emma By Jane Austen.wri

Mansfield Park By Jane Austen.wri

North Hanger Abber By Jane Austen.wri

Persuasion By Jane Austen.wri

Sense And Sensibility By Jane Austen.wri


John Milton

Areopagitica By John Milton Areop10.txt

Paradise Lost By John Milton.wri

Paradise Regained John Milton.wri


Joseph Conrad

A Personal Record By Joseph Conrad Aprjc10.txt

Amy Foster By Joseph Conrad Afost10.txt

Chance By Joseph Conrad Chanc10.txt

Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad.wri

The Secret Sharer By Joseph Conrad.wri

To-Morrow By Joseph Conrad 2Mrow10.txt



American Notes By Rudyard Kipling Amrnt10.txt

The Jungle Book By Rudyard Kipling.wri

Verses 1889-1896 By Rudyard Kipling 11Kip10.txt



The Song Of Hiawatha Henry W Longfellow.wri


Table of Contents


Louisa May Alcott

Flower Fables By Louisa May Alcott.wri


Lucy Maud Montgomery

Anne Of Avonlea By Lucy Maud Montgomery Avon10.txt

Anne Of Green Gables Lucy Maud Montgomery Anne11.txt

Anne Of The Island By Lucy Maud Montgomery.wri

Annes House Of Dreams By Lucy Maud Montgomery Annhd10.txt

Chronicles Of Avonlea By Lucy Maud Montgomery Avnle07.txt



Billy Budd.wri



A Book Of Scoundrels By Charles Whibley Abkos10.txt

A Brief History Of The Internet By Michael S Hart Bhoti01.txt

A Girl Of The Limberlost By Gene Stratton Porter.wri

A Hero Of Our Time By Lermontov Ahero10.txt

A Journey In Other Worlds Jj Astor Ajiow10.txt

A Masters Degree By Margaret Mccarter Amsdg10.txt

A Memory Of Last Island By Lafcadio Hear Chita10.txt

A Millionaire Of Rough-And-Ready By Bret Harte Amrnr10.txt

A Waif Of The Plains By Bret Harte Awotp10.txt

Acres Of Diamonds By Conwell Acrdi10.txt

Adam Bede, By George Eliot Adamb10.txt

Adventures And Letters Of Rhd By Richard Harding Davis Alrhd10.txt

Aeroplanes And Dirigibles Of War By Frederick A Talbot Aadof10.txt

African Farm By Schreiner Olive Schreiner Aafrm10.txt

Agesilaus By Xenophon Agsls10.txt

Agnes Grey By Anne Bronte Agnsg10.txt

Alexanders Bridge By Willa Cather Alexb10.txt

Alexandria And Her Schools By Charles Kingsley Alxsc10.txt

Alice Adams By Booth Tarkington Aladm10.txt

All For Love By John Dryden Al4Lv10.txt

Allan Quatermain By H Rider Haggard Allnq10A.txt

American Hand Book Of The Daguerreotype By Samuel D Humphrey Amdag10.txt

Anabasis By Xenophon Anbss10.txt

Animal Heroes By Ernest Thompson Seton Anhro10.txt

Anthem By Ayn Rand Anthm10Z.txt

Appreciations Of Richard Harding Davis By Various Authors Of Some Repute Aprhd10.txt

Arizona Nights By Stewart Edward White Aznit10.txt

Arizona Sketches By Joseph A Munk Azsks10.txt

Armadale By Wilkie Collins Armdl10.txt

At The Back Of The North Wind By George Macdonald.wri

At The Foot Of The Rainbow Gene Stratton-Porter.wri

Awakening & Selected Short Stories Awakn10.txt

Bab A Sub-Deb Mary Roberts Rinehart Babsu10.txt

Babbitt By Sinclair Lewis Babit10.txt

Baby Mine By Margaret Mayo Bmine10.txt

Ballads Of A Cheechako.wri

Beowulf Translated By Gummere Bwulf10.txt

Best Historical Novels And Tales By Jonathan Nield Bhnat10.txt

Billy And The Big Stick By Richard Harding Davis Bbstk10.txt

Billy Baxters Letters By Wm J Kountz Jr Bbxtl10.txt

Bird Neighbors By Neltje Blanchan Bdnbr10.txt

Blix By Frank Norris Blixn10.txt

Boy Scouts In Mexico By Ralphson Bsimx10.txt

Boyhood In Norway By Hjalmar Boyesen Bnrwy10.txt

Brann The Iconoclast V1 By William Cowper Brann Bti0110.txt

Brann The Iconoclast V10 By William Cowper Brann  Bti1010.txt

Brann The Iconoclast V12 By William Cowper Brann Bti1210.txt

Brother Jacob By George Eliot Brjcb10.txt

Bucky Oconnor By William Macleod Raine Bkcnr10.txt

Bunner Sisters By Edith Wharton Bunnr10.txt

Buttered Side Down By Ferber Bsdwn10.txt

By Shore And Sedge By Bret Harte Bysns10.txt

Bygone Beliefs By H. Stanley Redgrove Byblf10.txt

Cabin Fever By Bm Bower Cabfv10.txt

Charlotte Brontes Notes On The Pseudonyms Brnte10.txt

Charlotte Temple.wri

Child Christopher By William Morris Chilc10.txt

Chinese Sketches By Herbert A Giles Chnsk10.txt

Clotelle Or The Colored Heroine By William Wells Brown.wri

Count Bunker By J Storer Clousten Cbnkr10.txt

Crotchet Castle By Thomas Love Peacock Ccstl10.txt

Daddy Long Legs By Jean Webster.wri

Dear Enemy By Jean Webster.wri

Death Of Mr Badman By Bunyan Badmn10.txt

Dick Hamilitons Airship By Howard R Garis Arshp10.txt

Eight Years Wanderings In Ceylon By Samuel White Baker 8Year10.txt

Elinor Wyllys By Susan Fenimore Cooper 2Wyll10.txt

Extraordinary Popular Delusions V2 By Charles Mackay 2Ppdl10.txt

Flatland A Romance Of Many Dimensions By Edwin A Abbott.wri

Flower Of The Mind By Alice Meynell 2Almy10.txt

Forty Centuries Of Ink By Carvalho 40Cnk10.txt

Freckles Gene Stratton-Porter.wri

Herland By Charlotte Perkins Stetson Gilman.wri

How To Live On 24 Hours A Day By Bennett 24Hrs10.txt

Jabberwocky Lewis Carroll.wri

Jest Fore Christmas Eugene Field .wri

Light Of Egypt V2 By Wagner Burgoyne 2Tloe10.txt

Maria Or The Wrongs Of Woman By Mary Wollstonecraft.wri

Mcteague, By Frank Norris.wri

Men And Gods By F Ossendowski Bmgds10.txt

My Antonia By Willa Cather.wri

O Pioneers By Willa Cather.wri

On War By Carl Von Clausewitz 1Onwr10.txt

One Basket By Edna Ferber 1Bskt10.txt

Reginald By Saki HH Munro.wri

Reginald In Russia By Saki HH Munro.wri

Remember The Alamo By Amelia E Barralamo10.txt

Sara Crewe By Frances Hodgson Burnett.wri

Several Works By Emile Zola 1Zola10.txt

Stories From Everybodys Magazine 10Evm10.txt

The Absentee By Maria Edgeworth Bsnte10.txt

The Adventures Of Jimmie Dale By Frank L Packard Advjd10.txt

The Aeroplane Speaks By H Barber Arspk10.txt

The Amateur Cracksman By Ew Hornung Amatc10.txt

The Awakening And Selected Short Stories.wri

The Ayrshire Legatees By John Galt Ayrlg10.txt

The Ballad Of The White Horse By G.k. Chesterton Botwh10.txt

The Battle Of The Books By Jonathan Swift Batbk10.txt

The Bedford-Row Conspiracy By Thackeray Bdfrc10.txt

The Beggars Opera By John Gay.wri

The Bickerstaff Partridge Papers By Jonathan Swift Bstaf10.txt

The Bittermeads Mystery By E R Punshon Btrmm10.txt

The Black Death And The Dancing Mania By Jfc Hecker Bdadm10.txt

The Black Robe By Wilkie Collins Blkrb10.txt

The Black-Bearded Barbarian By Keith Bbbrb10.txt

The Blue Flower By Henry Van Dyke Blflr10.txt

The Blue Hotel By Stephen Crane.wri

The Breaking Point By Rinehart Brkpt10.txt

The Breitmann Ballads By Charles G. Leland Britm10.txt

The Brick Moon et al By Hale Brkmn10.txt

The Bride Of Lammermoor By Scott Brlam10.txt

The Brother Of Daphne By Dornford Yates Bdaph10.txt

The Burial Of The Guns By Page Bguns10.txt

The Certain Hour James Branch Cabell Chour10.txt

The Children By Alice Meynell Chldn10.txt

The Children Of The Night By Edwin Arlington Robinson Chnit10.txt

The Chinese Boy And Girl By Isaac Taylor Headland Chnbg10.txt

The Choir Invisible By James Lane Allen Chrnv10.txt

The Chronicles Of Clovis By Saki HH Munro.wri

The Cloister And The Hearth By Reade Chrth10.txt

The Complete Works Of James Whitcomb Riley 01Jwr10.txt

The Confutatio Pontificiac Edited By Jm Reu Fpnt10.txt

The Cruise Of The Cachalot By Bullen Cchlt10.txt

The Damnation Of Theron Ware By Harold Frederic.wri

The Epic Of Kings By Firdausi.wri

The Ethics By Benedict De Spinoza 4Spne10.txt

The Haunted Bookshop By Christopher Morley.wri

The Haunted Hotel By Wilkie Collins.wri

The Heroine Of Vesuvius By AJ O Reilly Alvra10.txt

The Hunting Of The Snark By Lewis Carroll.wri

The Innocence Of Father Brown By GK Chesterton.wri

The Legends Of The Jews V2 2Lotj10.txt

The Lock And Key Library Real Life by Julian Hawthorne 2Lcky10.txt

The Man From Snowy River By Andrew Barton Banjo Paterson.wri

The Moon And Sixpence By W Somerset Maugham.wri

The Ninth Vibration et al By L Adams Beck 9Thvb10.txt

The Prisoner Of Zenda By Anthony Hope.wri

The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner In Seven Parts By Samuel Taylor Coleridge.wri

The Rise Of Silas Lapham By William Dean Howells.wri

The Scarlet Pimpernel By Baroness Orczy.wri

The Sea Gull By Anton Checkov Cgull10.txt

The Seventh Man By Max Brand 7Thmn10.txt

The Song Of The Cardinal.wri

The Summer Of 47.wri

The Tale Of Balen By Algernon Charles Swinburne Balen10.txt

The Three Taverns By EA Robinson 3Tavs10.txt

The Two Destinies By Wilkie Collins 2Dstn10.txt

The Wisdom Of Father Brown GK Chesterton.wri

Three Men In A Boat By Jerome K Jerome 3Boat10.txt

Thuvia Maid Of Mars.wri

Troilus And Criseyde By Geoffrey Chaucer.wri

Twenty Two Goblins From Sanskrit 22Gbl10.txt

Twenty Years After By Dumas.txt

Two Years Before The Mast By Dana 2Yb4M10.txt

Under The Andes By Rex Stout Andes10.txt

Utopia By Sir Thomas More.wri

Vergils Aeneid In English Anide10.txt

Vergils Bucolics In English Bucoe10.txt

Waifs And Strays Etc1Waif10.txt

War Is Kind And Other Lines By Stephen Crane.wri


Table of Contents


Oliver Wendall Holmes

The Autocrat Of The Breakfast-Table By Oliver Wendell Holmes Aofbt10.txt



A Theologicol Politica Treatise By Spinoza Part I 1Spnt10.txt

A Theologico Political Treatise By Spinoza Part II 2Spnt10.txt

A Theologico-Political Treatise By Spinoza Part III 3Spnt10.txt

Buttercup Gold By Ellen Robena Field Btrcp10.txt

Buttered Side Down By Ferber Bsdwn10.txt

By Shore And Sedge By Bret Harte Bysns10.txt

Bygone Beliefs By H. Stanley Redgrove Byblf10.txt

Cabin Fever By Bm Bower Cabfv10.txt

Chignecto Isthmus First Settlers By Howard Trueman Chgnt10.txt

Discourse On The Method Of Rightly Conducting The Reason By Rene Descartes.wri

Etext Of A New Philosophy Henri Bergson By Edouard Le Roy Anphb10.txt

The Absentee By Maria Edgeworth Bsnte10.txt

The Black Robe By Wilkie Collins Blkrb10.txt

The Ethics Benedict De Spinoza Part I Spne10.txt

The Ethics By Benedict De Spinoza Part II 2Spne10.txt

Vergils Bucolics In English Bucoe10.txt

Worldly Ways And Byways By Eliot Gregory Bywys10.txt



Alcibiades I By Plato 1Lcbd10.txt

Alcibiades II By Platonic Imitator 2Lcbd10.txt

Charmides, By Plato Chmds10.txt

Meno By Plato 1Meno10.txt



A Predicament By Edgar Allan Poe.wri


Annabel Lee.wri

Bridal Ballad.wri

Ms Found In A Bottle By Edgar Allan Poe.wri

Never Bet The Devil Your Head By Edgar Allan Poe .wri

Some Words With A Mummy By Edgar Allan Poe .wri

Spirits Of The Dead By Edgar Allan Poe .wri

The Angel Of The Odd An Extravaganza.wri

The Bells.wri

The Business Man.wri

The Cask Of Amontillado.wri

The City In The Sea.wri

The Masque Of The Red Death By Edgar Allan Poe.wri

The Oblong Box By Edgar Allan Poe .wri

The Pit And The Pendulum By Edgar Allan Poe.wri

The Premature Burial By Edgar Allan Poe.wri

The Raven By Edgar Allen Poe.wri

The Raven The Masque Of The Red Death The Cask Of Amontillado 1Epoe10.txt

The Sleeper By Edgar Allan Poe.wri

The Sphinx By Edgar Allan Poe.wri

The Tell-Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe.wri



A Clasp Of Hands.wri

A Collection Of Beatrix Potter Bpsto10.txt

A Dome Of Many-Coloured Glass By Amy Lowell.wri

A Lovers Complaint.wri

Ballads And Lyrics Of Old France With Other Poems By Andrew Lang Blpof10.txt

Ballads Of A Bohemian By Service Blbhm10.txt



Chicago Poems.wri

Collection Of Ballads By Lang Cblad10.txt

Four Songs Of Four Seasons.wri

In The Days When The World Was Wide And Other Verses 2 Ed By Henry Lawson.wri

John Barleycorn A Ballad Robert Burns.wri

Main Street And Other Poems By Joyce Kilmer.wri

Ode To Spring.wri

Poems By Adam Lindsay Gordon.wri

Poems By The Bronte Sisters Brntp10.txt

Poems By Walt Whitman.wri

Renascence And Other Poems By Edna StV Incent Millay.wri

Second April By Edna StV Incent Millay April10.txt


The Bab Ballads By Ws Gilbert 2Babb10.txt

The Black Riders And Other Lines.wri

The Charge Of The Light Brigade.wri

The Collected Poems Of Rupert Brooke By Rupert Brooke.wri

The Complete Works Of James Whitcomb Riley10Jwr10.txt

The Spell Of The Yukon And Other Verses By Robert W Service.wri

To A Butterfly.wri

To A Cat.wri

Trees And Other Poems By Joyce Kilmer.wri

What The Birds Said.wri



Barlaam And Ioasaph By St. John Of Damascus Bioas10.txt

Beacon Lights Of History By John Lord Volume 31 31Blh10.txt

Beacon Lights Of History By John Lord Volume 32 32Blh10.txt

Bunyan Characters 2Nd Series By Whyte 2Bnch10.txt

Bunyan Characters 3Rd Series By A Whyte 3Bnch10.txt

Bunyan Characters First Series1Bnch10.txt

First Book Of Adam And Eve 1Adam10.txt

In The Bishops Carriage By Miriam Michelson Bicar10.txt

King James Bible Bible11.txt

Legends Of Babylon And Egypt By Leonard W King Beheb10.txt

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Angsx10.txt

The Annals Of The Parish By John Galt Anapr10.txt

The Conquest Of Canaan By Booth Tarkington Ccnan10.txt

The Holy Bible 1Drvb10.txt

The Religion Of Babylonia And Assyria By Theophilus G Pinches 8Rbaa10.txt


Robert Louis Stevenson

A Childs Garden Of Verses By Robert Louis Stevenson Child10.txt

Across The Plains By Robert Louis Stevenson Axpln10.txt

Dr Jekyll And  Mr Hyde By Robert Louis Stevenson.wri

Kidnapped By Robert Louis Stevenson.wri

The Art Of Writing By Robert Louis Stevenson Artow10.txt

The Black Arrow By Stevenson Blcka10.txt

The Master Of Ballantrae By Robert Louis Stevenson Blntr10.txt

Travels With A Donkey In The Cevenne By Robert Louis Stevenson Ceven10.txt

Treasure Island By Robert Louis Stevenson.wri



A History Of Science V2 By Williams 2Hsci10.txt

Anatomy By Irvin S. Cobb Canat10.txt

Anomalies And Curiosities Of Medicine By George M Gould And Walter L Pyle Acom10.txt

Beasts And Super-Beasts By Saki Beast10.txt

History Of Science V1 By Williams1Hsci10.txt

Letters Of Charles Darwin Volume I1Llcd10.txt

Popular Science Monthly Volume 86 86Psm10.txt

The 32Nd Mersenne Prime Found By David Slowinski 32Pri10.txt



A Comedy Of Errors By William Shakespeare.wri

A History Of Science V3 By Williams 3Hsci10.txt

A Lovers Complaint By Shakespeare 2Ws4410.txt

A Midsummer Nights Dream.wri

Abcs Of Science By Charles Oliver Abcos10.txt

Alls Well That Ends Well.wri

Anthony And Cleopatra.wri

As You Like It By Shakespeare 2Ws2510.txt

Beautiful Stories From Shakespeare By E. Nesbit Bsshk10.txt

Coriolanus By Shakespeare 2Ws3610.txt

Cymbeline By Shakespeare 2Ws3910.txt

Hamlet By Shakespeare 2Ws2610.txt

HenryVIII By Shakespeare 2Ws4210.txt

Julius Caesar By Shakespeare 2Ws2410.txt

King Henry IV Part 1 By Shakespeare 2Ws1910.txt

King Henry IV Part 2 By Shakespeare 2Ws2110.txt

King Henry V By Shakespeare 2Ws2310.txt

King Henry VI Part 1 By Shakespeare2Ws0110.txt

King Henry VI Part 2 By Shakespeare 2Ws0210.txt

King Henry VI Part 3 By Shakespeare 2Ws0310.txt

King John By Shakespeare 2Ws1410.txt

King Lear By Shakespeare 2Ws3310.txt

King Richard II By Shakespeare 2Ws1510.txt

King Richard III By Shakespeare 2Ws0410.txt

Loves Labours Lost By Shakespeare 2Ws1210.txt

Macbeth By Shakespeare 2Ws3410.txt

Measure For Measure By Shakespeare 2Ws3110.txt

Much Ado About Nothing.wri

Oedipus The King.wri

Othello Of Shakespeare 2Ws3210.txt

Pericles By Shakespeare 2Ws3810.txt

Romeo And Juliet By Shakespeare 2Ws1610.txt

Shakespeares First Folio-35 Plays 00Ws110 1.txt

The Comedy Of Errors By Shakespeare 2Ws0610.txt

The Famous History Of The Life Of King HenryVIII 0Ws4210.txt

The First Part Of Henry The Fourth 0Ws1910.txt

The First Part Of Henry The Sixt 0Ws0110.txt

The Life And Death Of King John 0Ws1410.txt

The Life And Death Of King Richard The Second 0Ws1510.txt

The Life Of Henry The Fift 0Ws2310.txt

The Life Of Timon Of Athens 0Ws3710.txt

The Merchant Of Venice By Shakespeare 2Ws1810.txt

The Merry Wives Of Windsor By Shakespeare 2Ws2010.txt

The Passionate Pilgrim By Shakespeare 2Ws4510.txt

The Phoenix And The Turtle By Shakespeare 2Ws2710.txt

The Rape Of Lucrece By Shakespeare 2Ws0810.txt

The Second Part Of Henry The Sixt 0Ws0210.txt

The Taming Of The Shrew By Shakespeare 2Ws1010.txt

The Tempest By Shakespeare 2Ws4110.txt

The Third Part Of Henry The Sixt 0Ws0310.txt

The Tragedie Of Anthonie And Cleopatra 0Ws3510.txt

The Tragedie Of Coriolanus 0Ws3610.txt

The Tragedie Of Cymbeline 0Ws3910.txt

The Tragedie Of Hamlet 0Ws2610.txt

The Tragedie Of Julius Caesar 0Ws2410.txt

The Tragedie Of King Lear 0Ws3310.txt

The Tragedie Of Macbeth 0Ws3410.txt

The Tragedie Of Othello The Moore Of Venice 0Ws3210.txt

The Tragedie Of Richard The Third 0Ws0410.txt

The Tragedie Of Titus Andronicus 0Ws0910.txt

The Two Gentlemen Of Verona By Shakespeare 2Ws1110.txt

The Two Noble Kinsmen By Shakespeare 2Ws4310.txt

The Winters Tale By Shakespeare 2Ws4010.txt

Timon Of Athens By Shakespeare 2Ws3710.txt

Titus Andronicus By Shakespeare 2Ws0910.txt

Troilus And Cressida By Shakespeare 2Ws2910.txt

Twelfe Night Or What You Will 0Ws2810.txt

Twelfth Night By Shakespeare 2Ws2810.txt

Venus And Adonis William Shakespeare.wri


Theodore Dreiser

Sister Carrie By Theodore Dreiser.wri


Table of Contents


Thomas Hardy

Far From The Madding Crowd By  Thomas Hardy.wri

Jude The Obscure By Thomas Hardy.wri

Tess Of The Durbervilles By Thomas Hardy.wri

The Mayor Of Casterbridge By Thomas Hardy.wri

The Return Of The Native By Thomas Hardy.wri



On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience.wri

Walden By Henry David Thoreau.wri



Childhood By Leo Tolstoy Chldh10.txt

The Forged Coupon By Leo Tolstoy.wri


Tom Swift

Tom Swift Among The Fire Fighters 24Tom10.txt

Tom Swift And His Aerial Warship 18Tom10.txt

Tom Swift And His Air Glider 12Tom10.txt

Tom Swift And His Air Scout 22Tom10.txt

Tom Swift And His Big Tunnel 19Tom10.txt

Tom Swift And His Electric Locomotive 25Tom.txt

Tom Swift And His Electric Runabout 05Tom10.txt

Tom Swift And His Giant Cannon 16Tom10.txt

Tom Swift And His Motor-Boat 02Tom10.txt

Tom Swift And His Sky Racer 09Tom10.txt

Tom Swift And His Submarine Boat 04Tom10.txt

Tom Swift And His Undersea Search 23Tom10.txt

Tom Swift And His War Tank 21Tom10.txt

Tom Swift And His Wizard Camera 14Tom10.txt



A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthurs Court By Mark Twain.wri

A Ghost Story By Mark Twain.wri

Life On The Mississippi By Mark Twain.wri

Men Women And Ghosts By Amy Lowell Almwg10.txt

My Watch By Mark Twain.wri

Niagara By Mark Twain.wri

The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain.wri

The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer By Mark Twain.wri

The Bridge-Builders By Mark Twain Brdgb10.txt

The Great Revolution In Pitcairn By Mark Twain.wri

The Thirty-Thousand Dollar Bequest By Mark Twain Beqst11.txt

The Tragedy Of Puddnhead Wilson By Mark Twain.wri

Tom Sawyer Abroad.wri

Tom Sawyer Detective By Mark Twain.wri

Tom Thumb.wri

Twain The 30K Bequest And Other Stories.wri

What Is Man And Other Essays Of Mark Twain.wri



20000 Leagues Under The Sea 2000010.txt

A Journey To The Center Of The Earth By Jules Verne.wri

From The Earth To The Moon By Jules Verne.wri


Walter Scott

The Black Dwarf By Walter Scott Bdwrf10.txt



In School-Days John Greenleaf Whittier .wri

The Boy Captives By John Greenleaf Whittier Bcptv10.txt



Woman Of No Importance By Wilde Awoni10.txt


William Blake

A Poison Tree William Blake.wri

Loves Secretwilliam Blake.wri

Ode To A Clod.wri

Silent, Silent Night William Blake.wri

Sleep Sleep Beauty Bright By William Blake.wri

The Echoing Green William Blake.wri

The Land Of Dreams William Blake.wri

The Schoolboy William Blake.wri

The Tyger By William Blake.wri

The Wild Flowers Song William Blake.wri

To Autumn.wri

To Spring William Blake.wri

To Summer William Blake.wri


Wizard of Oz

Glinda Of Oz 14Woz10.txt

Patchwork Girl Of Oz The 07Woz10.txt

Rinkitink In Oz 10Woz10.txt

The Lost Princess Of Oz 11Woz10.txt

The Marvelous Land Of Oz By L. Frank Baum.wri

The Scarecrow Of Oz 09Woz10.txt

The Tin Woodman Of Oz 12Woz10.txt

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz By L. Frank Baum.wri

Tik-Tok Of Oz 08Woz10.txt


Zane Grey

Betty Zane By Zane Grey Bzane10.txt


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