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1987 Market Crash

  1. 1987 Crash (Nyse study on).pdf

Account Deficit

  1. Report to Congress on International Economic and Exchange Rate Policies.htm

AI (Artificial Intelligence)   

  1. AI (Artificial Financial Markets with Adaptive Trading Agents).pdf

  2. AI (Strategy Trading).pdf


  1. Algorithms (No Longer Just Jargon On Wall Street).htm

  2. Algorithms and Trading.pdf

  3. Algorithms Trading (So what the heck is).doc


  1. AMERO (The Case for the AMERO).pdf

  2. AMERO (Economic aspects of regional currency areas and the use of foreign currencies).pdf


  1. Astrology (4events).xls

  2. Astrology (Planetary Stock Trading).doc

  3. Astrology (Planets Influence).doc

  4. Astrology (The Saturn Pluto opposition) .doc

Auctions (Fixed Income)

  1. Auctions (Explanation 1).pdf

  2. Auctions (NY Fed Makes Sense Of Foreign Treasury Buying).htm

  3. Auctions (The Institutionalization of Treasury Note and Bond Auctions, 1970-75).pdf

  4. Auctions (Who's Who I).pdf

  5. Auctions (Who's Who II).pdf

Automated Trading

  1. Automated Trading (Combinatorial Information Market Design).pdf

  2. Automated Trading (Industry Stats).htm

  3. Automated Trading (Penn-Lehman Project).pdf


  1. Banking (The Mystery of Banking).pdf

  2. Banking (Understand how the banking system works).htm



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Basis Trading 

  1. Basis (Calyon).pdf

  2. Basis (Carr 1).pdf

  3. Basis (Carr 2).pdf

  4. Basis (Understanding Basis, from CBOT).pdf


  1. Bloomberg (Bloombrg Fair Value (BFV)).pdf

  2. Bloomberg (Cheet Sheets and Short Cuts).pdf

  3. Bloomberg (Codes).pdf

  4. Bloomberg (Cost of Carry (COC)).pdf

  5. Bloomberg (CTD Analysis - CMS)).pdf

  6. Bloomberg (CTD).pdf

  7. Bloomberg (Duration Analysis (DURA)).pdf

  8. Bloomberg (Euro Future Strip Hedge (TED)).pdf

  9. Bloomberg (Eurodollar Analysis (EDS)).pdf

  10. Bloomberg (Eurodollar Futrues Risk (EDR)).pdf

  11. Bloomberg (Eurodollar Pack & Bundle Monitor (MPAK)).pdf

  12. Bloomberg (Eurodollar Synthetic Forward Rates (EDSF)).pdf

  13. Bloomberg (Fair Yield Relative Value (RVF)).pdf

  14. Bloomberg (Forward Pricing Analysis (FPA)).pdf

  15. Bloomberg (Futrues Hedge Ratios (FH)).pdf

  16. Bloomberg (Futrues Yield Shift Duration Hedging (FYH)).pdf

  17. Bloomberg (Historical Basis I).pdf

  18. Bloomberg (Historical Basis II).pdf

  19. Bloomberg (MDLV).pdf

  20. Bloomberg (Options Adjusted Spread (OAS)).pdf

  21. Bloomberg (Position Duration Management (PDH1)).pdf

  22. Bloomberg (Yield and Spread Analysis (YAS)2).pdf

  23. Bloomberg (Yield and Spread Analysis (YAS)).pdf

Bonds (Also see Yeilds , & Cash Market)

  1. Bonds (Developing a Government Bond Market).pdf

  2. Bonds (Strategic experimentation in a dealership market).pdf


  1. Butterfly (Pack-Bundle-Condor-Fly, Definition).xls

  2. Butterfly (Spreads 1, Wharton U).pdf

  3. Butterfly (Spreads 2, Wharton U).pdf

  4. Butterfly (Spreads 3, Wharton U).pdf

  5. Butterfly (Understanding).pdf

  6. Butterfly Spreads.pdf

Capital Markets and Globalization

  1. Capital Markets (Globalization and the Capital Markets).pdf

Cash Market 

  1. Cash Market (Dealer Leverage).pdf

  2. Cash Market (Developing a Government Bond Market).pdf

  3. Cash Market (Inter Dealer Market).pdf

  4. Cash Market (Strategic experimentation in a dealership market).pdf

  5. Cash Market (Volatility and the FI market pertaining to Dealers).doc

  6. Cash Market (Why Settlements Fail).pdf

  7. Impact of End of the Month Buying.txt

  8. Treasury (Impact of month-end buying).doc

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 Chaos Theory

  1. Catastrophy Theory.doc

  2. Chaos Theory (Duke U).doc

  3. Chaos Theory (Measuring market choppiness with).doc

 Compliance / Regulations

  1. Compliance (Acts of 1940 (Notes)).doc

  2. Compliance (Commodity Exchange act 2000).pdf

  3. Compliance (The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (Notes)).doc



  1. Congress (2004, by Generation).xls

  2. Congress (Continental).xls

  3. Congress (Plurality in Congress).xls

  4. Congress (Sessions 1789-2003).pdf

  5. Senate (US Senate, Cronological list 1790-2003).pdf

Conversion Factor

  1. Futures (CF formulas).xls


  1. Correlation Explained.doc

Cost of Carry

  1. Cost of Carry (Formula).doc


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COT (Commitment of Traders)

  1. COT (Price Prediction, Exchange Rates & COT).pdf


  1. Currency (Carry Trade).doc

  2. Currency (Exchange Rate Stability in International Finance).doc

  3. Currency (US Dollar, Carry Trade).doc

  4. Currency (Yen Carry Trade).doc

  5. Currency (Yen Carry).pdf


  1. Cycle (1930-1933 M1 Charts).doc

  2. Cycle (56 Year Cycle Fibonacci).xls

  3. Cycle (56 Year Cycle).doc

  4. Cycle (Business, 1857-2001).xls

  5. Cycle (Business, 1919-1994).rtf

  6. Cycle (Cycles of Seven).doc

  7. Cycle (Dewey notes).doc

  8. Cycle (Dewey).xls

  9. Cycle (Economic Contractions 1857-1999).xls

  10. Cycle (Economic Expansion-Contractions 1854-2003).xls

  11. Cylce (Gauquelin).doc

  12. Cycle (Listed in Dewey's book).doc

  13. Cycle (Liquidity, Monetary Policy, and Financial Cycles).pdf

  14. Cycle (Longwave Phenomenon, Tessaleno).doc

  15. Cycle (Presidential election years).doc

  16. Cycle (Sun Flares, Biggest).xls

  17. Cycle (The Emotional Cycles of Change Template).doc

  18. Cycle (The Sep 21 Factor).pdf

  19. Cycle (Trend Changes).doc

  20. Cycle (Tsunamis to Long Waves).pdf

Data Study

  1. High-Frequency Financial Data (Analysis of, with S-Plus).pdf

  2. High-Frequency Financial Data (Analysis of).pdf

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Day Trading

  1. Day Trading (Trading vs Gambling).doc


  1. Debt (America and its income Liabilities).pdf

  2. Debt (Debt Bomb).pdf

  3. Debt (Fannie Mae system risks report to Congress).pdf

  4. Debt (Federal Debt Market Structure).pdf

  5. Debt (Historical tables Fed Debt1940-2008).xls

  6. Debt (Maturity of Outstanding Debt 1995-2005).doc

  7. Debt (Outstanding 2005).xls

  8. Debt (The Income Implications of Rising US International Liabilities).pdf

  9. Debt (The international debt securities market q1 2005).pdf

[Note from Jim: has the best book on the current situation concerning debt and its implications. It's titled, Our Brave New World. This note is from 2008]


Dent (Harry S., jr.)

  1. HS Dent (1920's article-charts).doc

  2. HS Dent (1920s Charts).doc

  3. HS Dent (Boom, 1st phase).doc

  4. HS Dent (Boom, 2nd phase).doc

  5. HS Dent (Bubble -Boom Synopsis).pdf

  6. HS Dent (Consumer Spending-Investments Over Lifetime).gif

  7. HS Dent (Deflationary shake out 2003).doc

  8. HS Dent (Dow 35k).doc

  9. HS Dent (Dow 40,000).pdf

  10. HS Dent (Dow Channel).jpg

  11. HS Dent (Economic Cycle & Investment Strategy).gif

  12. HS Dent (Forecasting Methods).doc

  13. HS Dent (Generation Wave 2003).doc

  14. HS Dent (Investment Strategies for 2000 to 2015).doc

  15. HS Dent (Labor Force Inflation Indicator 2001-07-chart).gif

  16. HS Dent (Long term bonds 2003).doc

  17. HS Dent (Nasdaq Channel).jpg

  18. HS Dent (Next Great Bubble Boom Enhanced).pdf

  19. HS Dent (Parallels to 1920's).doc

  20. HS Dent (Predictable seasons of the economy).doc

  21. HS Dent (Real estate trends 2003).doc

  22. HS Dent (S-Curve, Explanation I).doc

  23. HS Dent (S-Curve, Explanation II).doc

  24. HS Dent (Spending Wave).doc

  25. HS Dent (Stats on Demographics).txt

  26. HS Dent (Stocks, Buying Large Cap Stocks 2003).doc

  27. HS Dent (Stocks, Buying small company stocks 2003).doc

  28. HS Dent (Surviving the Crash of 2010).pdf

  29. HS Dent (Theory).pdf

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  1. Derivatives (Hedging Fixed Income).pdf

  2. Derivatives (Hedging GOA report).pdf

  3. Derivatives (Triennial Central Bank Survey 2004).pdf


  1. Devaluation (FRB NY).doc

  2. Devaluation (The Mechanics of).pdf

  3. Devaluation Theories (Coming Crash).doc

DiNapoli (Joe)

  1. DiNapoli Basics (Stochastics).doc 

  2. DiNapoli (TY 5 min w Definitions I).pdf

  3. DiNapoli (TY 5 min w Definitions II).pdf

  4. DiNapoli (TY 5 min w Definitions III).pdf

  5. DiNapoli (Trading with DiNapoli Levels).doc



  1. Duration (Understanding Duration).doc

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  1. DV01 (Basic Concepts).pdf

  2. DV01 (Hedging ratio for basis trades in the European Equity index futures).doc



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  1. Economics (End of Certainty in Economics).pdf

Economic Releases

  1. Econ Release (CPI, Explanation).doc

  2. Econ Release (CPI, Typical Release).txt

  3. Econ Release (Durable Goods).txt

  4. Econ Release (Economic News & Treasurys).pdf

  5. Econ Release (Empire State).doc

  6. Econ Release (Employment Cost Index).txt

  7. Econ Release (Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization).txt

  8. Econ Release (Jobless Claims).txt

  9. Econ Release (Personal Income).txt

  10. Econ Release (Philadelphia Feds index).doc

  11. Econ Release (Philly Fed).txt

  12. Econ Release (Retail Sales).txt

  13. Econ Release (Trading, An Outline of Fundamental Economic Reports).doc


  1. Econophysics.doc

Ehlers (John)

  1. Ehlers (Bandpass).doc

  2. Ehlers (CG Oscillator).doc

  3. Ehlers (Equity Growth Generator).xls

  4. Ehlers (Filters).doc

  5. Ehlers (Fisher).doc

  6. Ehlers (For years I have been interested the time).doc

  7. Ehlers (Gaussian and Other Low Lag Filters).doc

  8. Ehlers (Hilbert Indicators).doc

  9. Ehlers (How to trade his indicators).doc

  10. Ehlers (Hybrid FIR IRR Filters).doc

  11. Ehlers (Linear Prediction).doc

  12. Ehlers (MAMA).doc

  13. Ehlers (Market Mode Strategies).doc

  14. Ehlers (Measuring Cycles).doc

  15. Ehlers (MESA 2002).doc

  16. Ehlers (Optimal Tracking Filters).doc

  17. Ehlers (Phase).doc

  18. Ehlers (Poles Zeros Higher Order Filters).doc

  19. Ehlers (RSI Smoothing).doc

  20. Ehlers (RVI).doc

  21. Ehlers (Science of Digital Trading).pdf

  22. Ehlers (Signal Analysis Concepts).doc

  23. Ehlers (SNR).doc

  24. Ehlers (Squelch those Whipsaws).doc

  25. Ehlers (The Joy of Detrending).doc

  26. Ehlers (Time Warp).doc

  27. Ehlers (Trading System Equity Growth).doc

  28. Ehlers (Tutorial).doc

  29. Ehlers (Unpublished Articles).doc


  1. Eurodollar (Basics).pdf

  2. Eurodollar (Convexity Bias).doc

  3. Eurodollar (FF & ED Spreads).pdf

  4. Eurodollar (Forward Euro).pdf

  5. Eurodollar (Forward Futures Pricing Differential).pdf

  6. Eurodollar (Forward Premium Puzzle).doc

  7. Eurodollar (Implied Price).pdf

  8. Eurodollar (Number of Possible Trades).htm

  9. Eurodollar (One Good Turn).pdf

  10. Eurodollar (Packs & TEDS).pdf

  11. Eurodollar (Packs).doc

  12. Eurodollar (Picking Your Spots).pdf

  13. Eurodollar (Specs).xls

  14. Eurodollar (Study - Contract Design).pdf

  15. Eurodollar (Study - Ederington).pdf

  16. Eurodollar (Study - Markets).pdf

  17. Eurodollar (Study - Wharton).pdf

  18. Eurodollar (TED Spreads).pdf


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  1. Fibonacci Numbers (David McMinn).xls

Finance System

  1. Financial System (Procyclicality).pdf

Fixed Income

  1. Fixed Income (Analysis of the falling US Dollar and the effect on bonds).doc

  2. Fixed Income (Basic Concepts I).pdf

  3. Fixed Income (Basic Concepts II).pdf

  4. Fixed Income (Cheapest to Deliver).pdf

  5. Fixed Income (Debt).pdf

  6. Fixed Income (eCommerce in the Fixed-Income Markets).pdf

  7. Fixed Income (Federal Debt- Market structure & Economic Uses for US Treasury Securities).pdf

  8. Fixed Income (The Treasury Securities Market- Overview and Recent Developments).pdf

Foreign Exchange Reserves

  1. Foreign Exchange Reserves (How much is enough).pdf  

Fourier Transforms

  1. Fourier Transform and the SP.pdf

  2. Fourier Transform.doc


  1. Basics.ppt


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Government Sponsored Agencies

  1. GSE I.pdf

  2. GSE II.pdf

  3. GSE (Federal debt market structure).pdf

  4. GSE (Fannie mae system risks report to congress).pdf

Health Care

  1. Health Care (Out of Pocket Expenses, 1980-1990).pdf

  2. Health Care (Out of Pocket Expenses, 2003).pdf


  1. Hedging (Futures).ppt

  2. Hedging.ppt

Household Penetration

  1. Auto.html

  2. Household Penetration (2000, 2001 Actual, with Forecasts to 2008).xls

  3. Household Penetration (Auto Industry & US Household).doc

  4. Household Penetration (Broadband).pdf

  5. Household Penetration (Internet, 2000).doc

  6. Household Penetration (Internet, 2001).doc


  1. Housing (August 9th, 2007).pdf

  2. Housing (Florida, 1926 vs 2006 Real Estate Crash).htm

  3. Housing (Housing Finance in the Global Financial Market).pdf

  4. Housing (Liquidity Crunch, 2007-08).pdf

  5. Housing (Percent Change in Prices 1985-2004).doc

  6. Housing (Subprime, biggest holders) .doc



Housing Study

What may be concluded from this study?

People tend to purchase their 1st home at the age of 26 (start-up home). Then, at age 46, they trade up to a bigger size home (trade-up home).

This study shows how many people there are to purchase homes at those specific ages and sorts that data year-by-year from 1977-2043. The study shows the data both with and without immigration.

The study is a collection of data that may give a look into the future prices of homes.

  1. The Housing Study (click to download)

    1. This study consists of

      1. how many buyers there are for homes, in the US. The study covers 1977 to 2040.

      2. conclusions about the housing market and where its headed

      3. data

        1. population (annual live births): 1933–2001

        2. population (decennial): 1790–2000

        3. immigration (decennial):1820–2000

        4. immigration (annual):1820–2001

        5. population (percentage distribution of the population in major age groups by country): 2000 and 2050

        6. buyers pools for starter homes  (1959–2027) and trade up homes (1977–2040)

        7. housing: total housing units, 1965–2002

        8. housing: total housing units as % to births, 1976–2002

        9. housing estimates of total housing inventories, 1965–2002

        10. housing projections for house buying 'pools' for starter homes and more expensive  homes


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  1. Immigration (Health, and New York City Early Results Based on the U.S. New Immigrant Cohort of 2003 I).pdf

  2. Immigration (Health, and New York City Early Results Based on the U.S. New Immigrant Cohort of 2003 II).pdf

  3. Immigration (Trajectories for 2nd Generation in NYC I).pdf

  4. Immigration (Trajectories for 2nd Generation in NYC II).pdf

  5. Immigration (Trends in NY City I).pdf

  6. Immigration (Trends in NY City II).pdf


  1. Indicators (Aroon1).doc, (Aroon2), (Aroon3), (Aroon4).

  2. Indicators (Candlestick Patterns).doc

  3. Indicators (Candlesticks Definitions).doc

  4. Indicators (Candlesticks).pdf

  5. Indicators (Directional Oscillator).doc

  6. Indicators (Ichimoku Kinko Hyo 1).doc

  7. Indicators (Ichimoku Kinko Hyo 2).doc

  8. Indicators (Ichimoku Kinko Hyo 3).doc

  9. Indicators (Leading Lagging Coincident indicators).doc

  10. Indicators (Linear Regression).doc

  11. Indicators (MACD).pdf

  12. Indicators (Market Basics).doc

  13. Indicators (Multifractal Properties of Price).pdf

  14. Indicators (Noise Channel).pdf

  15. Indicators (On Balance Volume).doc

  16. Indicators (Philadelphia Fed's index (From ICAP)).doc

  17. Indicators (Philadelphia Fed's index).doc

  18. Indicators (Stochastics Range-Based Estimation).pdf

  19. Indicators (The Robust Repeated Median Velocity System).doc

  20. Indicators (Volatility Links).htm

  21. Indicators (Volatility, Demystifying).doc

  22. Indicators (Volatility, Demystifying, Graphs).doc


  1. Inflation 1850-1820.gif

  2. Inflation (by decade 1919-2003).gif

  3. Inflation (CPI - Core Inflation Is Misplaced).htm

  4. Inflation (Historical Data).pdf

  5. Inflation (How to adjust prices).pdf

  6. Inflation.pdf

Information (Organizing)

  1. Information (Over Coming Information Overload).doc


  1. Inheritance (41 trillion review).pdf

  2. Inheritance (Estate Tax Returns 1934-2002).xls

  3. Inheritance (Linking Federal Estate Tax Records).pdf

  4. Inheritance (Tables).pdf

  5. Inheritance (Wealth Transfer).pdf


Interest Rates

  1. Interest Rates (Advanced).pdf

  2. Interest Rates (Basics).pdf

  3. Interest Rates (Crash Course).pdf

  4. Interest Rates (Dynamic Term Structure).pdf

  5. Interest Rates (Fed Funds and Targeting Rate Hikes).pdf

  6. Interest Rates Policy (Global Policy & Central Banks).doc

  7. Interest Rates (LIBOR, Interbank rate fixings during the recent turmoil).pdf

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  1. Inventions (Auto vs PC, 1).pdf

  2. Inventions (Auto vs PC, 2).pdf

  3. Inventions (Facts, from Government).pdf

  4. Inventions (Facts, from Milken.pdf

  5. Inventions (History of Major Inventions).doc

  6. Inventions (History).pdf

  7. Inventions (History, Chart).pdf


  1. Kelly (Equity Curve of a trading system).htm



  1. Liquidity (1998).pdf

  2. Liquidity (and the Locals).pdf

  3. Liquidity (Futures Innovations).pdf

  4. Liquidity (In an Automated Auction).pdf

  5. Liquidity (Is it Self-fulfilling).pdf

Locals (Traders)

  1. Locals (An Empirical Analysis of Local Trader Profitability, Alex Frino, Amelia Hill, and Elvis Jarnecic, and Roger Feletto).pdf

  2. Locals (Price Discovery, Kurov and Lasser).pdf

  3. Locals (Sources of Market Making Profits, Mann).pdf

  4. Locals (Structural Aspects of Market Liquidity from a Financial Stability Perspective).pdf

Mandelbrot (Benoit)

  1. Detection of financial crisis by methods of multifractal analysis, I. Agaev.ppt

  2. Mandelbrot (1963).pdf

  3. Mandelbrot (1997).pdf

  4. Mandelbrot (2003-23 Skander).pdf

  5. Mandelbrot (A Math Maverick Takes Stock) .doc

  6. Mandelbrot (Cartoon Brownian Motions).pdf

  7. Mandelbrot (Chronicle Meetings).pdf

  8. Mandelbrot (Chronicle of Meeting on Fractal Geomerty).pdf

  9. Mandelbrot (Discussion with Taleb about the Mis Behavior of the Markets).pdf

  10. Mandelbrot (Fractal geometry of critical Potts clusters).pdf

  11. Mandelbrot (Fractals Graphics and Mathematical Education 1).pdf

  12. Mandelbrot (Fractals Graphics and Mathematical Education 2).pdf

  13. Mandelbrot (Fractals Graphics and Mathematical Education 3).pdf

  14. Mandelbrot (Fractals Graphics and Mathematical Education 4).pdf

  15. Mandelbrot (Global long-term dependence in economics and finance (M 1969e, M 1971n, and M 1972c).pdf

  16. Mandelbrot (Heavy Tails in Finance).pdf

  17. Mandelbrot (Indicators Multifractal Properties of Price, by K Matia, Y Ashkenazy, & HE Stanley).pdf

  18. Mandelbrot (Is There Persistence in Stock Prices).pdf

  19. Mandelbrot (Large Deviations and the Distribution of Price Changes).pdf

  20. Mandelbrot (L-Stable).pdf

  21. Mandelbrot (Measuring Market Choppiness with Chaos, by Burke).doc

  22. Mandelbrot (Mild to Wild).pdf

  23. Mandelbrot (MMAR in Practice, by Jerome Fillol).pdf

  24. Mandelbrot (MMAR, Multifractal Spectral Analysis of the 1987 Stock Market Crash, by CA Los & R Yalamova).pdf

  25. Mandelbrot (MMAR, Multifractal Model of Asset Returns).pdf

  26. Mandelbrot (MMAR, Multifractal Nature of Stock Exchange Prices, by M Ausloos & K Ivanova).pdf

  27. Mandelbrot (Multi Fractality of the US vs DM.pdf

  28. Mandelbrot (Multifractal Power Law Distributions).PDF

  29. Mandelbrot (Multiperiodic Multifractal Martingale Measures).pdf

  30. Mandelbrot (My Writing, Empirical Proof).doc

  31. Mandelbrot (My Writing, Empirical Proof, w-endnotes).doc

  32. Mandelbrot (Nonlinear Forecasts, Rrational Bubbles, and Martingales).pdf

  33. Mandelbrot (On Increasing Subsequences of I.I.D. Samples, by Deuschel 7 Zeitouni).pdf

  34. Mandelbrot (On the Very Unfortunate Problem of Not Observing Probability, by Taleb and Pilpel).pdf

  35. Mandelbrot (People and Events Behind the Fractal Images).pdf

  36. Mandelbrot (Rank-size plots, Zipfs law, and scaling).pdf

  37. Mandelbrot (Renormalization and Fixed Points).pdf

  38. Mandelbrot (Scaling in Financial Prices, Multifractal Concentration IV).pdf

  39. Mandelbrot (Scaling in Financial Prices, Multifractals and the Star Equation, II).pdf

  40. Mandelbrot (Scaling in financial prices, Tails and Dependence, I).pdf

  41. Mandelbrot (Self-affinity & Fractal Dimension).pdf

  42. Mandelbrot (Statistical analysis of financial time series the assumption of local stationarity, Clémençon Stéphan, Slim Skander).pdf

  43. Mandelbrot (Statistical Methodology for Non-Periodic Cycles, M 1969e, M 1971n, and M 1972c).pdf

  44. Mandelbrot (Three Fractal Models).pdf

  45. Mandelbrot (Vita Research).doc

  46. Mandelbrot (Volatility of Stock Market Indices - An Analysis Based on SEMIFAR Models, by Beran & Ocker).pdf


Mortgage Trading

  1. Mortgage Trading (Basic Info).doc

  2. Mortgage Trading (Convexity ).pdf

  3. Mortgage Trading (Duration Adjustments).pdf

  4. Mortgage Trading (Long Hedge).pdf

  5. Mortgage Trading (Short Hedge).pdf


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  1. Odlyzko (Broadband Paradox).pdf

  2. Odlyzko (Econ Psych Security).pdf

  3. Odlyzko (Internet Pricing and the History of Communications).pdf

  4. Odlyzko (Nature Pricing).txt

  5. Odlyzko (Pricing Architecture).pdf

  6. Odlyzko (Privacy Economics).pdf

  7. Odlyzko (Privacy Unsolvable).pdf

  8. Odlyzko (Resources).pdf

  9. Odlyzko (The Case Against Micropayments).doc

  10. Odlyzko (The History of Communications and its implications for the Internet).pdf

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  1. Panic (The Math of) .pdf

Pension Funds

  1. Pension Funds (How they move the market).doc

Price Prediction

  1. Price Prediction (Ernest Foster).pdf

  2. Price Prediction (Exchange Rates & COT).pdf

  3. Price Prediction (Multiresolution Analysis of a Time Series).pdf

Price Theory

  1. Price Theory.pdf

  2. Price Theory (Large Deviations and the Distribution of Price Change).pdf

  3. Price Theory (How Commodities are Priced).doc

  4. Price Theory (Forward Futures Pricing Differential).pdf

  5. Price Theory (Dynamics in E-minis (revised)).pdf



  1. Probability (The Mathematics of Persistence).pdf



  1. Psychology (Cycles of Seven).doc

  2. Psychology (FAJ NovDec99 Barber and Odean).pdf

  3. Psychology (Futile).pdf

  4. Psychology (Locke and Mann).pdf

  5. Psychology (Seven Habits of Ineffective Traders).doc

  6. Psychology (The Emotional Cycles of Change Template).doc

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  1. Quants (What Happened to the Quants, in Aug 2007).pdf


  1. Repo (Evolution and Explanation of).pdf

  2. Repo (Explanation 1).pdf

  3. Repo (Explanation 2).pdf


  1. S&P (Price Dynamics in E-minis revised.pdf

  2. S&P (Futures, Using SP 500 Futures and Options).pdf





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  1. Swaps (and The Fed Easing Cycles).pdf 

  2. Swaps (CDS - Curve Trading).doc

  3. Swaps (CDS).htm

  4. Swaps (Credit Default Swaps - Risk Free Phenomenon).doc


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The Fed

  1. Fed (History).pdf  

  2. Fed (ISM v Tightening Cycles).GIF

  3. Fed (Kliesen Schmid).pdf

  4. Fed (Monetary Policy and the Economy).pdf

  5. Fed (Policy Paper).pdf

The Great Depression

  1. The Great Depression.pdf

US Dollar

  1. US Dollar (A stack of numbers).doc

  2. US Dollar (Carry Trade and the US Dollar).doc

  3. US Dollar (Central Banks Role in the Currency Market).doc

  4. US Dollar (Demand for).pdf

  5. US Dollar (History of Money).pdf

  6. US Dollar (Recycling Petrodollars).pdf

  7. US Dollar (Russian Currency Crisis 1998).pdf

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  1. Yeild Curve (Bond Basics (C14)).ppt (Power Point Presentation)

     (Author of above is unknown.)

  2. Yeild Curve (Economic News & Treasurys).pdf

  3. Yeild Curve (Effect of Transaction Size on off run Treasurys).pdf

  4. Yeild Curve (Electronic Auctions Systems in USA).pdf

  5. Yield Curve (Explanations).doc

  6. Yeild Curve (Fixed Income Market Basics).pdf

  7. Yeild Curve (LTCM).pdf

  8. Yield Curve (Shift Opportunities).pdf

  9. Yield Curve (Signals or Noise).pdf



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Why is the URL, of this page, called excelworkbooks?

This page started out as a place to download many of the excel work books I made for my research.

It manifested into the page you see now. I didn't want to change the URL because changing URLs confuses people. It breaks a link they may already have bookmarked.

Moreover, I don't like links that are forwarded or redirected.