Four Happy Bears and a Sad One

Four Happy Bears and a Sad One. 

Once upon a time in a land that was not real,  there lived five bears.
There was Green Bear,Yellow Bear,  Bright Pink Bear, Blue Bear and Brown  Bear.


Green Bear was a happy bear

Yellow Bear smiled lots and lots but inside he was not happy.

Yellow Bear was very sad because he could not do anything alone.
He always had to bring another bear along.

"GRRRR!" he growled at the other four bears.  "I am tired of always being with you guys!"
Brown Bear grinned and kicked his feet. He was oldest and very wise.
"We are stuck together as we must be. 
You will never ever get free."

Bright pink bear giggled.  "We are five, but we are really one.
So stay with us and have some fun."

Green Bear tugged at Yellow Bear and tried to drag him 
with him to see the clown.

A large Clown 

A very big clown.  A hugeclown.

Yellow bear smiled, but inside he had a huge frown.
He was really, really down. He did not want to see some
dumb old clown.

Blue bear grinned wide and long.
"Come on and see the Blue Butterfly
soar  way up high to the sky."

Yellow Bear smiled on the outside, but inside 
he thought,  I will not go see any old butterfly.
Why, oh, why would I want to see a butterfly?

Brown Bear  tried to cheer Yellow Bear up
by offering him a trophy cup.

Yellow bear smiled for the world to see,  but he
was not in the least bit happy.

Bright Pink Bear said for all five to hear.  "I know what Yellow
bear needs.  Oh, dear!  
He probably wants some more company."

All the four bears except Yellow Bear perked up.
If they could find out what would make YellowBear not so sad,
then they could continue to be glad.
They each could earn that trophy cup.

They all looked around.  They looked up, they looked down.
They were quiet and did not make a sound.  And, this is what they 

Click on any picture to find out what the other four bears found.

copyrightę1999 - Teresa King