Research Notes & My Book Notes

    by jim goulding               



There are 3 categories on this page

  1. Research Notes, I wrote individually (Free)

  2. Research Notes, I made into a book. Please see my new web page for the book, here: Research Notes for Traders

  3. My book notes, I took, on certain books and white papers.


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   Research Notes  

    List of notes follow:

  1. Research Note (Autospreader & One click trading with TT).docx

  2. Research Note (Cheapest-to-Deliver Changes).docx

  3. Research Note (Correlation Between Markets).docx

  4. Research Note (Credit Default Swaps).docx

  5. Research Note (Debt).docx

  6. Research Note (Fibonacci Levels).docx  

  7. Research Note (Fixed Income Basics).docx

  8. Research Note (Hedge Ratio, Using the ATR)docx 

  9. Research Note (How to make 1k a day).docx

    1.  Spreadsheet for How to make 1k a day.xlsx

  10. Research Note (Indicators, Combining).pdf

  11. Research Note (Indicators - Combining Them to Create a Trading Strategy (Class 1)).docx

  12. Research Note (Indicators - Combining Them to Create a Trading Strategy (Class 2)).docx

  13. Research Note (Indicators - Combining Them to Create a Trading Strategy (Class 3)).docx

  14. Research Note (Inventions Cycles and Generational Theory).docx

  15. Research Note (Linear regression).docx

  16. Research Note (Losing Trades, Part I).docx

  17. Research Note (Losing Trades, Part II).docx

  18. Research Note (Losing Trades, Part III).docx

  19. Research Note (Mandelbrotís Observations and Empirical Proof).docx

  20. Research Note (Market Profile; A Short Introduction).docx

  21. Research Note (Money Management 101 Volume1).docx

  22. Research Note (Money Management 101 Volume 2).docx

  23. Research Note (Morning Routine).docx

  24. Research Note (Oil).docx

  25. Research Note (Overcoming Information Overload).docx

  26. Research Note (Preparing for the Week).docx

  27. Research Note (Psychology).docx

  28. Research Note (Technical Analysis 101).docx

  29. Research Note (The 1920-21 Crash and The 2001 Crash, A Comparison).docx

  30. Research Note (The Average True Range).docx

  31. Research Note (The Euro).docx

  32. Research Note (The Four Questions).doc

  33. Research Note (The Human Complex).docx  

  34. Research Note (The Observing Ego).docx

  35. Research Note (Toleration).docx

  36. Research Note (Track Your P & L, 2009.xls)  

  37. Research Note (Track Your P&L).docx

    1. Spreadsheet for Track Your P&L

  38. Research Note (Trade, 5yr, Eurodollar Spread).docx

  39. Research Note (Trade, Correlation, 2-5-30 Fly vs 10y cash).docx

  40. Research Note (Trade, Gold using the RSI).docx

  41. Research Note (Trade, the Gold, EuroFx Spread).docx

  42. Research Note (Trade, the Roll).docx

  43. Research Note (Trade, ZF minus the 2y Cash).docx

  44. Research Note (Trading Plan for Economic Releases).docx

  45. Research Note (Volatility; Interpret Vol to Your Time Frame).docx

  46. Research Note (When All Else Fails Blame the Speculator).docx





  Book Notes

    This sections consists of notes I've taken from books that I've read and I considered important in my research

at the time I was reading the book. There are two main subjects, finance, and Solar (study of the sun).

    Finance   Solar




  1. My Notes - The Bond Basis Book by Burghardt (Chapter 1).pdf

  2. My Notes - The Bond Basis Book by Burghardt (Chapter 2).pdf

  3. My Notes - The Bond Basis Book by Burghardt (Chapter 3).pdf

  4. My Notes - The Bond Basis Book by Burghardt.xls

  5. My Notes - The Eurodollar Handbook by Burghardt.pdf

  6. My Notes - The Eurodollar Handbook by Burghardt (Chapter 3).pdf

  7. My Notes - The Eurodollar Handbook, by Burghardt.xls

  8. My Notes - Exploring Chaos.pdf

  9. My Notes - Fed Fund Options Seminar.pdf

  10. My Notes - Fixed Income - Repos, General Collateral, & Fed Funds.pdf

  11. My Notes - Fractals and Scaling in Financing, Mandelbrot.pdf

  12. My Notes - MMAR, Mandelbrot.pdf

  13. My Notes - Multi Spectral Analysis of the 1987 Stock Market Crash.pdf

  14. My Notes - Options.pdf

  15. My Notes - Probability, Market Trends, Capital Flows, Trade Execution and Probabilities V7.pdf

  16. My Notes - Rosenberg, Some Inconvenient Truths.pdf

  17. My Notes - Swaps.pdf

  18. My Notes - The Money Masters.pdf

  19. My Notes - The Spire Project, How to organize information.pdf

  20. My Notes - Trading Strat from, The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies.pdf

  21. My Notes - Treasury Futures Delivery Process.pdf

  22. My Notes - ZeitGeist.pdf




  1. My Notes - Solar (NOAA annual report, 1998).pdf

  2. My Notes - Solar (Operational Space Weather Models and Supporting Data) .pdf

  3. My Notes - Solar (Polarity Reversal) .pdf

  4. My Notes - Solar (Possible Forcing of Global Temperature by Oceanic Tides) .pdf

  5. My Notes - Solar (Probabilities, How to Read) .pdf

  6.  My Notes - Solar (Relativistic Electron Forecast Model Documentation) .pdf

  7. My Notes - Solar (Solar Activity and Geomagnetic Storms, The First Forty Years) .pdf

  8. My Notes - Solar (Solar Maximum) .pdf

  9. My Notes - Solar (Solar Wind Coupling and Geomagnetic Activity Group) .pdf

  10. My Notes - Solar (Solar Wind Forecasting with Coronal Holes) .pdf

  11. My Notes - Solar (Space Based Solar Monitoring and Alert Satellite System, SMASS) .pdf

  12. My Notes - Solar (Space Weather Prediction, R and D) .pdf

  13. My Notes - Solar (Sunspot Cycles, One Explanation) .pdf

  14. My Notes - Solar (The Long of It) .pdf

  15. My Notes - Sun (My Notes).pdf

  16. My Notes - Sun (Sun spot cycles and Turnings, 1750-2000).pdf